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Courtallam Travel Guide

Courtallam, is not like any other beautiful destination that you would just visit in South India for a vacation. This tourist destination though small has something enriched in it that soaks your soul and by that some Courtallam refers to its many charming popular tourism attractions. True to the name that it has been revered as, Courtallam with time made its place as the 'Spa of South India' in Western Ghats, thanks to the loyal travellers who spread the word of praise all over the world. The town which is set at an elevation of 160 m in the foothills of Agasthyamalai, an essential part of the Western Ghats in Tirunelveli district is among the untouched tourism places by man's revolutionary hands. And out of all the heart winning seasons to take on the road, the months of June to September are considered the best time to visit Courtallam. Throwing some spotlight on its travel places that are worth visiting, together with the curing waterfalls which has its special mention in many literary works by "Thirikooda Rasappa Kavirayar" who wrote songs on the exquisiteness of Courtallam, there are ancient temples spreading spirituality from 7th Century and museums to tell tales about the tribal cultures and their importance. Moreover, what adds modern touch to the town are the eco parks and dams that take Courtallam a step ahead towards conservation.

Out of the many sightseeing places, waterfalls namely Main Falls, Five falls, Old Courtallam Falls, Tiger Falls along with Chitra Sabhai Temple, Courtallam Eco Park , Gundar dam are some of the top tourist attractions that always lead the charts of any Courtallam travel guide. While travelling to this town, you are bound to look for relaxing accommodation options full of amenities, for that our Courtallam holiday packages never leaves any stone unturned. Furthermore, if legends and myths pull your attention then you will get to hear a lot of legendary tales out of which the one that is the most talked about is the story of the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The tale states that when the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati was taking place in the Himalayas, all the divine deities got together to witness the divine union because of which the earth's axis faced a tilt. To fix this, Lord Shiva asked Sage Agastya to bring the earth back to the balanced state by going towards the south. After doing so, the Sage was promised that he could witness the marriage. This town which is dipped in spiritual beauty and is a powerhouse of cure is a must if you are thinking of an offbeat vacation away from the hustle bustle of life. And if you are planning this tour with us, you are bound to have a great time in the soothing realms of Courtallam. We also offer best Courtallam travel packages that can be tailored as per your preference so that you have a perfect time amid the ravishing Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu.

Best Time to Visit Courtallam

As we get delighted as and when monsoon begins, so does Courtallam and hence the best time to visit this destination is between June and September.

  • Summer


    With the soaring temperature of 37°C, Courtallam faces hot days in the months of April and May with meagre rainfall. So, this time of the year is mostly avoided by tourists as it gets a bit tough to go for a sightseeing tour in the heat.

  • Monsoon


    Nature elates with joy in the monsoon months of June to September in Courtallam, making it the best time explore the many waterfalls and other best places to visit snuggled in the town. The temperature touches down a maximum of 28°C accompanied with pleasant wind.

  • Winter


    For those who love the rushing sound of waterfalls and love taking a tour in the lovely surroundings of Courtallam, then winters are the best time for them. Starting from the month of December and lasting till February,the temperature here ranges between 13°C to 29°C, captivating the wanderers from across the globe.

Popular Tourist Attractions & in around Courtallam

As said before there is something magical about the tourist attractions that embraces the town like the healing waterfalls, temples and other places that would make Courtallam one of your favourite travel experiences.

  • Five Falls Courtallam

    One of the popular tourist attractions, Five Falls is where the streams with magical healing powers flow in the town of Courtallam. Divided in two sections i.e., three for men on the left and two for women on the right where they can bathe and make use of the curing potential of the falls.

  • Kutralam

    Main Falls

    Welcoming its visitors 24x7 is the biggest falls in the town with a height of 60 m, Main Falls also called as Peraruvi. Falling from such a height, when the falls come in contact with Pongum Kadal, a 19 m deep crater, the impact of the falls decrease, making it perfectly safe to swim here.

