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Kaliveli Lake Tamil Nadu

There is so much to enjoy and experience at Kaliveli Lake that one won’t say a no to explore the lake. Located in Villupuram district, around 16 km north of Pondicherry, Kaliveli is a coastal lake near the Bay of Bengal. Being one of the must-visit tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu, Kaliveli Lake is amongst the largest wetlands and semi-permanent water bodies in India. Kaliveli Lake is the best place to enjoy a day out within the arms of nature. Kaliveli Lake is a prime reservoir in the district and is a great epitome of serenity and calmness. This place is also a home to various birds including the migratory ones, and hence, also functions as a bird sanctuary. For bird watchers and ornithologist, exotic birds like kingfishers, and flamingoes add a beautiful grandeur to the enchanting landscapes of the lake.With plenty of sightseeing, the place also proffers an opportunity to relish the thrill of water activities for that unforgettable holiday experience in Tamil Nadu. Furthermore, the lake also houses the ruins of Allamparwa Forts which is located on the shores at the north channel of the lake. However, one can also choose to explore some of its nearby attractions, like that of, fortification walls, sri muthu mariamman temple, and Amman temple.

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