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Holy Trinity Church Ooty Tamil Nadu

Even if you are not a religious person, a visit to Holy Trinity Church will leave you astounded. Reckoned to be one of the oldest shrines in Ooty, Holy Trinity Church was initially the place of worship for Indian Christians. Later in 1858, it came into existence as a dedicated church. The Gothic and Tudor architectural design of this beautiful shrine binds visitors to explore this attraction. Along with that, the other attractions of the church include spectacular glass windows, cemetery, plaques listing battalions, and the sophisticatedly carved benches. Besides, what makes this place a prominent tourist attraction in Ooty is the calm and serene ambiance which is adored by the tourists most. Both native and tourist can be spotted here offering their prayers and paying homage to the Almighty. On your Ooty tour, Holy Trinity Church serves as the best escape to spend some tranquil time amidst the flourishing nature for an unforgettable vacation.

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