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With over a 7500 km stretch of coastline in its geographical treasure, India has always been an alluring destination for refreshing holidays away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life. Especially if you love to explore the southern region of India, which is blessed with the beauty of sea, sun, and sand in full bloom, then it is obvious to enjoy incredible holidays in India. Giving tough competition to several seaside destinations worldwide, beaches in India are not only full of scenic allure but also possess all the ingredients from solitude to beach-party culture and from thrilling activities to world-class hotels and resorts. The honey glaze over the sea horizon during sunrise and sunset and the clear sky canopy over the blue waters create a magical panorama for honeymooners and romantic couples. Beach holidays in India are not only for newly-wed couples and family vacationers looking for a rejuvenating escape to spend their summer holidays, but they also equally fascinate adventure seekers. Wind surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, canoeing, angling, and fishing are some of the adventure-filled activities that make beach tours in India more fruitful and mesmerizing.

If you are planning to have a blasting holiday break in India and are looking forward to exploring its beach destinations, why not try beach holiday packages offered by Tour My India? Whether you love to enjoy the exotic party scene of Goa beaches or want to indulge yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Kerala beaches, or if the tranquility of emerald beaches of Andaman captures your imagination, our packages include almost every beach location in the country along with various other comforts like accommodation, a sightseeing tour guide, pick-up and drop-off facilities, etc. Tour My India has special tie-ups with a wide range of beach resorts dotted throughout the country. So, wherever you want to go, our beach travel packages not only make your holidays in India one of the unforgettable memories of your life but also offer excellent value for money.

Popular Beaches In India

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Popular Beach Tour Packages

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10 Nights - 11 Days
Best Of India Beaches
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10 Nights - 11 Days
Golden Triangle With Goa
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8 Nights - 9 Days
Best Of Andaman Tour
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10 Nights - 11 Days
Kerala Beaches & Backwater Tour
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5 Nights - 6 Days
Golden Beaches Of Goa
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5 Nights - 6 Days
Goa Beach Honeymoon Tour
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8 Nights - 9 Days
Kovalam Honeymoon Tour

Best Beaches to Visit by Season

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Top Beaches for Summers

Embark on the ultimate summer beach getaway with the best coastal destinations. In the radiant summer season, explore the sun-kissed shores of Kovalam and Varkala in Kerala, offering serene landscapes and refreshing sea breezes. Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu unfolds its historical charm along with golden sands, while the tranquil Auroville Beach beckons in Puducherry. Gokarna in Karnataka boasts pristine beaches, creating a perfect escape. From the azure waters of Kovalam to the cultural richness of Mahabalipuram, and the laid-back vibes of Gokarna, these coastal havens in Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu stand out as the best beaches to visit in summers, promising a blissful and rejuvenating retreat.

Gokarna Beach

Top Beaches for Monsoon

Experience the magic of the monsoon season in India by exploring the best beach destinations. Goa, adorned with lush landscapes, comes alive during the monsoons, offering a unique and tranquil beach holiday experience. Kerala, with its tropical charm, welcomes the rains with open arms, creating a mesmerizing ambiance. Discover the hidden beauty of these monsoon-soaked shores, where the rhythmic raindrops meet the vast expanse of the sea. Goa and Kerala stand out as the best monsoon beach destinations, promising a refreshing and picturesque escape for those seeking a serene coastal experience during the enchanting monsoon season in India.

Top Beaches for Winters

Indulge in the perfect winter beach escape with the best coastal destinations in India. Andaman, with its balmy weather, emerges as a tropical paradise during the winter season. Goa, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, transforms into a sun-kissed haven with golden sands. Kerala's tranquil beaches offer a serene winter beach holiday experience, capturing the essence of the season. Embrace the gentle sun and cool breeze as you explore these winter beach destinations. Andaman, Goa, and Kerala stand out as the top choices for those seeking a blissful and rejuvenating coastal retreat during the enchanting winter season in India.

