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Monkey Waterfalls Tamil Nadu

Monkey Falls comes to the rescue of those people who find peace in the gushing sound of water and feel free when left alone with nature. Situated some 30 km from Pollachi, these famous natural waterfalls of Tamilnadu sit on the road that connects Pollachi and Valparai, a part of the Coimbatore district. Falling from a height of 18 m, travellers love coming here in the monsoon months when the falls start to glimmer not only to photograph the beauty that is imbibed in them but to refresh their soul bathing underneath. As the name suggests, you are bound to find monkeys here. When it comes to how to reach Monkey Falls, you can choose to trek uphill and spot some amazing views on the way. One can also choose to travel to Aliyar Dam, which is quite close to these falls and a popular tourist spot in Tamilnadu.

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