Client Feedback

We at Tour My India aims at offering cut-edge services to our customers. Satisfied Customers are Happy Customers is our motto and we work towards it. We also like to hear from them, regarding our services which keeps us motivated to enhance our services. Here are a few words of praises from our esteemed customers.

Dear Vishwa,
Desirous of doing a Jain pilgrimage tour of Uttar Pradesh which has many important Jain temples, I wrote to four tour operators. But only Tour My India replied positively. It was a first for them too, but they took up the challenge and worked out a plan for me.
I thank them for this. Beginning from prompt replies from Vishwa ji at the planning stage and the hotels and the driver, everything was well managed.
In terms of hotels, I have a suggestion to make. In Prayagraj, please opt for Shree Kanha Residency instead of Hotel Placid for your future guests. It is a much better managed hotel.
Thanks again, Regards
Sanjay Vasa

Sanjay Vasa, Indian

Travel Dates: 14 - 20 Nov 2019

Sunil Pawar, Mumbai, India

Travel Dates - 29 Sep 2019 to 04 Oct 2019

Dear Dharmendra ji,
It was a wonderful experience for us. All your arrangements were up to the mark.
All hotels and transportation arrangements were excellent. Though we had faced some problems with hotel at Kedarnath you handled it swiftly and efficiently. Thanks for your support and prompt response.
The driver (Mahesh) just was very cooperative, polite and friendly. His driving skills were excellent and safe. In addition he was well travelled and well informed. We Enjoyed his company.
We look forward to collaborating with you in future.
Thanks & Regards,
Sunil Pawar,
Mumbai, India.

Dear Dharmendra,
We were so pleased with our Kedarnath trip that you organised.

Best Regards,
Rehana ISSA
United Kingdom

Rehana ISSA, United Kingdom

Travel Dates: 18 Oct 2018 to 28 Oct 2018

P Annadorai, Singapore

Travel Dates - 14 Sept 2019 - 19 Sept 2019

Hi Dharmendra,
Thank you very much for all your assistance for my safe trip to Kedarnath. Your driver Mahesh was excellent. Will contact you again for my future trips.
Thanks again.
Thanks & Regards,
P Annadorai,

Hi Vishwa,
How are you doing? Hope you are doing well.
We had a great trip in India for 6days
And my family and I we can say that we have received a great service from your team.
All the hotels we stayed are very nice clean, staff served us the best including the clean and yummy food!
Especially I would like to say the big thank you for giving us the best driver in India. He is very humble, really calm and very friendly to drive us for the whole visit.
The guide, Ravy also a good person who always provided our need during this traveling. We had a low expectation before the trip but you have gave us the best service.

Best Regards,
Cambodia/Phnom Penh

Dalya, Cambodia / Phnom Penh

Travel Dates: 24th to 30th August 2019

Sarvottam Shenvi, Atlanta

Travel Dates - 17 July - 28 July 2019

Hi Dharmendra,
My family finished Char Dham Yatra successfully last week. Everything went very well and I would like to pass on special THANKS to Surendra who was exceptionally humble in whole tour. Thank to all of you.
I will connect with you for future trips.
Thanks & Regards,
Sarvottam Shenvi,

Hi Dharmendra,
How are you? Thanks for organising the Kedarnath Badrinath tour for our group. It was very good and everyone enjoyed the trip.
Thanks very much.

Sumana, Australia

Travel Dates: 26 June 2019 to 03 July 2019

Tejas shah, Mumbai

Travel Dates - 4 to 6 July 2019

Dear Dharmendra Negi,
Thanks for making my first tour very enjoyable for 24 peoples....
Tejas shah,

Dear Nitin Rawat,
Thank you so much for your help in organising our India trip. We had an absolutely fantastic time, helped by your companies amazing organisation and all your great staff.
We saw tigers, Hindu festivals, Kanchenjunga, Darjeeling tea plantations and all the sites of Delhi.
Hope the above is of help to you.
Thanks and regards,
Mr. Howard Reed & Mrs. Maggie Reed,
United Kingdom

Mr. Howard Reed & Mrs. Maggie Reed
United Kingdom

Travel Dates: 06 April 2019 to 16 April 2019

Irene & Les

Travel Dates - 30th Dec to 06th Jan 2019

Hi Vishwa,
We have just got back from our long holiday around India.
Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our trip' how we felt so looked after and how well our driver Uday took us around.
Many thanks
Irene & Les

Dear Vishwa,
I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you as I was travelling and I just got back yesterday. I will go direct to my feedback on my recent tour to India.
First and foremost thank you for making the arrangement and I believe you have done your utmost best and the rest is up to the people at the ground meaning the drivers.
1. All the drivers have good knowledge of their job but all of them lack a good command of English and both we have problem understanding them as well as the drivers are not able to understand what we ask or what we want. The conversation is down to very basic and sometimes misunderstanding occurs. In fact the trishaw we took in Delhi going to the Chandni Chowk the young guy spoke good English and he informed us that he learn it from the tourist. He could understand what we want and we could speak to him easily. He is good and knows his work well. Your drivers are far from understanding English. And this is a problem. The driver who drove us to the airport in Delhi spoke very good English too. You should get drivers who can speak good English.
2. The drivers lack initiatives and he don't seem to take care of us when it comes to dealing a third party. Like the case in Gulmarg where we had to rent winter shoe and clothing plus the trip up to Gulmarg. I had to negotiate with them and the driver Muzafir just stood there doing nothing and I had to do all the negotiating. I am a foreigner and he should take care of us and negotiate for us instead of leaving us to do so ourselves. When we return we ended up having issue with the agent who demanded for transportation fee. You can get a clear understanding from Sabir he called me and I spoke to him about the bad incident which I was very disappointed.
3. Beside the above 2 areas the rest of the trip was good.
If you have met me in Delhi I would have given you first hand information instead of writing an email to you. Anyway I know you were busy and it is alright.
For information beside the tips are taken care of in my package I also tip all the drivers well.
Hope the above is of help to you.

Thanks and regards,
Chee Meng Liew, Malaysia

Chee Meng Liew

Travel Dates: 6- 15th Feb, 2019

Marco Bortoluzzi

Travel Dates - 19th to 25th Feb, 2019

Dear Vishwa,
I would like to thank you for your service, our journey through India has been an amazing experience
Hope to come back soon, have a nice day
Kind regards
Marco Bortoluzzi

Dear Parikshit,
We have had an excellent trip to Kaziranga National Park. It was one of our best trip in recent times. This was our first trip with "Tour my India" and we all, especially my parents, are very happy with the way it was organized.
I would like to thank "Tour my India" and especially YOU for helping organize this trip for us very efficiently.
Here I would like to highlight a few points that exceeded our expectations:
1. Mr. DILIP is a wonderful person. His service was more than 5 stars. He has not only entertained us with the chat and music but also helped us visit many places (like tea garden, bridge over Brahmaputra) on the way. On top of that because he could speak Bengali, my parents were very comfortable talking to him and gain knowledge about Assam. Please convey our special thanks to him. We would like him to accompany us in our future visit to Assam. The car was excellent too.
2.The Kaziranga Continental Hotel gave us excellent service, especially the restaurant people, Mr. Amitkumar, Mr. Dhurva and Mr. Dibya. Their hospitality was remarkable. The food was delicious too.
3.The safari's were awesome. Special thanks to YOU for recommending me to take my parents for elephant safari. I was initially hesitant but with your recommendation I took them for the ride and they enjoyed it a lot.
Now, few things that could have happened better:
1. When we initially checked-in the hotel, there was a conflict about which safari to schedule at what time. I was going ahead according to the itinerary but the hotel manager was of different opinion. Mr. Dilip came to support me and that led to a moment of argument between the hotel manager, Mr. Dilip and me. There was no mistake from Mr. Dilip side as he was helping us. This was sorted out later and the hotel manager later behaved properly. But the first impression of the hotel was not pleasant and it could have been easily avoided.
2. There was a confusion with who will pick us from the hotel for Western and Central zone safari. I later called you and explained this. Then after you called them, it was resolved. Though I really appreciate the way you handled the situation to our favor but it was a moment of confusion which as a traveler I would prefer to avoid. May be a thoroughly written itinerary would have helped the hotel to plan properly.
3. The safari's are divided into 3 zones/ranges and each zone has there own safari guide. What we realized is that if a Eastern safari driver takes you to the Central zone, he may not like to show you everything thoroughly. What I meant is when this eastern range driver goes to eastern range, he shows all the birds, tells a lot of things and encourages you to see that range thoroughly. When the same guy goes to Central zone, he does not show the same energy to explain about that range. Rather at central zone also he talks more about eastern zone. I don't know if Tour my India can do anything about it but I think arranging a jeep safari from their own gate/range would get you a guide with better knowledge/experience and enthusiasm for that range.
That's all for the feedback. Overall we are happy and would like to do more trips with Tour my India in the future.