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Best Time to Visit for Indian Beaches

Most of the beaches in India have pleasant weather throughout the year and are a year-round destination to visit, still, the long coastline causes a little difference in weather in different months. Thus, the best time to visit India's beach destinations depends on what you're looking for in your beach vacation: The beaches in India can be visited at any time of the year. Some beaches are best for exploring in the monsoon season, some are ideal for summers, and others are perfect for winter.

  • November to February: This is the peak season for beaches in India, offering pleasant weather with mild temperatures (20 to 30 degree Celsius), low humidity, and minimal rainfall. You can enjoy long hours of sunshine and good conditions for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. However, this is also the busiest and most expensive time to visit.
  • March to May, and late September to October: These are shoulder seasons that offer good weather with slightly higher temperatures and occasional rain showers. You can still enjoy most beach activities, and prices are lower than peak season. These months can also be good for surfing.
  • May/June to September: This is the monsoon season, with heavy rainfall and rough seas. It's not the ideal time for swimming or water sports, but the beaches are less crowded and you can find great deals on accommodation. This time is also good for Ayurvedic treatments and exploring the lush greenery of the country.

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India Beach Travel Guide

The long coastline of India has given it a tremendously diverse array of beaches. In fact, in recent years, the most popular beaches in India have gained massive popularity, attracting numerous foreigners to bask in the tropical sunshine during the daytime and relish the nightlife under the open starry sky. Lively beach destinations such as Goa, Alleppey, Chennai, and others cater to the younger crowd, while the serene atmosphere of Gokarna and Kannur Beach captivates the souls of nature lovers. Furthermore, the island beaches of Andaman are renowned for their unimaginable beauty that, once seen, cannot be resisted at all. Given the growing attention to beach destinations, we have compiled a list of the best beach destinations in India. This will surely help you decide on your next venture and enjoy the coastal beauty that resides in the beaches of India.

Popular Beach Destinations in India
  • Goa
  • Kerala
  • Andaman & Nicobar
  • Puducherry
  • Karnataka
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Maharashtra
  • West Bengal
Beach Tourism in Goa

If anyone says Beaches, Goa comes first name to everyone's mind as it is the most popular beach destination in India. Despite being the smallest state in the country Goa has the most admirable and, more than that you can count, number of beaches. Beaches in Goa are grouped into two parts - North Goa and South Goa.

Beach Tourism in North Goa

Beaches in northern Goa start from Arambol Beach in the north to Miramar Beach in the south. The beaches are best known for water sports and activities, mainly in Baga Beach and Calangute Beach. Single Handedly, North Goa hosts most of the energetic and vibrant party life. With a lineage of clubs stacked along the coastline, the beaches in north Goa come alive with music, parties, dance, and entertainment. The beaches in the north are the major drawers of the young crowd in Goa.

  • Popular Beaches in North Goa: Baga Beach, Morjim Beach, Anjuna Beach, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach, Vagator Beach, Chapora Beach, Arambol Beach, Sinquerim Beach, Ashvem Beach, Miramar Beach.
Beach Tourism in South Goa

South Goa is the more peaceful part of Goa, and peace is what most people come looking for here on the South Goa beaches. From Baina Beach to Galgibaga Beach, South Goa is encompassed with ideal beaches to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of scenic landscapes. The beaches in South Goa are away from high commercialisation and are much cleaner with far less crowd. To witness the white sparkling sand on the shores with secluded beaches surrounded by coconut and palm trees, choose your ideal beach destination in Goa. Also, south Goa has more luxurious stay options with upscale resorts and spa retreats with secluded dining options along the shores with the pleasant sounds of wind, birds, and waves.

