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Mahabalipuram Beach Tamil Nadu

Some 58 km south of the Chennai, there lies a spectacular beach in Tamilnadu shored by the Bay of Bengal, Mahabalipuram or locally referred as Mamallapuram. From the 8th century Shore Temple on the seashore to rock-cut sculptures and monuments like Monolithic Rathas and Caves, this bewitching tourist attraction in Tamilnadu is a perfect blend of historical significance and nature resplendence. This charming beach is one of the perfect places in India for sunbath (which is the must-do activity here), and thus, lures larger chunk tourists both domestic as well as overseas. Moreover, If you’re into windsurfing and swimming, don’t hesitate to hit the shores of the beach while playing with the moving tides. The charm of this beautiful place doesn’t end here, it also has wildlife experience to proffer to nature lovers or history buffs as there is crocodile bank and snake venom extracting center situated just a few km away from the beach. Furthermore, what catches the tourists’ eyes more in Mahabalipuram is the special event of Dance Festival which held every year in December or January. However, if you want to give your Tamil Nadu beach holiday a bit touch of pilgrimage, you can also head to various alluring temples from which the beach is surrounded with.

Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in & around

The enticing beach of Mahabalipuram proffers a plenty of tourist attractions in its nearby. Dakshinachitra, Shore Temple, Tiger’s Cave, Crocodile Bank, Snake Venom Extracting Center, Five Rathas, and Arjuna Penance are some of the places to visit that are situated in the close proximity to the beach. Meanwhile, when you’re at the beach don’t dare to ignore the thrill of swimming, windsurfing, sunbathing, bicycle tour, and dance festival as these are must things to do in Mahabalipuram Beach.

Best Time to Visit

Being a prominent tourist stopover in Chennai for a soothing vacation, Mahabalipuram Beach witnesses a huge tourist crowd throughout the year. But during the winter time (November to February) when the temperature is all pleasant and favourable, a heavy tourists’ footfall cab spotted making it the best time to visit Mahabalipuram Beach and its nearby attractions.

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