Thanks and regards,
Anirban Adak

Anirban Adak

Travel Dates: 14th to 17th Feb, 2019

Jane Macgregor, South Africa

Travel Dates - 21 Feb 2019 to 24 Feb 2019

Dear Nitin Rawat,
I want to thank you, and anyone who helped you, with your excellent service that you gave us.
Our stay at Bandhavgrah was outstanding. The hotel was excellent as were the game drives where we saw 4 tigers!
The driver you also organized for us was a very good driver and we felt very safe driving with him.
Once again thank you very much and I am sorry that I cannot thank you in person
Kind regards
Jane Macgregor, South Africa

Dear Nitin Rawat,
A short note to say how much we have enjoyed our stay at Aranyak-the staff have been superb, the food excellent, and the accommodation very much to our liking.
Also a special thanks if you were responsible for choosing Rajesh as our driver. His anticipation and maneuvering were, on occasions, breathtaking, and resulted in our getting some amazing photos and videos.
We will certainly be in touch should we require your services for future visits to India. Thanks again,
With best wishes,
John Ramsbottom
United Kingdom

John Ramsbottom
United Kingdom

Travel Dates: 20 Feb - 23 Feb 2019

Puvaneshwari Munusamy, Malaysia

Travel Dates - 31 Jan 2019 - 05 Feb 2019

Hi Shailendra,
Firstly, I would like to thank your company for organizing such a wonderful and delightful trip for myself & my hubby.
Our driver in Srinagar, Imran is such a gem. He knows the way around and such a pleasant guy.
The hotels which was recommended to us also are good and so is the boathouse.
Overall, myself & my hubby was very pleased with your company and will definitely contact you for future trips.
I would give you a 4star service.
Best Regards
Puvaneshwari Munusamy, Malaysia

Dear Nitin Rawat,
The whole trip worked very well.
Details of the offer very clear with accommodation options spelt out clearly when booking
Booking: Fairly straightforward, payment secure.
Good swift response to emails, particularly when flight times were changed by the airline.
Car transfers in good quality vehicles, with air con and cautious drivers, cars were waiting well ahead of the time required. Toilet refreshment stops at appropriate times and in satisfactory or good (Mandala Tourist Motel) venues.The final journey back to Jabalpur was interesting as the driver had to find an alternative route to avoid a major road traffic accident. The back road up to the airport is very rustic and bumpy.
Accommodation: very good, and delightfully eccentric. We hoped for and were pleased to have distinctively Indian style accommodation in local hotels/resorts, rather than in international type hotels. Both venues were of a high standard and very comfortable. The food in the second hotel at Kanha was slightly better, and more varied than at Bandhavgarh, but the packed breakfasts were better at Bandhavgarh. The staff style was more friendly at Bandhavgarh, which is not to say that they were unfriendly at Kanha, just not quite as 'warm' in the reception area. I would happily recommend both venues as very good quality and good value.
The jeep safaris were well organised with good drivers and guides and all the paperwork in place for a trouble free entry to the national parks.
The object was to see tigers as well as other animals and birds and that was achieved, with three good sightings, two actually very good and lots of other interesting animals and birds. We understand that the best time for tiger viewing is actually April/May when that animals are easier to see especially at the water holes, but the daytime temperatures then are high to very high!. It might be worth warning winter visitors like ourselves that the mornings are seriously cold - we had frost on several mornings. Take plenty of warm clothes. Sitting still in an open jeep at about 0 centigrade is quite a challenge.
If asked to give the tour a star rating I would give it at least 4.5 or 5 out of 5, for price, content and organisation.
If we are considering another self organised tip to India (rather than with Explore Worldwide, the UK based company we have used for 3 previous trips) we would unhesitatingly approach Tour My India.
I would be interested to hear your views on 'ports of entry'. We came in through Chennai, and found as in previous years that the immigration officials are difficult and unpredictable, even when all the paperwork is in order. (ETAs) We could use New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Hyderabad just as easily, and book separate internal flights to Chennai, where we catch a train to meet up with Indian friends a few hours north of the city. Thanks
Best Regards
Maurice Stanton-Saringer
United Kingdom

Maurice Stanton-Saringer
United Kingdom

Travel Dates: 29 January to 03 February 2019

Prakash, UK

Travel Dates - 20th Jan till 27th Jan 2019

Dear Mr. Vishwa,
Thank you for a wonderful trip. You were excellent in communication and sorting out our tailor made holiday . You were very professional. All details were well taken care of. The driver Prabhakaran was very good and professional. The vehicle was nice. Hotels were up to our expectations mostly except the last 3 nights and I have already told you about them.
But overall an excellent trip. Shall contact you for our next trip and will recommend to friends.
Prakash, UK

Dear Nitin Rawat,
Thanks for the note; everything worked well on our trip and we will submit a positive review.
Mark & Jane Hanlon
United States

Mark & Jane Hanlon, United States

Travel Dates - 21 Jan - 26 Jan 2019

Masuda Shaikh, South Africa

Travel Dates - 25 till 30th Dec 2018

Hi Vishwa,
Thank you for the great service.
Mr Mehta was very helpful and accommodating with my mother and we really appreciated his service. HE went out of his way to ensure she was comfortable. The driver in Mumbai, Muhammed Rafi, was also very professional and helpful. Our only negative was the tour guides.
The Delhi tour guide didn't seem to have a great amount of knowledge of the city and even though I specifically requested to be taken to a mall he took us to a ridiculously expensive shop which he was clearly affiliated with.
The Agra guide did exactly the same thing. I requested to go to the market but was taken to a store that was not useful but whom he was obviously getting some kind of commission from. This was particularly irritating as we only had one day to site see and possibly shop in Delhi and Agra but we could not as the guides wasted our time.
The guide at Fatehpur Sikri tried to convince us to do the same but by then I was aware of what was going on and refused to go to any of his recommended shops. He didn't seem to like that much.
I will definitely recommend the use of your tour company to my friends and family as I appreciate your professionalism throughout the trip. It is really unfortunate that the tour guides do not share the same professionalism.
Best wishes
Masuda Shaikh, South Africa

Namaste Akash, thank you for setting up my pilgrimage. Lulu and his team were fantastic.
Beatriz Rivera,
Thank you once again!