  • Popular Beaches in South Goa: Colva Beach, Agonda Beach, Mobor Beach, Varca Beach, Bogmalo Beach, Benaulim Beach, Majorda Beach, Palolem Beach, and Butterfly Beach.
Popular Beach Destinations in South India

Gokarna presents a beautiful blend of energy and serenity, making it a haven for lovers of the sea. Present inside the Konkan coastline, it unveils a multitude of enthralling beaches, each with its own unique charm. Gokarna offers a variety of beach experiences, from the well-known Om Beach, which is shaped like the holy Hindu sign, to the quiet Nirvana Beach, which is a refuge for those seeking seclusion. Gokarna's cuisine scene, which combines cosmopolitan delicacies like prawn pizza and seafood lasagna with classic South Indian dishes like idli-dosa, lends an ideal beachside vacation in India. Indulge in a culinary adventure while admiring the breathtaking views of the ocean.

The golden dunes, pure blue waters, and softly swaying waves all work together to create a serene environment that is perfect for rest and renewal. Gokarna's variety of beaches promises to satisfy every taste, whether you're an adrenaline addict seeking a thrill or a nature lover seeking tranquillity.

  • Popular Beaches in Gokarna: Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, Gokarna Beach, Kudle Beach, Paradise Beach, Nirvana Beach, Baada Beach, Small Hell Beach, Belekan Beach, and Alvekodi Beach.
Mangalore, Karnataka

Some of the most captivating beaches of south India may be found near Mangalore, a charming seaside city that offers a peaceful fusion of adventure, leisure, and natural beauty. Whatever your preference—a family vacation, a single trip, or a romantic retreat—Mangalore can accommodate it. We invite you to incorporate the ten most beautiful beaches in Mangalore into your next holiday plans as we explore this area.

Mangalore is the perfect place to imagine ethereal beauty, with its serene beaches and soft waves creating an atmosphere that calms the spirit. Mangalore is the ideal place for anyone longing for a beach vacation because each beach is known for its unique appeal. These seaside treasures promise to revive, restore, and revitalise both body and soul. They represent the ideal fusion of tranquillity and beauty. Consider travelling to Mangalore, a place where boredom has no place because of an abundance of recreational amenities, as the land of beaches and calm beckons. Every beach reveals its charm, from the immaculate Panambur Beach to the charming Tannirbhavi Beach. Some are embraced by limestone cliffs, while others exude soothing vibes, creating ideal spots for sunbathing.

  • Popular Beaches in Mangalore: Panambur Beach, Tannirbhavi Beach, Chitrapura Beach, Surathkal Beach, Kodical Beach, Someshwara Beach, Ullal Beach, and Sasihithlu Beach.
Andaman Islands

Imagine a beautiful blue ocean lapping along the shore, soft white sand, and swaying palm trees. This is the picture-perfect scene that the Andaman Islands' tropical paradise has in store for you. For beach lovers, the Andaman Islands are a paradise. The Andaman beaches provide something for everyone, whether you're looking for peace and quiet or adventure. You may experience the beautiful underwater world by participating in fascinating water activities like scuba diving and snorkelling at well-known beaches like Elephant Beach and Radhanagar. Remote beaches like Corbyn's Cove offer a sanctuary of tranquillity where you can relax and enjoy the sun for people who are looking for peace and quiet. However, to discover the splendour of the Andaman Islands' you can go beyond their beaches. Its enthralling mangroves and verdant jungles provide a window into the vast biodiversity of the islands.

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India boasts several famous and must-visit beaches. Among them are Goa's Palolem Beach, known for its scenic beauty, and Radhanagar Beach in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, renowned for its pristine white sands. Additionally, Marina Beach in Chennai, Kovalam Beach in Kerala, and Varkala Beach are popular for their unique characteristics and attract beach enthusiasts from around the world.

Goa's beaches are renowned for their vibrant atmosphere, lively beach shacks, and a mix of adventure and relaxation. The state offers a diverse range of beaches, from the bustling Baga Beach to the serene Palolem Beach. Goa's beaches are characterised by a lively nightlife, water sports, and a multicultural vibe, making them stand out among India's beach destinations.

For those seeking tranquillity, less crowded beaches include Gokarna's Om Beach in Karnataka, Arambol Beach in Goa, and Mandarmani Beach in West Bengal. These destinations offer a more secluded and peaceful environment, away from the hustle and bustle of more popular tourist spots.