  • Old Courtallam Waterfalls

    An offbeat tourism attraction considered perfect for those who want to rejuvenate and spend some time away from the hustle bustle of top places in Courtallam. A short detour to these falls if on a family vacation is considered ideal as not only the falls have two pools for children but follow the route which is veiled in lush greenery full of coconut and mango trees along with the flourishing rice fields, perfect for nature sightseeing.

  • Chitra Sabhai Temple

    A special home to relish history through the art of painting is the story of Chitra Sabhai Temple. Styled in different forms and styles, the paintings here in this Hall of Paintings are made by the use of extracts of herbal plants.

  • Folk Arts Site Museum

    Being a part of the state which treasures culture and art as precious gems, Courtallam a part of Tamilnadu is home Folk Arts Site Museum which respects its legacy. Founded in the year 1982, the museum is a small exhibition of tribal life, culture and art forms like stone sculptures, wood fossils, mud figurines and iron implements.

  • Tiger Falls

    A kid friendly falls, also known as Puli Aruvi is a comparatively smaller version of Main Falls where travellers of every age can enjoy because of its moderate water flow. It is said that back in time, tigers used to rest in the caves and also come here to drink water. The water of these falls is used for irrigation purposes while its being collected in a lake.

  • Courtallam Eco Park

    Extensively spread over an area of 37 acres is the Courtallam Eco Park, biggest of its kind in Tamil Nadu. Built in the year 2012, the main objective that the Eco Park supports is to conserve the lush biodiversity and ecosystem of the Western Ghats. Some of the main attractions of the park are children play area,gardens, adventure area, murals and stream walks.

  • Gundar Dam

    Tagged closely to the Sengottai city of tamilnadu is the Gundar dam built in the year 1983. The main motive for construction of this dam was to provide irrigation facilities to the Tirunelveli district.

  • Adavi Nainar Dam

    Located in the Mekkarai village of Sengottai, this popular tourist attraction, Adavi Nainar Dam is a famous spot for used in film adaptations.Dotted with gleaming streams and falls used for bathing, the way to this dam offers the panoramic mountain views and rice fields and is a true delight for travellers.

  • Thirumalai Kovil

    A rustic setting with heartwarming views of villages and swaying coconut plantations, Thirumalai Kovil is one of the most revered Murugan temple set up on a hill in the 15th Century.

  • Kasi Viswanathar Temple

    Sculpted by Parakrama Pandyan in the 14th Century is Kasi viswanathar temple, the tallest shrine in the whole of Tamil Nadu. Touching the height of 54 m, one can easily sight this temple from a distance and can be pulled towards the beauty of the architecture and the grace.

  • Palaruvi Waterfalls

    Nestled at a short distance from Courtallam in Kollam district of Kerala, is the Palaruvi Waterfalls which denotes the meaning "stream of milk". With a height of 91 m, Palaruvi are on no. 32 in the list of highest waterfalls in India.

  • Kumbhavurutty Waterfalls

    A short detour from Courtallam lands you close to the Kumbhavurutty Waterfalls,one of the top tourism places in Kerala. Adding shine to the easter part of Kollam district, this waterfall is essentially a part of the Achankovil river. Other nearby attractions include Palaruvi Waterfalls and Manalar Waterfalls where you can spot wild creatures as well.

  • Agathiyar Waterfalls

    Finding its place on the Western Ghats, these falls are one of the major tourist places in Tirunelveli district of Tamilnadu. Agathiyar Waterfalls, as per the myth is the exact place where Sage Agastya, a worshipper of Lord Shiva got to witness the divine union of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.

  • Manjolai Estate Hill Station

    Ruling the Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve is the Manjolai Hills settled in the Western Ghats. These are the aromatic tea gardens that spread their warm essence on the Manimuthar dam and waterfalls. This hill station is popularly known for its pleasant weather and the panoramic view it provides overlooking the beauty of nature it is surrounded by.

  • Karaiyar Dam

    Set up in the Mundanthurai Tiger reserve, Karaiyar dam is a perfect spot to enjoy some time if you are on a family vacation or solo travelling. The area around is enveloped in the beauteous hills of the Western Ghats.