Beatriz Rivera, Jordan

Travel Dates - 06 - 11 January 2019

Nadra & Matthijs, Netherlands

Travel Dates - 28 December 2018 - 18 January 2019

Dear Nitin Rawat,
Thank you for organizing a great trip. All hotels, excursions and the transport was arranged perfectly. We also saw the tiger several times during our stay in the national parks. We really enjoyed our time in India.
Best wishes
Nadra & Matthijs

My wife and I just got back from a one week vacation in India. If I am to describe this vacation in one word it has to be: splendid! We had a great time. We enjoyed the sight-seeing, we savored the delicious Indian cuisine and we met new people; locals and from around the world! We want to deeply thank Tour My India for making this trip one of the best we ever had.
The program they prepared for us was not crowded and exhausting. We enjoyed seeing as much of India as we can while also finding time to relax. They also assigned us a great driver, Diwan, who did not spare any effort in ensuring we had a great time. Diwan spoke English, so while driving he continuously described our surroundings. He drove safely. The road trip from one city to another was delightful. Diwan answered all of our questions. He was polite, kind and professional in every sense. He even made sure to find us restaurants where we can eat Halal meat and chicken. Diwan went out of his way to make us happy. The moment he dropped us off at the airport felt like saying goodbye to an old friend.
We would also like to deeply thank Mr. Mavendra who prepared this program. He made sure to assign us a good driver and he kept in touch during our trip to ensure everything was going as planned.
Thank you Tour My India for allowing us to live this vivacious experience and see the true India.
Bashar Darawsheh,
Thank you once again!

Bashar Darawsheh, Jordan

Travel Dates - 28 December - 4 January 2019

Abraham Varghese, United Kingdom

Travel Dates - 08 - 17 Jan 2019

Dear Dharmendra,
Dharmendra was the agent of Tour My India who arranged our tour with special focus on birds. He was extremely helpful in making a tailor made package for us starting from Delhi Airport to Pangot, Sattal, Jim Corbett National Park and back to Delhi. Tour My India arranged transport, English speaking guide and all the accommodation. Dharmendra was exceptionally quick in replying to my email queries and was very flexible to accommodate our requests. Having completed the tour I can confirm that all the arrangements worked faultlessly. We had a situation that required the driver to return home due to family bereavement. Taxi was arranged to our next destination and another taxi was sent from Delhi. The food and accommodation were to our requirement. Overall booking the holiday was an enjoyable experience and what was promised was delivered. I highly recommend Tour my India and their agent Dharmendra deserves special praise.
Best wishes
Abraham Varghese

Dear Shailendra ji,
We had a great 1 week time on our trip to Shimla - Manali - Dalhousie. It was a unbelievable budget tour offered to us with fantastic hotels and services. The cab facility was also great and the driver was very courteous. He knew in and out of the places and was always on time.
Overall it was a very beautiful trip managed well by TourMyIndia team. Kudos to them !
I will cherish this trip all my life and I would definitely come back to TourMyIndia for my future trips.


Travel Dates - 11 Jan 2019 - 18 Jan 2019

Rita & Allison USA

Travel Dates India - 09 - 23 DEC 2018
Sri Lanka - 24 - 30 DEC 2018

Dear Anil,
We want to thank you for your help in arranging our tour to India. Although after 16 jeep safaris, the Royal Bengal Tiger eluded our sighting. We came very close a few times, separated by mere minutes. The rest of the Wildlife however did not disappoint! We enjoyed our accommodations & the hospitality provided as such.

Sri Lanka was equally fantastic! Never realized that it was so GREEN & mountainous. We were sorry that we were unable to meet you in person but we certainly understand how busy you are. Until next time, take care, & Best Wishes to you in 2019!

Dear Dharmendra,
Wish you a happy new year, the trip was good and thanks for it.
Head MIS & Business Excellence
Thank you once again!

Sriram Chennai, India.

Travel Dates - 14 Dec - 25 Dec 2018

Aditi Kenjalkar India

Travel Dates-29 Dec 2018 to 01 Jan 2019

Dear Nitin Rawat,
Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!
Apologies for the delay in writing this email.
Manu and Aparna join me in thanking you and your team for organizing a perfect holiday for us.
Everything was immaculately planned and superbly delivered by team at Mahua Vann Resort.
The food was delicious & service along with warm hospitality was great.
A special mention to the staff of Mahua Vann who ensured our requests were attended to and delivered.
We would definitely recommend our friends and family to contact you for planning their holidays.

Dear Nitin Rawat,
Happy 2019 to you!
Thank you for the arrangement to Pench & Nagzire National Park.
My wife and I had a wonderful time in both National Parks and very relaxing time at the hotel.
I would like to especially mention that the hospitality of the hotel you arranged at Nagzire National Park was exceptional.
It was like an order-made stay; everything according to what we wanted.
The hotel asked us our meal preferences and arranged very tastefully and elegantly according to our request.
There were some surprises as well; dinners were served in very special way.
One night was outdoor near the pool to enjoy the beautiful stars.
Another night was also outdoors and this time in camping style with wood fire.
I would recommend the hotel even to foreigners with different dining preference.
The Manager and Chief Chef of the hotel is capable of cooking delicious cousine for non-Indian tastes. It was super!
I hope this can help you in arrangement of future customers.
Thank you once again!

Kazuhiro Miyano Japan

Travel Dates-06 Nov to 10 Nov 2018

Lim Qinyi Singapore

Travel Dates-13 to 19 Dec 2018

My husband and I went for the Himachal Special 7D/6N tour in December 2018. The tour was nicely planned and reasonably priced. The hotels provided in the package were really nice with beautiful views of Shimla and Manali snow mountains. We were very fortunate to be guided by Mahesh Lal who was more like a friend than just a guide. Even tho we had language barrier, we were able to understand his explanation and he really took great care of us and most importantly ensured our safety. Thus here is a very big thanks to bhaiya Mahesh Lal, THANK YOU ! for making our honeymoon memorable!

Hi Shailendra, had a pleasant trip. Thank you for you kind assistance and quick response thus far, i greatly appreciate them. Mahesh is an incredible driver as well.i enjoyed my trip and will definitely engage you again for my next trip to India.
Thank you once again!

Abdul Rahman Singapore

Travel Dates - 13 to 19th Dec 2018

Gouri Datta

Travel Dates - 10 - 15 November 2018

We travelled to Bhutan in November, in crispy sunny weather. After few discussions about the trip and hotels, Mr. Manvendra Bhandari arranged visas, hotels and the trip itinerary. It was perfect for us. The hotels were nice and in very good locations. It is worth to mention that we could see Punakha Dzong from our hotel.
We met Mr. Yeshi Letho and Karma in Paro airport. The airport has beautiful Bhutanese architecture and surrounded by Himalayas. We feel in love at the first sight. Immediately, we were greeted with confidence and big smile by Yeshi, a very capable and professional guide. Our itinerary was not hectic but covered almost everything we wanted to see.
From Paro after lunch, we went to stay in Thimpu for two days, one day in Punakha and two days in Paro. The country is beautiful and all the places we visited are unique. Everywhere we went, we were greeted with smile. It is so refreshing to be around happy people. Yeshi made sure that we had our comfort, tours and meals according to our satisfaction. Time to time, Mr. Bhandari enquired about our status during the trip.
Trip to Tiger Nest was our dream. It was not an easy hike. However, we completed the visit to Tiger Nest with great satisfaction. We are thankful to Yeshi, without his patient help it would be difficult if not impossible for us to complete the Tiger Nest trip. He did beyond his duty to fulfil our mission.
Bhutan memory will be in our mind for a long time.

Hello V Malasi
Experience of travelling with Tour My India has been very satisfactory. They have faithfully stuck to the schedule that was planned prior to the tour. Hotel check-ins were smooth and arrangements were as per our brief.
Mr. V Malasi from the TMI was extremely responsive to every single mail and telephone call. Also, our chauffeur Mr A Singh was more than just a tour companion, in fact he became part of the family for the entire length of the tour. If you are a family travelling with ladies and children then TMI is a trustworthy option to look into.

