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Ooty Travel Guide

Comprising undulating hills, lush valleys and a number of beautiful lakes-with its scenic beauty Ooty always casts its charm on the discerning travellers. Often referred to as the 'Queen of Hills', the hill station is one of the most popular places to visit not only in South India but also in the rest of the country. The hill station is situated at an elevation of 2240 metres above sea level and is one of most popular tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu. There are ample sightseeing sites in Ooty that will leave travellers in awe while vacationing. Ooty's magnificent tea plantations and red-roofed bungalows still carry echoes of the colonial past which fascinated every traveller visiting here for a holiday. The amazing natural exquisiteness with its misty green trails continue to attract thousands of nature lovers who can simply bask amidst its pristine lap. Besides visiting the sprawling tea plantations and admiring the red-roofed bungalows, there are ample things to do in Ooty that will fill you with memories of a lifetime. Offer prayers at the St. Stephen's Church, take a ride at the Nilgiri Mountain railways or opt for a boat ride at the lake- the endless activities in Ooty will always enthrall you with an absolute sense of wonder.

One of the major tourist attractions in this Queen of Hills happens to be the Nilgiri Mountain Railways. A UNESCO World Heritage, a ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railways is an experience of a lifetime. Other points of tourist interest include the Avalanche Lake, Upper Bhavani Lake and the Emerald Lake. Boating at the famous Ooty Lake also qualifies as one of the most exciting things to do in the hill station. Apart from the above-mentioned travel places several religious shrines are also dotted all over - right from St. Stephens Church to the age-old Murugan Temple, even pilgrims can have their fair share in Ooty. Apart from that, travellers can explore a host of other places of interest in the hill station that include the Botanical Gardens, the Pykara Lake and Falls and even sanctuaries. Ooty makes for an ideal destination for honeymooners, solo travellers, family vacationers and also for individuals who simply want to travel with friends. In our Ooty Travel Guide, we have given an extensive list of what to see in this travel destination in Tamil Nadu, what to do and where to stay - we have covered it all.

Best Time to Visit Ooty

As a hill station, Ooty enjoys a cool and pleasant climate round the year. However, the best time to visit happens to be the summer months - from early March to early June, when the weather is absolutely at its best. Ooty enjoys a moderate rainfall during the monsoons and winters are not too harsh either. Though temperature may fall to 2°C or 3°C, despite that, exploring Ooty in winters has its own charm.

  • Summer


    Ooty enjoys summer months from mid-March to June when the weather is pleasant. With temperature ranging from 21°C to 35°C, the weather is ideal to explore the beauty of Ooty. Needless to say, that the hill station attracts maximum number of tourists during these months.

  • Monsoon


    Monsoons in Ooty spans from June to September and the region receives moderate to somewhat heavy rainfall during these months. While exploring around can become a little difficult because roads become slippery, however the vegetation around is lush green and at its best. So, if you want to explore luxuriant green side of the hills, you can head to Ooty during the monsoons.

  • Winter


    Ooty experiences winters from October to end of February. The temperature falls down to as low as 2°C to 3°C making it very cold. However, if you do not mind the chilliness you can choose to travel to Ooty during the winters. Exploring the hill station during peak winters would be a different experience altogether.

Places to Visit and Things to Do in Ooty

Ooty makes for an idyllic escapade for thousands of travellers who are looking for a relaxing holiday in the hills. Whether you want to go on a solo trip and spend some time is solitude or want to steal away some moments with your significant other - Ooty is definitely the place to be. On the other hand, family vacationers can also have a good time exploring the wilderness of the hill station. Right from lakes, to mountain view points to trekking trails, churches and temples-travellers and adventure seekers would be spoilt for choice.

  • Upper Bhavani Lake

    One of the prominent places to visit in Ooty is the upper Bhavani Lake. Located amidst deep jungles and the Nilgiri mountains, the picturesque beauty of the lake is absolutely astounding. One needs to pass through dense jungle to reach up to the Bhavani Lake and if you are lucky enough, you can end up spotting some avifauna on the way such as peacocks, parrots and wild cats.

  • Nilgiri Mountain Railways

    The Nilgiri Mountain Railways are yet another prominent tourist attraction in Ooty. Opened to the public way back in 1908, the railways are an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The railway is 46 kilometres long and passes through many tunnels and numerous bridges. The ride is absolutely picturesque owing to the surrounding rocky terrains, tea plantations, ravines and forested hills. A ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railways are an amazing experience altogether.

