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G.D. Naidu Industrial Exhibition Coimbatore Tamil Nadu

With its incredible and manifold collection of exhibits, G.D. Naidu Industrial Exhibition in Coimbatore is amongst the must-see attractions for all ages of people, especially for kids. Founded by the G.D. Naidu - a renowned scientist and a politician, the exhibition center is a home to a diverse collection of some unique inventions in the fields of automobile, electrical, and mechanical. From the first auto cycle (1912) to Thomas Alva Edison’s dictaphone, the repository likewise houses some rare items that are enough to lure your eyes, especially if you are a tech ardent. As you explore this treasury of technologies, you get a chance to savour the sights of various other inventions like old clocks, calculators, cameras, and gramophones. Not just this, the tourists also get to see a wide range of numerous inventions. First Generation Computers, Projection Tv, typewriters, floppy disks, PA system, and ballpoint pens are just a few of those names. Apart from this, gadgets such as, electrical operator razor and a digital calculator that are invented by GD Naidu are also out there on display. Apart from the exhibitions, the exhibition center also displays photographs of renowned personalities who have visited this enthralling repository. Therefore, if you are in a hunt of informative holiday experience in Tamilnadu, no place would be better than GD Naidu Industrial Exhibition in Coimbatore.


Tuesday to Saturday (Sunday is Closed): 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Highlights of the Museum

  • Old Clocks
  • First Auto Cycle
  • Digital Calculators
  • Projector TV
  • Typewriters
  • Radio
  • Cameras and more

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