Sudipta Das

Travel Dates-14-Nov to 21-Nov 2018

Lilie Molano USA

Travel Dates-11-16 November 2018

Good Morning Manvendra,

I just returned from my Religious tour in India. I went for 16 day visiting many places. I want to thank you for your services during this time. You and your company made my experience in India unforgettable.
I really appreciate your prompt response to any request we did, and also, the fact that every thing you offered us in the proposal, was provided exactly. Accommodation was very good, all arrivals in each city we have the assistance of your company representative, English speaking local guide very knowledgeable of the history of their cities and places we visited, transportation, etc. I could continue telling you all the positive things I received from you and your team, and not end.
Thanks also to our driver, Mr. Mahesh, for taking care of us during our tour. His personality, good and friendly character, his impeccable dress style, etc. are proof that your company take care and respect his clients.
I highly recommend you and your company Tour My India as one of the best tour companies I have found to visit India. I hope to contact you shortly to do all the arrangements to go back to India with my relatives. Feel free to publish my comments in your web portal.
Thank You!!!

Hello Shailendra Pandey
We are very pleased to share our recent travel experiences which was organized by Tour My India Pvt.Ltd.
Travel arrangements were very good and accommodations were wonderful. We have been provided with a very good vehicles, caring and knowledgeable drivers. We had a very safe and pleasant travel experiences. We owe a great thanks to the key organizer Mr Shailendra Pandey Who was in constant touch in every destination. He made sure that everything was up to our expectations. His response time was splendid and exemplary. He never hesitated to make appropriate changes during our travel when needed. He was very knowledgeable and gave us tons of information regarding the travel sites. He was very kind and approachable even in odd hours and out of office hours which was very great.
We had a very unique spiritual experiences during our Yatra which was beyond our expression and imagination. It was indeed a very great divine blessings for us.
We also enjoyed the colourful sight seeing in Delhi, Kashmir, Bombay, Indore and Bhopal. The above UNESCO declared locations were amazing with a whole lot of history and unbelievable super human architecture. Food was yummy especially in some of the top star hotels. We never missed the taste of the country side food. We enjoyed the diversity of the Indian culture and unity of the religiousness in every location. People were friendly and very humble.
Language may be a problem in some of the places but with the local help you can glide through them. Be prepared for a simple and a divine life style when you travel to remote locations. On the whole we loved our Yatra experiences to a greater level. We are pretty sure that we will remember the eye catching and soul stirring experiences for ages to come.
It is our second Yatra to India in the last two consecutive years with Tour India Pvt. Ltd. The previous one was Chardham Yatra ( Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath) during June, 2017.
Your safety is very well looked after and the services are excellent with a personal touch like a family member. We love to engage them in our future tour to enjoy the vastness and greatness of India.
We strongly recommend Tour India Pvt. Ltd for a safe and a comfortable travel experience. We wish them all the best in their tour operations.
We are looking forward to contact them in the near future.
Thank You!!!

Mr. Meiyappan Muthuraman, Canada

Travel Dates- 24 Jul to 13 Aug 2018

Mrs Pavanantham and family UK

Travel Dates-1-15 October 2018

Hello Vishwa,

I am sorry for the delay in getting in touch with you. I had an attack of flu since returning and still recovering from it, This is the reason for the delay.
Thank you very much for arranging the trip which we enjoyed very much. You were very patient dealing with all the changes I requested. When we decided not to go to Kerala following the floods you put together an alternative plan in a short period. Our trip went very smoothly and we feel we covered a lot in the 15 days. Your company welcomed us at the airport and in some of the hotels and looked after us until we left and we appreciated this.
Our driver Muturaj was excellent. He was very calm and collected and was very knowledgeable. We felt very safe travelling with him.
We will use your company again and are happy to recommend it to others.
Thank You!!!

Hello Anil
I would like to thank you for organising our recent trip to Delhi, Kolkata and Sunderban Tiger Camp. Everything worked out superbly and I would no hesitation in recommending you and your company. All transfers were on time or early. The Hotels were centrally located and the food provided by their Restaurants was excellent. The Tiger Camp was very good. We were the only guests which was amazing. So we had the guide and boat and staff all to ourselves. The absolute excitement was seeing a tiger swimming between islands - remarkable considering the vastness of the Sunderbans.
Thank you most sincerely

Narelle & Peter Australia

Travel Dates-18-Sep to 04-Oct 2018

Sanjeev Motwani

Travel Dates-

Dear Sharmaji,

This is to sincerely thank you and your team for having successfully delivered all that was promised by your self and your organization for the Wedding of Rutika and Mohit at Resort Rio, North Goa from the 26th August to 29th August, 2018.
You guys did a tremendous job and made the guest utmost comfortable for all the functions, be it, Mehndi, Pooja, Pool Party, Engagement Party, Pheras and the Reception.
I look forward to repeating the act for my son's wedding.
I am also informing you that I will be informing my friends and others about yourself and your organisation so that they can look at your organization for the functions of their respective dear ones.
Thank you once again and Cheers!!!

Namaste, greetings from Malaysia.
It is indeed a great pleasure for me to wrote regarding our fruitful pilgrimage to India. We would like to thank the tour company especially Mr. Vishwa for accompanying us all the way till Varanasi. We really appreciate his care and joyful contribution to the whole group in spite of a few hotels that we stayed gave us some problems which is not the fault of the tour company.
On the whole, we really enjoyed this whole tour and look forward to visit India again with TourMyIndia but hoping that they will keep in mind not to book the few hotels which we have identified to Mr. Vishwa regarding the cleanliness.
Thank you for making our Buddhist group a joyful holiday and thumbs up.

BJ, Malaysia

Travel Dates-07-Sep to 17-Sep-18

Carol, United Kingdom

Travel Dates- 04-Sep-18

Good Evening,
We have just returned from our trip and I wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed our day. The tour guide was lovely, but the driver was excellent. He was really nice and friendly and really took care of us.
Many thanks

Dear Mr. Shailendra,,

Good Morning !!!
First of i want to say lot of Thanks, its was a Wonderful Trip and Driver Mr. Monu Excellent person.
Thank you for your arrangements. keep in touch, in future if i need any trip defiantly i will come to you. Thank you Thanks a lot.

J. David

Travel Dates-

Ian Fox & Trish Australia

Travel Dates- 17-june-18 to 1-July-18

We took two tours with Tour My India, one to Arunachal Pradesh and one to the Golden Triangle. The online communication and booking was simple, the drivers Dilip and Mahesh were very helpful and great drivers.
Accommodation was great and everything ran smoothly. Both tours exceeded our expectations and we loved every minute.

Mr. Vishwa,

First and foremost, thank you so much for your kind help and assistance on the tour. Our tour went very smoothly and we did not encounter any problems, be it the driver or the accommodation. Mr. Diwan was very helpful and gave us insights of the monuments and tips on how to go about the places. A big thank to him. Please convey our gratitude to him.
The only thing that fell short was the Hotel in Jaipur, Park Regis. The letdown was the complimentary internet of only 1hr per day. This was a total letdown for a 4-star hotel. We stayed in Prime Balaji Deluxe in New Delhi, even though it was a 3-star, but the internet was unlimited, besides clean accommodation and very friendly staff. I hope you could convey this to Park Regis Hotel as they are one of your choiced hotel. Many travelers would be turned off by this. This is just my view as a tourist.
I would definitely recommend your company to my friends if they ever come to India for trips. I wish you all the best and may we meet again.

