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Kailasamundaiyar Temple Tamil Nadu

Unlike all the cities of Tamil Nadu, Trichy makes its place in the mind of travellers for being one of the best ancient tourist destinations one can choose for a vacation. That being said, a few kilometres away from the city stands the ever-shining temple of Lord Shiva popularly known as Kailasamundaiyar. This famous temple of Tamilnadu is snuggled in the Cholamadevi village of Trichy district and is among the finest examples of Chola style of architecture. The main focus of the Chola rulers rested upon the fact that their artwork turned into fine and long-lasting stone temples and bronze sculptures that can ever exist and the same artistry can be seen by exploring the 100s of temples built by them. Carrying the same way of building temples in the traditional way of Pallava dynasty, Rajaraja Chola I built this temple in the 11th century keeping the Silpa Shastra in mind and further enhanced its charm by engraving scriptures on the stones.

Stories Associated with the Temple

This pristine temple of Trichy is a masterpiece built in the 11th century by Rajaraja Chola I and holds a lot of historical importance. It is said that a palace and a temple was built for the 13th wife of Rajaraja Chola I, Queen Cholamadevi. Besides, if we go by the inscriptions then it is said that this village was once named Thenkarai Brahmadeyam Sri Cholamadevi Chadurvedi Mangalam. The walls and adhishtana of the temple are dipped in inscriptions that belong mostly to Raja Raja Chola I and other rulers like Vira Rajendra Chola I and Rajendra Chola I. According to one of the inscriptions, it is inferred that there was a flower garden covering 7 acres close to the temple, whose flowers were sent as far as to the city of Kanchipuram.


Kailasamundaiyar temple finds its place among the beautifully built temples by the Chola rulers where this famous shrine of Tamil Nadu was carved in the 11th century whose credit goes to Rajaraja Chola I. The presiding deity is revered as Kailasamundaiyar and the Goddess is worshipped as Karpagambal. On your sightseeing tour to Kailasamundaiyar temple, you will get to see the fine four pillared Ardha Mandapam which has two dwarpalas at its entrance, maha mandapams and a finely crafted central shrine where the lingam of Lord Shiva is set up on a square base. Talking about the main shrine, there are identical big relief images of Dwarpalas as that of the Tanjore.


Cholamadevi village, Trichy, Tamil Nadu.

Best Time to Visit

Winters are considered the best time to visit Kailasamundaiyar temple as the temperature during that time varies between 19° C and 25° C, making it perfect for you to enjoy your pilgrimage tour.

How to Reach?

This temple is located at a walking distance of around 1 km from the Cholamadevi bus stop and around 12 km away from the city of Trichy. Buses from major parts of Tamil Nadu are well connected to Cholamadevi village.

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