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How to Reach Tamil Nadu

You can get access to Tamil Nadu through any means of transport. There are several airports, plenty of railway stations, and well-maintained roads and national highways that take you to your desired destinations in Tamil Nadu and that too without any hassle. No matter in which corner of the country you live in, Tamil Nadu is connected with almost every state and every city in India.

By Air

Almost every major city in Tamil Nadu has its own airport. Some of the most active ones are in Chennai, Madurai, Tiruchirapalli, Trivandrum, and Coimbatore. Airway is the easiest, convenient, and time-saving way to reach Tamil Nadu. In total, the state has nine airports, both domestic and international, that are very well linked with other cities, states, and countries through frequent flights. Despite being a bit costly mean, it is the best way to visit Tamil Nadu if you’re travelling from far states or cities as it gives you the access to this beautiful state in just a few hours.

By Rail

The state of Tamil Nadu is conveniently connected with Indian Railway Network. There are a plenty of trains that ply from all the major cities of the country to Tamil Nadu. The Southern Railways gives an easy connectivity to travellers from other states and cities like Odisha, Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, and Delhi through different trains. If you’re on a budget trip, then railway is the most effective mean to reach Tamil Nadu.

By Road

Perhaps, Tamil Nadu is also well-connected with its neighbour states and cities. If you’re residing in the neighbouring cities or states of Tamil Nadu then you can also choose to enjoy the thrill of a long drive, through roads and national highways, to reach the state. However, in order to reach by road, you can either drive your own car or can board a bus. There are a plenty of buses, both government and private, that ply on a frequent basis from nearby states and cities.

Tamil Nadu Travel Information at a Glance

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