Kalpesh Shah, Malaysia

Travel Dates-18-June to 21-June-18

Thiru Sritharan

Travel Dates- 1-june-18 to 11-June-18

Dear Vishwa Malasi,

Thank you for arranging this excellent trip. We thoroughly enjoyed it, learnt a lot from it. The driver Jeyaraj was very friendly, helpful and corperative throught our trip.
All hotel accommodation was excellent.except the Badami Court. I suppose here was no better hotel in the area. We particulalrly liked Shivavilas Palace and Radisson Blu at Mysore.The Lalit Ashok was adequate but being an older hotel, had its limitations.Next time we would choose a different hotel in Bangalore.
Next time we would like to spend more time in Chickmagalur and go tot he western seaside towns like Mangalore and Udipi.

Dear Anil,

We believe you are doing well.
We returned from India in early May as scheduled, travelled to China some days later, and just came back home shortly. That's the reason why we couldn't write to you earlier.
We are thanking you for making our first India wildlife tour such a wonderful experience! It is amazing how much we packed into one tour: 21 tigers (no repeated tigers), two leopards, one sloth bear, and many other beautiful animals. We wish we were still there. It was due to your planning, recommendations, and especially your patient coordination when we were in India. We could not have experienced all of these without you. Our hearts are still smiling. We’ve included several animal images. Hope you like them.
We’d also like to thank all hotel managers and staffs who were so friendly, helpful and cared us so well. All the drivers (especially those long distance drivers) drove us safely, and they were always on time. One small detail we can hardly forget was the short transfer at Mumbai Airport. A young gentleman met us at the domestic airport. After about 10 minutes’ driving, we got to the international terminal. He and the driver waited at the gate where they dropped us off, making sure that we entered into the departure hall without any trouble. They made us feel truly cared about. The unique Indian hospitality is very impressive.
Once again, we’d like to thank you for the beautiful time you put together for us. We wish you all the best.

Hermann & Fang

Travel Dates-25-May to 3-June-18

Kannan Sankar, Chennai

Travel Dates- 07-June to 10-June-18

Dear Dharmendra,

Thank you very much for organizing the trip. It has been excellent one. It was customized and planned as per requirement. The driver Mr. Mahesh was extremely cordial and drove an excellent manner. Thank much for providing with such an excellent driver.
I would definitely recommend to my friends.

Hi Nitin,

Thank you planning this trip for me.
I had a very good experience at mount valley resort. Definitely a very good choice.

Sumit Suman, New Delhi

Travel Dates- 16-June to 17-June-18

Swarup Roy Chowdhury, Noida

Travel Dates- 24-May to 26-May-18

Dear Dharmendraji,

Good Morning. Myself Swarup Roy Chowdhury from Greater Noida. Recently I had visited Corbett Reserve Park at Ramnagar with your assistance and it was a nice feelings as we didn't face any problems. Overall it was a nice experience and we really want to travel with you only.

Dear Dharmendra,

We had a great memorable trip from Delhi to Hemkund Sahibji and Badrinath, thanks to your efforts and good planning.
The car was quite new and in excellent condition and the Driver Naresh was fantastic! We all enjoyed River rafting in Rishikesh..!
I would like to give you some suggestions so as to further improve upon the planning on this kind of trip.

Raj Malusare, Mumbai

Travel Dates-25-May to 3-June-18


Travel Dates- 24-May-18 to 30-May-18

Dear Vishwa,

I want to thank you for the awesome travel package that you suggested to me , we enjoyed all the locations across our trip. The hotels were super , especial "thank you" to Selva Kumar our car driver who drove across the seven days of the trip and made the long winding road trip easy. We won't hesitate to book the next trip from you.

Hello Dharmendra,

Our Nainital, Jim Corbett trip was very good. Driver Rehanji made us very comfortable throughout the trip. He was very polite and committed in his work and good driving skills. Thank you for the good organization.

Dr. Geetanjali & Shrikant, Mumbai

Travel Dates- 14 to 17-May-18

Carmen & Larry Stunkel, US

Travel Dates- 20-Apr-18 to 28-Apr-18

Greetings Naveen!
Again, Naveen, thank you for your assistance in setting up this holiday!
We greatly enjoyed many aspects of our Ranthambore safari holiday. Zones 1-5 are particularly beautiful and were exciting to visit; the Tiger Moon Resort was comfortable, the food was delicious and the staff was very attentive; our naturalist guide, Rom, was knowledgeable, personable and truly helped us capture many great images (we had 15 tiger sightings, many up-close and personal, and one absolutely ‘magical’); and our Jaipur/Ranthanbore transportation driver, Mr. Singh, was personable, courteous and a careful driver.
Upon our arrival at the Tiger Moon Resort your 'Tour My India' representative, Damu, met with us and assured us that he would ‘take good care of us’ during our visit. Naively, we thought what a great service as we assumed this meant he would handle any problems for us. Among other things he told us to let him know if we were satisfied with the naturalist and driver guides.
Fortunately, of the 12 different drivers we had for our 12 safaris, most were pretty good, but we and Rom were forced to ‘train’ each one. Plus, the quality of their gypsies varied greatly. During the drives I used the back seat row while my husband used the center seat row. In some of the vehicles, I was forced to use a small (camera) bean bag to prevent knee and shin injury from the exposed metal tubing/bars supporting the middle seat. And in many of the vehicles I could not touch to metal grab-rails to support myself, because they were so hot!
We would love to make a return visit to Ranthambore NP.

Dear Naveen,

Hi, my name is Yuki visited Ranthambore on 26th & 27th. Thanks a lot for helping & arranging my travel even I applied at the dead end. I enjoyed a lot and so appreciate these experiences, thanks to you. Safari were so nice and hotel was also good. I think I couldn’t find out or stay that hotel if I didn’t ask you because there are so many hotels in that area… Anyway, thank you so much to you all again.

Yuki, Japan

Travel Dates-26-May to 28-May-18

Brunia , Netherlands

Travel Dates- 8-May to 10-May-18

Hello Nitin Rawat,

I just wanted to Thank you for your service. Everything was very Well organized. And our trip ran totally smooth!!
I recommended your Agency to other colleagues as Well !

Dear Nitin Rawat,

the tour through the tiger parks was really great.
Thank you for the best organization. All without any problem. Best accommodations, amazing food.
At least we saw six tigers
we recommend you

Juergen Plass, Austria

Travel Dates-17-Dec to 24-Dec-17

Barbara Bayliss, UK

Travel Dates- 24-jan to 28-Jan-18

Dear Nitin Rawat,

Hi I’m back home now and have time to thank you so much for organising my trip. I so enjoyed it and felt the experience was worth the long train journeys. I will definitely be recommending you company as it was so well organised and keeping great communication Thank you again

Dear Nitin Rawat,

Sorry for the late reply. It's been a busy time. Just wanted to say thank you for your professional help. Everything worked perfect, we enjoyed our trip and had a very nice time in India. Thanks to you we had to worry about absolutely nothing.
Hopefully we'll be back someday.
Again thanks a lot !!

Karina & Melanie

Travel Dates-25-Mar to 30-Mar-18

Vanitha & Partha

Travel Dates- 4 to 11-May-18

Hello Dharmendra,

Thank you for your great arrangement. With blessings of almighty we thoroughly enjoyed the Do Dham Trip, and finally it was a very fruitful trip.
Special thanks to Diwan Singh Bisht (Driver) and he was very accommodate.

