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Cholamandal Artists' Village Chennai Tamil Nadu

Calling out to all the art enthusiasts and culture buffs, Cholamandal Artists' Village is the largest artists’ community in India, and thus, awaits to offer some spectacular work of art and a glimpse of the fascinating culture. Spread over the 10 acres of land, Cholamandal Village is one of the most revered attractions amongst places to see in Chennai. From classical to contemporary, the artists’ village is a dynamic place where a platform is given to all sorts of art. This enthralling place welcomes visitors with two galleries and a museum where some great works of art are displayed and are surely worth a seeing if you’re inclined towards art and culture. Here you also get to witness the startling sculptures made by the local artists using bronze, copper, and wood. This must-visit museum in Chennai also has an open-air theater which is used as a platform by the artists to showcase their art including plays, dance, and poetry. Other than this, there is also a sales gallery where the masterworks of local artists are put on display for the visitors to buy, as it is the only source of income for local artists. Not just this, the village cum museum also houses a beautiful garden and a sculpture park for tourists to explore. Along with that, the place also hosts a plethora of exhibitions and fairs to spread awareness and to revive India’s endangered ancient artworks.


All Days: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Highlights of the Trip

  • Contemporary Artwork
  • Classical Artwork
  • Theater Plays
  • Dance
  • Poetry Reading
  • Sales Gallery
  • Sculpture Park

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