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Catherine Waterfalls Tamil Nadu

An ideal place to spend a lazy afternoon or to refresh your soul in the calm surroundings is the perfect description of one of the most popular tourist spots of Tamilnadu, Catherine Waterfalls. Settled in Kotagiri which is a part of The Nilgiri District, these falls get its name from the wife of M.D. Cockburn, a Scottish coffee planter who was not only renowned as the "Father of Yercaud" but also as the one who blessed hill stations of Tamilnadu by introducing coffee, apples and pears plantation. Much to someone’s surprise, these double cascaded waterfalls descend from a height of 76.2 m to the floor where Kallar river falls on the rocks as Geddhehaada Halla another name for Catherine Falls and hence secures the place in being the second highest in the Nilgiri mountains.

What might win your heart over and over again is the beautiful setting of the Mettupalayam plains, tea plantations and forest around these famous waterfalls of Tamilnadu. Besides, if you wish to spot an awe-inspiring view of the falls as reaching the foot of this tourist place is impossible, one can go to the hill Dolphin’s nose, a popular sightseeing spot in Coonoor. Moreover, one can choose to reach these falls either by trekking their way from Aravenu and Kotagiri or zoom in your car through the Nilgiri Hills.

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