I apologize for taking so long to send you this review - things are always so hectic when I return from three months away. As I have said in past emails, I am very happy with the tour you arranged for me. It afforded me the opportunity to leisurely spent time and see wonderful things. Your two drivers - Michael for the Sunderbans and Utpal for Guwahati were excellent. They were safe and knowledgeable both making long drives very pleasant. I do like driving through India, getting to see much of the country and have done this for many years now.
As for the National Parks - what can I say. They were magnificent. Except for Nameri which due to my own fault and health, I could not do, I was thrilled with the other three - Sunderbans, Manas and the truly amazing Kaziranga. I loved my hotels in all, my guides and park drivers, and the boat and captain on the Sunderbans who all couldn't do enough for me. I met wonderful people who gave me the opportunity to have rare experiences and see many marvelous things. I thank you for making all this happen for me.
If I return to India next year, I will contact you and we can plan a new itinerary but I would definitely return to Kaziranga - for a longer stay. Since my health is not the best, I cannot determine at this time if I can make this trip next year but I hope to know by September.
Again, Anil, thank you for all your work and attentions and I do hope we can do this again next year.

Carol June Wallen, US

Travel Dates-03-Mar to 16-Mar-18

Ellen Cooney, US

Travel Dates- 15 to 25-Mar-18

Hello Manvendra,

We did have a great trip—thank you for all your help. We loved the variety and the different places and types of things we did. Sometimes one can go to too many forts or palaces or whatever, but we never felt that. Thanks for your responsiveness to my ideas.
Here are some thoughts about feedback which I hope are helpful to you. I have tried to be honest as I hope this will actually be useful to you in future planning.
All of the transitions went very well, pick up at airport, drop off, etc. That was great.
We thought the itinerary was great. It fit with what I had requested and offered a great variety. Thank you for being so responsive to our requests.
We liked Reggie’s camel camp a great deal and would encourage you to send folks there. Of course the one you’d originally suggested might have been great too.
We liked the Hotel in Jaisalmer the best—it was fantastic, right in the old city. We loved the location, the room and the staff and would go back in a minute.
Also, we liked the Pushkar Palace, especially because of its location right on the lake. I’d strongly recommend that as well.
We did not care for the last hotel in Jaipur. It was fine and we were fine in it, but for an expensive hotel, we found it lacking. There was VERY limited WiFi. We could not sign up ourselves so had to ask someone to do it for us, and it only worked in a very limited part of the hotel. It kept stopping and we’d have to search for someone to try to reset it. It was the only hotel we were in that didn’t have wi-fi in the room. One day the shower didn’t work. They fixed it quickly, but it seems that shouldn’t happen. I would not choose to stay there next time.
Hotel in Udaipur was very nice but I think I would have preferred one down by the town and lake. But no complaints about the hotel and it had a great dining area. But sometimes it’s easier to be closer to areas you’d like to walk in.
We found all our guides (with one exception) very good. We especially liked the guides in Jodphur and Pushkar. We also liked the guides in Jaisalmer and Jaipur. I don’t have their names with me (I think Jim has them if you need them.) We did not like the guide in Udaipur—and I would NOT recommend him again. He seemed most interested in looking at his cell phone and trying to get us to buy things. He provided very little information—just took us to a place and told us to look around and then started on his phone. We eventually cut the trip short and spent part of the day ourselves. He would have stayed with us, but we really didn’t want that. IF we were scheduled to have him a second day I probably would have called you to ask for someone else. Also, in Udaipur we had about a 5 minute Tuk Tuk ride for which we paid you $24 dollars which felt very unreasonable as it would have cost us about 100 ruppees if we’d just gotten it ourselves. One final thing about the guides. All were quite invested in taking us to stores where I assume they got a commission for taking us in, or for us buying something. That’s ok a couple of times, but it felt like a lot. We felt bad if we did NOT go and look but felt pressure to do so. I would have preferred to not have this happen, or at least so much.
I appreciated your phone call check ins. As we were always in the car when you called, however, I found it very hard to hear so wasn’t really able to communicate anything well. But I certainly knew I could contact you if needed, and appreciated that.
We found Mr Durgha, our driver, very, very responsible and reliable and liked him. The car was clean and comfortable. He was always there when he was needed and tried to be very helpful. It was unfortunate that his English was so limited as it made communication very difficult. I had understood that we would have an English speaking driver.
In terms of the optional meals, we were consistently asked for vouchers for the extra meals we’d ordered and some confusion seemed to occur when we said we didn’t have a voucher. It always worked out ok, but it would be helpful to either give vouchers or write something so we knew what to do when getting to a restaurant. With the exception of the meal at the fort in Jaipur, which was lovely, we felt the optional meals were not worth the price we’d paid and next time probably would not do them again (certainly same with tuk tuk .)
I know tips are personal, but it would have been helpful to have a little bit of guidance about an acceptable range. We wanted to be fair and reasonable and it took some effort to figure what that a reasonable expectation might be.
I hope this is helpful. Thanks again. We had a great trip.

Hi Anil,

I am writing to express my sincere thanks for arranging the trip so wonderfully well. I have really enjoyed the arrangements and my parents and I had a really fun trip !

Sesha Nalamati, UK

Travel Dates- 17 to 24-Dec-18

Colin & Karen Wisbey
UK / Spain

Travel Dates- 22-Feb-18 to 14-Mar-18

Hi Anil,

We want to thank you and your team for once again giving us a memorable holiday in your beautiful country. Every part of our trip has been wonderful and very well organised and everyone we have met have been friendly and helpful. We take lots of positive experiences back to our country, as well as lots of photos!

Dear Anil,

I want to personally thank you for organizing our trip to perfection. We had a lovely refreshing holiday. Everything was more than we ever expected. Everyone was so thoughtful and caring to all our needs.

Lorraine Goveas, Singapore

Travel Dates- 23 to 24-Mar-18

Dwight Pelz, US

Travel Dates- 10-Feb-18 to 10-Mar-18

I recently did two tours with Tour My India - two weeks in Madhya Pradesh, and one week in Sikkim. Overall I would recommend this company. Their website is clear and comprehensive. They respond quickly and professionally to your inquiry. They are very accountable during your trip, with multiple account managers readily accessible by phone or email. They are honest and reasonably priced. It is very difficult to find a reliable honest tour company in India. Once I had identified what kind of trip I wanted and what i thought it would cost, I sent an inquiry to five companies I had identified through research on Trip Advisor. Two rudely responded that my estimates were two low and offered packages at three times my offer. One did not reply. Tour My India responded within my price range, and we set about to negotiate a final package. At their suggestion I opted for the higher end hotels, a smart decision that cost me about $50 a day. Having said all this I must say that Tour My India does make mistakes. Three times I found out that. They made not insignificant booking errors, that I could have caught if I had better scrutinized their documents. Tour My India is an honest, professional, and reasonably priced firm to travel with in India.

My wife and I took a 17 day TMI tour (Amalgam of Indian Spirituality) in March, 2018. Overall, it was outstanding. We were so impressed that we received everything we were promised. Everything went as it was portrayed to us with two exceptions. A overnight 12 hour train was delayed between Delhi and Varanasi. First, Anil called us in the car and explained the situation (1.5 hour delay). However, about an hour later, it had become a 6 hour delay. At this point, Anil offered us an option, stay in a hotel in Delhi and Fly the next morning to Varanasi. This is what we decided to do, and it got us to Varanasi a few hours later than the original train arrival time. Anil handled everything with no stress to us. This was late on a Sunday afternoon/evening. The total cost for both of us was $320. We also had one guide who was very difficult to understand. It was obvious he wasn't understanding us either. This was for about 3 hours in Mathura. Our driver was observant enough to notice the situation and asked if we wanted a different guide the next day. We took him up on that offer and the next guide was much better.
We will not hesitate to recommend TMI to anyone who wants a worry free private tour in India. The way they handled the small hiccups we had demonstrated their commitment to customer care and satisfaction. Thank you Anil for your wonderful staff and the way you handled our trip. We couldn't have been more pleased.

