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Top Tourist Places & Things to Do in Tamil Nadu

A treasure trove opens in Tamil Nadu for the tourists who are keen on exploring varied aspects of this southern India state. Indeed, the state has so much in store as tourist attractions ensuring your trip to be quite an eventful one. Tamil Nadu offers a chance to enjoy the best beach vacations not only at Asia’s longest beach, Marina in Chennai but at the quaint beaches of Mahabalipuram and Tranquebar as well. The azure water and the palm trees backdrop is likely to offer the best beach holiday experience to you. Away from the coastline are the serene hill stations in Tamil Nadu where you can find respite from the sultry weather during summers. Along with visual treats and salubrious weather, you are likely to find inner peace. Tamil Nadu is also an excellent destination for pilgrimage tour; the innumerable temples make it apparent. So amidst the rich culture and vibrant life, you do have the chance to imbibe spirituality at some gorgeous temples like Meenakshi Amman and Ramanathaswamy. Step out in the cities and even at quaint destinations, a great opportunity for shopping opens for you in Tamil Nadu.

You can choose to buy finest silk sarees, filigree work items and stone sculptors of any size in the state. Feeling adventurous? You have fewer but incredible things to do in that realm as well including trekking, camping, surfing, and motorbiking on the smoothest and gorgeous East Coast Road and those Nilgiri mountains. Your trekking adventure can become epic if you choose the Western Ghats for it; the UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site has so many adventures hidden for you. You have the opportunity to sight the rare lion-tailed macaque and some most venomous snakes during your adventure trek in the Western Ghat. The wildlife safaris in the many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are amongst the top things to do for that enthralling experience in the state. On the other hand, to get that best camping experience, the Nilgiris welcome you to its scenic settings. And then there is always the option of sightseeing tours that you can enjoy which eventually conclude the best things to do list in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu Travel Information at a Glance

There's an abundance of culture, tradition, art, craft, nature, and wildlife experiences awaiting in Tamil Nadu. Choose from our wide array of Tamil Nadu travel packages and get that incredible holiday experience at this colour palette kind of a destination. We design the finest tour packages keeping your likes and dislikes in mind so that you are guaranteed a holistic travelling experience that too in a budget of your choice.