  • Nellaiappar Temple

    A delight for worshippers who revere the Supreme Being Shiva, is the Nellaiappar Temple settled in the Tirunelveli district of Tamilnadu. The divine deity is worshipped in the form of a lingam and applauded as Nellaiappar. This temple is also loved by architecture lovers as it is one of the finely built temple built by King Rama Pandian in 7th Century.

  • Tiruchendur Temple & Beach

    Renowned as the only pristine temple set up on the seashore devoted to the divine deity Murugan is Tiruchendur Temple. While most of the Murugan temples are tucked on hills, this temple is one of the top places to visit in Courtallam for being the only settled on the seashore.

  • Krishnapuram Temple

    Krishnapuram Temple

    Home to the Hindu celestial deity, Vishnu, Krishnapuram temple is a simple yet finley built Dravidian style masterpiece which also nurtures Nayaka's style of architecture. Krishnapuram temple believes in the Thenkalai tradition of worshipping the deities and hence 3 annual festivals along with 4 daily rituals are followed here. Out of which Vaikunta Ekadasi, celebrated over the duration of 10 days in December/ January is the best time to witness the beauty of this temple.

  • Thenmala Eco Tourism Center

    Popularly known as the first planned Eco tourism destination of India, is Thenmala sitting close to Courtallam, Tamil nadu. Housing attractions and activities like children's park, adventure park, musical dancing fountain, trekking, boating, butterfly safari, hiking, night camping, the center also has 10 eco-tourism spots. Districts like Pathanamthitta, Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram are enfolded as a part of the center. Moreover, being surrounded by the lush forests, timber is one of the in-demand products in the country along with Thenmala itself being one of the exporters of honey as its called the 'Honey Hills'.

  • Manimuthar Dam & Waterfalls

    Another proud attraction of Tamilnadu, Manimuthar dam is the biggest reservoir that belongs to the district of Tirunelveli. The main purpose of building this dam in the year 1958 was to not let Bay of Bengal get hampered by the rainwater during monsoon. Stretching over 3 kms, the dam successfully irrigated areas over 65000 acres covering the northern part of Tirunelveli. Manimuthar Waterfalls on the other hand are formed from the Manimuthar river that finds its origin in the Western Ghats. Aromatic tea plantations spread their charm on the travellers who visit the waterfalls and dam,adding another reason to pay a visit here.

Where to Stay in Courtallam?

This beauteous destination as a whole is home to a number of accommodation options that might suit your budget. Whether luxury is your preference or pocket friendly, Courtallam has a number of budget hotels, resorts and lodges for you to choose from. Moreover, if you want to explore more options, then Tenkasi is your go to destination.

How to Reach Courtallam?

The best way to reach the rejuvenating natural spa of South India is to either travel by road where buses are available from major cities of Tenkasi and Sengottai or by train.

  • By Air

    The Tuticorin Airport is the nearest airport to Courtallam, situated 110 kms away from where one can get a cab to reach the destination.

  • By Rail

    Deboard at Tenkasi or Sengottai railway station as they are located around 6kms and 10 kms away respectively from Courtallam. From where you can take an auto, bus or van to reach Courtallam.

  • By Road

    Courtallam majorly has easy access to the nearby tourist destinations of Tenkasi and Sengottai.One can easily get buses from Courtallam in the tourist season that run from Tirunelveli, a city in Tamil Nadu to Sengottai.As for the rest of the months, the buses follow the route from Ilanji to reach Sengottai.

Tamil Nadu Travel Information at a Glance

There's an abundance of culture, tradition, art, craft, nature, and wildlife experiences awaiting in Tamil Nadu. Choose from our wide array of Tamil Nadu travel packages and get that incredible holiday experience at this colour palette kind of a destination. We design the finest tour packages keeping your likes and dislikes in mind so that you are guaranteed a holistic travelling experience that too in a budget of your choice.