Donald Allen Coe, US
Debra Oaks Coe

Travel Dates-02-Mar to 17-Mar-18

Shila Barber, UK

Travel Dates- 18-Oct-17 to 13-Nov-17

Travel Dates- 26-Jan-18 to 08-Feb-18

Travel Dates- 10-Feb to 21-Feb-18

In October my and husband I booked our South India trip with 'Tour My India'; Anil Rana provided us an excellent and a very professional service. He dealt with any queries and enquiries promptly either by email or calling us on our UK number. During our tour he changed or amended our itinerary upon our request promptly and with ease. We have now used 'Tour My India' on three occasions and every time we have had excellent, safe and very knowledgeable drivers; even though we chose a 'standard' package, all our accommodations were very good, clean and value for money. We will continue to use 'Tour My India' for our future trips to explore India further and we will strongly recommend this company to our friends and family.

For those interested in an exciting trip to India with no problems, I strongly recommend you use Anil Rana's team at Tour My India . Anil Rana's team including driver chauffeur and tour guides showed my family an incredible 10 day tour of the Golden Triangle within India (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur). Anil Rana customized the trip plan exactly to our needs and ensured no problems occurred, everything went perfectly as planned. The driver chauffeur assigned to us, Mr. Mehta, was outstanding in driving us around Northern India and constantly made sure my family was happy, exceeding our expectations. And the tour guides at each major city destination were outstanding as well , always making sure we were happy. We celebrated my mother's birthday at the Taj Mahal and Anil Rana's team made sure she had a birthday cake, flowers , and the hotel staff sang birthday songs to her. What an incredible personalized touch. I will say that Tour My India made sure that at each hotel stay over, they made sure our trip was going according to plan and we were happy. Extremely customized and personalized attention which we loved. I highly recommend anyone going to India use Anil Rana's staff at Tour My India for any future trip. You will be amazed at the incredible high level of customized and personalized services. best of luck to all on your future adventures !

Erik Philippides, US

Travel Dates-14-Jan to 23-Jan-18

Meenu Brown, UK

Travel Dates- 5-Feb to 23-Feb-18

Recently returned with my husband from an enjoyable 18 day tour of India (mainly south) arranged by this Agency. It consisted of travelling 1632 km over three train journeys (2 of which were overnight sleepers), 1881 km with several touring taxis and along the way staying at ten good standard 4* hotels. The tour required 25 pre-arranged taxi pick up/drop off points as well as local sight seeing tours. We experienced not a single hiccup and the whole trip from beginning to end went seamlessly thanks to Mr Anil Rana at TMI who we found extremely helpful.
I would also like to thank our four courteous and reliable drivers, Nand (Chennai), Kishore (Mudrai), Vishwant (Banglore), and Manoj (Delhi) all of whom looked after us very well. I have no hesitation in recommending this agency.

Mr Negi,

Thank you very much for the wonderful arrangements. Corbett Leela Vilas was very nice, their jeep driver was excellent. Very knowledgeable, committed and involved. The only regret, I wish we could have got one more night in Gairal or Dhikala
Thank you so much for the trip.


Travel Dates- 14-Dec to 17-Dec 2018

Aleksei Bulatov, Russia

Travel Dates 3-Jan to 4-Jan-18

Tour My India, General Manager Mr. Ghananand Sharma organized tour to Dhikala, Corbett National Park, for me and my family in January 2018. Usually I don’t use agencies and plan all of my trips myself, thanks the internet. But this particular trip to Dhikala is specific. To visit Dhikala you need to get the permit and book a lodging there. They all are quite limited. Officially, permits are offered for foreigners 3 month in advance, but in reality – on some unpredictable day. And you have to catch and purchase them immediately, because they can be sold out in few hours. Another problem: train arrives Ramnagar at 5-6 am. If you organize this trip yourself you take a taxi, go to the park and then you are waiting by the park gates till late morning when the park opens and then spend time for registration process. Half of the day is lost. So I realized that strong person relationships are required to manage with all the necessary permits, lodging, driver, and different kinds of safaris. I wanted my family to be happy with the trip, without wasting time by the park gates. I found in internet several people and agencies who organize tours in Dhikala, Corbett, and began to communicate with them. One of them was Tour My India, Mr. Ghananand Sharma. I asked all of them many questions by e-mail. Only Mr. Sharma honestly wrote me what is really possible and what is not. His answers were quite clear, with no ambiguity, in-time, and in good English in contrast to other people. The others offered too much and promised to organize everything I want and don’t want, sent me long texts not related to my queries, but without real answers on my questions, and not in-time. So finally I chose Mr. Ghananand Sharma, Tour My India, because he seemed to be intelligent, educated, honest and knowledgeable. To purchase the permits and book lodging for us Mr.Sharma requested to transfer him a significant amount of money in advance. Shure I was in doubts, but I understood that otherwise he can’t purchase what I need. So I ventured. All my friends were laughing: “You sent money to another side of the Earth to an unknown guy… And what are you going to do if he disappear? Seems to be lost money, ha-ha.” But! Mr. Sharma kept in-touch by e-mail, continued to answer my questions and even called me by phone once. So I hoped it will work. Later we changed our plans and made the trip to Dhikala 1 day shorter, so the trip became cheaper. When we arrived Delhi, Mr.Sharma spent a lot of efforts to find me in my hotel, came there in person and returned me the rest of money. Few days later, we arrived Ramnagar early in the morning. Our driver was waiting for us there, and it was a good driver and a good car. We did not wait by the park gates and started safari immediately. And all the trip to Dikhala in general was well organized, everything was well thought-out with care of us: activity schedule, breakfast/lunch/dinner, elephant safari outside of the park, and so and so on.

Hi Vishwa,

We are home resting from our wonderful trip to India. All services were excellent. Our schedule was well organized and always punctual. We enjoyed our guides very much. They were well informed and very kind. Our driver for most of our days, Mr. Diwan, was a great driver and a very caring supervisor. He took very good care of us. We will recommend your company to anyone heading to India. It was wonderful. Hopefully all fees have been paid as Mischelle Sangma has assured us.

Cecile & Bill Boehlert, US

Travel Dates-30-Dec-18 to 09-Jan-19

Ari, London

Travel Date-28-Oct-2017

Dear Anil

I used Tour My India for my first ever trip to India. I had an assignment in Kolkata for a few days, and on the last day before flying back to London, my colleague and I decided to take a small trip into the tiger reserve. Anil Rana, our agent was super helpful from the beginning. Our emails were replied very promptly, and all the answers to our questions were precise. He accommodated all our requests, had a pick-up arranged from our hotel at 5:00 in the morning, we went first by car to the jetty, then on a boat with 4 staff members including a chef! The lunch on the boat was the best meal I had during our stay! We had a fantastic time albeit very short. The driver dropped us off at the airport well in time for our flight. Whatever we asked for, we got them, thanks to Anil! Furthermore, I managed to leave my work kit at Mumbai Airport. Anil really went out of his way to make necessary arrangements for the kit to be picked up by one of his colleagues in Mumbai, had it sent over to him in New Delhi, then couriered it all the way to London back to me! I cannot thank him enough for all his help and efforts. I know if I ever go back to India, I will be using Tour My India again!

Hi Vishwa,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for a wonderful job done. We had A wonderful time in India and thoroughly enjoyed touring Coorg, Wayanad and Mysore. All the arrangements were made very well and we are very satisfied with the service and arrangements. All the hotels were really good and were well selected. We met with Santhosh on Jan 2 and have provided him our feedback as well on Some of the items on the itinerary in how to make it more efficient for people with young kids. All in all we are very happy with the professionalism and efficiency and will certainly recommend Tour my India to your friends and relatives here in US. Personal thanks to you for your patience and cooperation in the entire process. We look forward to our next trip which we hope will be soon.

