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Kalakkad Mundanthurai Sanctuary Tamil Nadu

Often treated as a day trip away from Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari, Kalakkad Mundanthurai Sanctuary is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Tamil Nadu covering a rambling area of 895 sq km and is located in the Southern Western Ghats. Established in 1988 especially for all the wildlife buffs to fill their heart with some amazing wildlife experiences in Tamil Nadu. From its establishment, Mundanthurai Sanctuary is serving as kingdom of many astonishing wild species. Some of them are Leopard, Sambar, Sloth Bear, Indian Pangolin, Mouse Deer, Tiger, King Cobra, Flying Lizard, Python, Monitor Lizard, and Pit Viper. Along with that, if you also want to get amazed by exotic feather species, Mundanthurai Sanctuary is the best place to go to. The chirping and humming voice of these winged creatures in the backdrop while exploring Mundanthurai Sanctuary gives a surreal and amazing feeling. In the avifauna of the sanctuary, there resides a number of birds like Great Indian Hornbill, Oriental Bay Owl, Grey Headed Bulbul, Great Pied Hornbill, Broad tailed Grass warbler, and more. In an approx total, Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu comprises more than 150 species of plants, 273 birds, 81 reptiles, 77 mammals, 37 amphibia, and 33 fishes making a visit to this bewitching place irresistible. Furthermore, for the adventure crawlers, the protected area of Mundanthurai Sanctuary also proffer a trekking opportunity for which the trekkers are required to obtain a prior permission for further details.

Best Time to Visit

The weather during the months of winter (from October to January) is the ideal most season to pay a visit to Mundanthurai Sanctuary.

Where to Stay?

One can book the accommodation at the Forest Rest Houses at Mundanthurai, Kuthiraivetti, and Kalakkad in advance. However, one can also choose to stay in a hotel and resort at Tirunelveli (68 km). You can find an array of accommodation option at Tirunelveli and that too in all ranges whether budget, deluxe, or luxury.

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