  • Emerald Lake

    Located roughly 20 kilometres away from main Ooty, the Emerald Lake is a hidden treasure and a part of the Silent Valley National Park. This lesser-known gem is an ideal destination for travellers who are looking for a locale, far from the maddening crowd. The valleys surrounding the lake, enhances the beauty of the area. Of late, however the area has started becoming popular as a picnic spot.

  • Avalanche Lake

    Yet another popular tourist destination in the Nilgiri mountain ranges, the Avalanche Lake offers astounding vistas of nature. Located a little away from the main Ooty city centre, the lake's surrounding areas make for an ideal camping site. Several beautiful flowers such as rhododendrons, magnolias and much more are abloom in the surrounding valleys. Travellers willing to camp at the site may carry a tent along with them.

  • Pykara Lake

    Among the many lakes in Ooty, the Pykara Lake is a popular tourist attraction and offers majestic views of the nature around. Located between lush green valleys and deep forests, spending a few hours at the Pykara Lake will fill you up with an absolute sense of delight. There's a boat house located near the Pykara Dam that includes a rest house and restaurant where tourists can choose to relax.

  • St. Stephen's Church

    The St. Stephen's Church is a major religious shrine in Ooty, known for its architectural grandeur. The shrine is flocked by thousands of devotees and travellers alike round the year. The church was built in the 19th century and was constructed to coincide the birthday of King George the IV. The marvel of British architecture is clearly relevant, and the church also houses a replica of the Last Supper.

  • Shooting Point

    Acres of picturesque pasture welcomes you, as you head towards Shooting Point - Ooty's yet another major tourist attraction. The beautiful green meadows surrounded by a host of coniferous trees have been a favourite with many film directors including leading ones from Bollywood as well. One can trek up to this point and the trek is a somewhat mild one. The Shooting Point is an ideal getaway for couples and small travel groups.

  • Ketty Valley View

    Ooty's another major attraction, the Ketty Valley View offers some amazing sights of its surrounding vistas comprising mountains and verdure valleys. The views from Ketty Valley spans from Mysore Valleys to the Coimbatore plains. The valley offers such stunning views that it is often referred to as mini Switzerland of south India. Nature lovers, adventure and experience seekers can have a great time at this beautiful locale.

  • Botanical Gardens

    Spread over an area of 22 acres at the lower slopes of the Dodabetta Peak, Ooty's Government Botanical Garden is an amazing sight to behold. An array of beautiful flowers and trees will welcome you, as you step into the garden. The garden has a terraced layout and is maintained by the Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department. The garden houses nearly thousands of species of plants - spanning across plants, shrubs, ferns, herbs and bonsai plants.

  • Sanctuary Avalanche

    A forested wildlife reserve surrounded by the Nilgiri Mountain Ranges, the Sanctuary Avalanche is an amazing natural attraction of Ooty. The sanctuary is named after an avalanche that took place way back in 1823. Filled with Shola trees, rhododendrons and orchids, the natural wonder is absolutely astounding. The expanse also offers some trekking options as well. One can trek up to the adjoining hills to catch a bird's eye view of Ooty.

  • Pykara Falls

    Gushing down at full speed from a great height, the Pykara Falls is a marvellous sight to behold. Adventure seekers and nature lovers can have an awesome time here as it is considered one of the best waterfalls in Ooty. It drops down in two sections with a height of 55 metres and 61 metres through multiple layers on the rocky bed. The waterfall shrouded, in forest is definitely a treat to the eyes.

  • Rose Garden

    The Rose Garden is a prominent attraction of Ooty visited by thousands of travellers round the year. Spread over an area of 10 acres, the orchard is one of the biggest rose gardens in India. Arranged in curved terraces, the rose orchard houses more than hundred varieties of roses including miniature roses, hybrid tea roses, ramblers and much more. Many of the rose species were brought from several parts of the world including Australia.

  • Thunder World

    A popular amusement park, the Thunder World is a prominent tourist destination in Ooty that attracts thousands of travellers all through the year. Often referred to as the Dinosaur Park, Thunder World houses models of several species of Dinosaurs. Needless to say, that the park is highly enjoyed by kids. Alternately, the use of sound and technology make the park seem like one-of-its kind in Ooty.

