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Sculpture Museum Mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu

Step into the world of prestigious sculptures of deities from Hindu mythology and tales of the bygone days at Sculpture Museum in Mahabalipuram. Located on the East Raja Street in Mahabalipuram, the museum boasts over than 3000 sculptures for tourists that are of historical importance and also delineates Hindu mythology characters. Along with that, the sights of monolithic effigies, sculptured relief, and Rathas sculptures can also be captured in the museum. These creations of ancient artists are made of varied materials like metal, wood, cement, and brass, that lures a larger chunk of eyes, making this museum one of the best places to visit in Mahabalipuram for all the art and history aficionados. On the display, you also get to see some impeccable paintings which are equally captivating for a historical and cultural tour. However, this must-visit museum in Mahabalipuram is also popularly known for an elaborate collection of Buddhist Sculptures and images as well. If you’re into history and culture, the Sculpture Museum in Mahabalipuram will serve as your ideal escape on your Tamilnadu vacation for a perfect day-out, leaving you with some incredible art to witness and indelible experience to cherish in South India.


Saturday to Thursday (Friday Closed): 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM


  • Sculptures of Hindu Deities
  • Sculptures of Buddhist Sculptures
  • Paintings

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