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Red Hills Lake Tamil Nadu

Be ready to pamper yourself with tranquil environs and astonishing natural beauty here at Red Hills Lake, locally known as Puzhal Aeri. Located in the outskirts of Chennai, Red Hills Lake is a rain-fed reservoir, and hence, serves as one of the prime sources of water in Chennai. Built in the 19th century, during the British Period, this lake is also a quick getaway from Chennai for all the nature lovers. Enriched with an abundance of verdant greenery, the lake is known for proffering a beach-like experience. One can quietly sit on the shore while adoring the sublime views of sunrise or sunset. Also, this revered tourism site in Chennai is also a home to numerous fishes, and hence, don’t get surprised if you see various fishermen fishing in the lake. Though the route to this beautiful lake in Chennai is secluded yet, it will fascinate you to its core. For the information, Red Hills Lake has a total capacity of 3300 cubic feet. At the lake, there is tower esteemed as Jone Tower, which is used to calculate the deepness of water level in the lake. This tower was built in the year 1881 and is the main attraction of the lake. In the morning, number of locals can be seen indulging into physical exercises, like that of, walking, yoga, running. Therefore, if you’re looking for a place where you can spend a day of your Tamil Nadu holidays amidst nature then Red Hills Lake is the perfect bet.

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