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Railway Heritage Centre cum Railway Museum Tamil Nadu

Associated with relics, facts, and models, Railway Museum in Tiruchirappalli commemorates over a century and a half old bequest of Indian Rail Network through an impressive display of artefacts, models and photographs. The museum covers an area of 360 sq km where exhibits are displayed in two galleries, i.e., indoor and outdoor. In the indoor section, various documents, old manuals, railway maps, equipment, and photographs from the British Raj period are put on display that altogether helps visitors to capture the spectacular history and rich heritage of the largest Rail Network of the world. Not just being the kids-friendly, this museum is also a must-visit place for adults and train-buffs as it facilitates them to enhance their knowledge about Indian railway by spending some informative time here. Considering that, the outdoor section of this heritage museum proudly houses several relics of locomotive and trains. Steam engines of 1909, wooden body of 1965 Ooty train, railway tracks, 1925 wagon, hand travelling crane of 1887, England’s made steam crane from the year 1930, and Beach-Tambaram electric train are just a few names that are out there on display at the Railway Museum in Tiruchirappalli. On top of that, the museum also has a toy train which takes you on the tour of this enticing museum. However, some other relics like the UK built original loco turntable from 1892 and bridge pillars from the same decade are equally fascinating attractions, stand proudly in the museum. Besides, there is a mini station allied with a garden and a fountain, making it a perfect place for a kids’ outing in Trichy.


Tuesday to Sunday (Monday Closed): 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM


  • Locomotive Relics
  • Train Relics
  • Crane Relics
  • Garden
  • Mini Station
  • Toy Train
  • Historical Photographs
  • Manuals
  • Documents
  • Equipment and more.

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