  • Toy Train

    The Ooty Toy Train is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the hill station. Constructed over a century ago, the narrow-gauge railway runs from Metupalayyam to Coonnor and is one of the most majestic train journeys in the southern parts of the country. Owing to its popularity and uniqueness the Toy Train has been rated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Doddabetta Peak

    Ooty's highest point and also the Nilgiri mountains' highest point-the Doddabetta peak happens to be the most popular tourist attractions in the region. Once at the point, discover vast fields of rhododendrons and a host of other herbs as you go about exploring the peak and its surroundings. Head to the telescope tower to gaze at the skyline of Ooty and look further to the sweeping forests of the Bandipur National Park.

  • Murugan Temple

    Dedicated to Lord Murugan, the temple is located at Elk Hill. The biggest attraction here happens to be the 42-feet tall golden-coloured statue of Lord Murugan which is equally awe-inspiring. Since it is located on the Elk Mountains, the area offers amazing views of the surrounding vistas.

  • Ooty Lake

    One of the many water bodies in the region, the Ooty Lake is a major attraction that draws several tourists round the year. The huge artificial lake was constructed in 1824 by a European named John Sullivan. Spanning an area of 65 acres, the lake is very popular as a boating point. Needless to say, several tourists are attracted to the spot every year. Surrounded the eucalyptus trees- the natural beauty of the tree is further enhanced.

  • Mudumalai National Park

    Among hills and mountains, Ooty also has some hidden treasures such as the Mudumalai National Park that houses a substantial percentage of flora and fauna. Lying on the north-western side of the Nilgiri Mountains, the Mudumalai National Park is a must visit while on a tour of Ooty. Also declared a tiger reserve, the park is home to a large number of royal Bengal Tigers, Indian leopards, jungle cats, leopard cats, sambar deer, chital deer, vultures, reptiles, lizards, vipers, and many more. Read more

  • Thread Garden

    A popular tourist spot, the thread garden is a haven for those who love flowers and have a creative bend of mind. The garden is an innovative and amazing aesthetic creation of an artificial garden of flowers and plants all woven by threads. Interestingly, no needles were used in the process. The artificially embroidered garden bearing models of flowers with the use of self-developed technology and hand-woven embroidery has taken 12 years to complete and the effort of 50 women artists.

  • Cairn Hill

    Located far from the madding crowd, the Cairn Hills are probably the least explored region of Ooty. Surrounded by dense forests all around, the Cairn Hills are home to some the best resorts in Ooty where high-end tourists often end up spending a relaxing weekend. Alternately, Cairn Hills is a great place to simply hang out or spend some time in the evening strolling around.

  • Elk Hill

    Just like Cairn Hills, the Elk Hills is yet another lesser-known wonder located in the mountains of the Ooty. The Elk Hills are known for its numerous hotels and resorts that offer an extensive array of amenities. Several tourists who want to spend a luxury holiday in the lap of nature, can choose to spend a relaxing weekend here in the many resorts of Elk Hills.

Where to Stay in Ooty?

It goes without saying that there are ample accommodation options available on Ooty, owing to its popularity as a hill station. A host of accommodation options are available in Ooty, catering to all kinds of travellers - right from backpackers, to solo travellers, family vacationers and even luxury seeking tourists. An array of resorts, hotels, backpackers' hostels and budget hotels are scattered all over the place which can be booked online as well.

How to Reach Ooty?

Since Ooty is a popular hill station of the country, it is accessible easily from the rest of the country through air, railways and even by road. A decent network of railways and road help you reach the Queen of the Hills.

  • By Air

    The nearest airport to Ooty happens to be Coimbatore, located at a distance of 88 kilometres. Once you reach the airport, buses and cars are easily available that can take you to Ooty. Other options include Bengaluru and the Chennai airport from where trains and other local transports are available for Ooty.

  • By Rail

    While Coimbatore yet again happens to be the nearest railway junction, the Nilgiri Toy Train is also a good option to reach Ooty. The Toy Train can be availed from the Mettupalayam station (52 kms) that helps passengers reach Ooty.

  • By Road

    Travelling to Ooty by road is also an amazing experience as several options are available from major cities in South India. Buses to Ooty ply from cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Madurai and Coimbatore. Alternately, travellers can choose to self-drive via National Highway (NH) 181 while travelling to Ooty from Coimbatore. On the other hand, travellers coming from Bengaluru, need to take State Highway 17 via Mysore.

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