Swaty Rao, US

Travel Dates-27-Dec-17 to 2-Jan-18

Nicola Elliott, UK

Travel Dates-20-27 Nov 2017

We have just returned from a wonderful 8 day tour of Bengal. The company made the booking process very easy and their level of communication and personal service was very good. Our guides and drivers arrived early and we were very well looked after everywhere we went. It was a great tour and we recommend the company.

Fantastic Experience! I highly recommend Anil at TMI. Just returned from travelling with them 17-26 Nov.
They put together my trip as requested on very short notice. I found it to be as described and as expected. No hidden fees, no shady drivers or situations. I realize this has not been everyone's experience, but was blessed to have it so.
MOST IMPORTANTLY Anil was service-oriented, delivered as promised and communicated extremely well. He was in constant contact, ensuring that everything was in order and that I knew what to expect for each transition and each leg of the journey.
I did a 10 day Royal Bengal Tiger plus Train Tour which took me from Calcutta to Sunderbans, to Kanha via overnight train (in 2AC) to Bandhavgarh, to Agra via overnight train (again in 2AC) then to Delhi where I departed.
Will write a complete review shortly. Cheers!

Burwell Boykin, USA

Travel Dates-17-26 Nov 2017

Andreas Handler, Austria

Travel Dates-14-16 Nov 2017


was a great tour - we saw an elephant taking a path in the national park.
Driver was very careful, resort was big and fine. Attractions on the way were okay - and all over it was worthy to book this trip.
Regards Andy

I have returned from a fantastic holiday 'classic India'. The tour was very well organised with informative tour guides, excellent drivers and well organised helpful representatives. The hotels were overall good (3*) and breakfasts were very good.I couldn't fault anything except paying the balance on arrival in India. They only took cash but this was resolved by visiting a number of ATMs. Card would have been preferable

Suzanne Bertolaso, UK

Travel Dates-27 Aug -6 Aug 2017

Vineet Bhalla

Travel Dates-23 Dec -25-Dec-17

Mr. Dharmendra

Thank you very much for booking the hotel at Bharatpur. Our stay was really wonderful. The hotel was good with good facilities and food.

Hi Tanmay

I am back from my trip and I want to thank you for PERFECTLY organized trip.
Everything was GOOD, not one minor problem.
Thank you again and looking forward for next trip with TMI

Sinisha, Canada

Travel Dates-15 Nov -20 Nov 2017

Raj Gandhi

Travel Dates-3 Dec -09 Dec 2017

Dear Dharmendra

Great service and arrangements by Tour My India. The driver - Surender Mehta was excellent and all around professional with his support, understanding and assistance throughout. I would recommend TMI to all travelers to India.

Mr Nitin Rawat,

Finally i am back and settled down again and thinking about the nice time i spent recently in India. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you so much for organizing that tour to Tadoba, Nagzira and Pench. It was really exciting and amazing although i just spotted two tigers on the 10 safari. But that is wildlife. Everything was fine and well organized and the accommodations and food was also great for that price segment. So i was completely satisfied with the program, the safaris, transfers etc. etc. Thank you so much for that.
I am still thinking to come back next year.
Have a great day and best regards

Helmer, Germany

Travel Dates-9 Nov -17 Nov 2017

Alexandre Ramos, Europe

Travel Dates-12 Nov –18 Nov 2017

Dear Arun

I am now back to normal life, in Hyderabad for 2 days, prior to return to Europe. Just one note to tell you that the trekking was very good, with a real good team there – Kiran Gurung And the team were great, with a lot of flexibility and accommodating our needs.
I will get back to you when arranging for a special trip in India.
Thanks, regards and good luck with health and business!

Mr. Anil,

Tour My India was very reliable and trustworthy. Everything we were promised was delivered, except a guide in Pushkar. The company representatives and all the drivers were prompt, helpful and punctual in meeting us and helping us get to our next destination. All the hotels were fine. The cheaper ones were basic, but clean and safe. The more upscale ones were very nice to superb. We are very appreciative of the flexibility you and the company showed when we asked for changes in the schedule. All our requests were granted with very satisfactory results. A few individuals seemed especially helpful and dedicated to making our visit enjoyable. Our driver in Rajasthan, Bisht, was very helpful. The treking guide, Akash and his crew of Lama and Anel were excellent. If we return to India to trek we will request Akash's services. The city guide we had in Udaipur, Prem Singh Ranawat, was also very informative and helpful.
Our suggestions for changes that would improve our experience are focused on safe driving and some of the local city guides. Most of the drivers were too fast to make us feel completely safe, especially those in the mountains. Encouraging the drivers in the mountains to slow down would good. Our driver from Karnaprayag to Corbett National Park, Arya, was the fastest and was unsafe. The quality of the local city guides was variable. Some were excellent, but others didn't seem enthusiastic or interested in their work. Manoj in New Delhi, Ashish in Jodhpur and Monoj in Agra were the ones we were disappointed in. We had a hard time understanding the English of Manoj in Agra and the other two seemed uninterested in the job and were just going through the motions with no real enthusiasm. Manoj in New Delhi was more interested in getting us into stores to shop than seeing the sites in the itinerary.
Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. We certainly recommend Tour My India and your services to anyone who wants to travel to India.

John Metcalfe, USA

Travel Dates-16-Oct -18-Nov-2017

Jodie Henningsen, Australia

Travel Dates-11 Nov -5 Dec 2017


We did a 3 week tour with Tour My India and were very impressed. The Driver, vehicles as well as the guides for the city tours were all very good with good English. We visited 3 National Parks and all accommodations were excellent. On our last night we wanted to change to stay an extra night in Rishikesh instead of Delhi. A phone call to Anil was all that was needed and he sorted everything out. We had a 2am flight out of Delhi and Anil even organised a hotel stay for 5 hours so we could rest and shower after a long days travel on the roads. All staff that we dealt with were very organised and professional.

Dear Vishwa,

On behalf of the 31 members of our group, I would like to say thank you for a fantastic tour of Dubai/Abu Dhabi/ Hyderabad from 5 - 15 November 2017. The tour was very well organized and all the tour guides and drivers were of the best quality. The hotels were all exceptional and the golf courses were all in fantastic condition. We had some great experiences on this tour and even though I have used the services of Tour My India before, I was still pleasantly surprised at how smoothly everything went throughout the tour. The desert safari in Dubai was a once in a lifetime experience and the optional balloon tour and visit to Ferrari World were fantastic! Your presence on the Hyderabad leg of the journey was also very comforting as you were right on hand to make changes to the itinerary when necessary. Your ability to seamlessly schedule the golf and tours were truly exceptional. Everyone had a wonderful time and I must say thank you to you and your company for another great tour! We will certainly be using your services again in the future!!

Richard Lara

Travel Dates-5-Nov -15-Nov-17

Bhagya Senevirathna, Sri Lanka

Travel Dates- 29 Oct-1 Nov 17

Dear Tanmay

I'm writing this to convey my gratitude to you for organize an amazing tour on behalf of us to Ranthambore national park. It was truly an unique and amazing journey for us and from the starting point to the end, everything was well planned and there was nothing that we had to worry about. Out of the six safaris we have completed five successful safaris resulted in able to see 11 tigers and 3 sloath bears and some other common animals in the park. Ram Singh was an amazing naturalist he clearly have the skills to pay the bills. He has done four safaris for us and each every safari we were able to spot a tiger thanks to his skills. Ranthambore national resort also a very good place. the staff is really kind and always concern about our needs. rooms are very clean. only problem we had was the hot water but we are happy about the service that they have provided. I would also like to thank you Himanshu and Pankaj the service they have provided for us until the end of journey. finally , I would like to thank you again for everything you have done for us and hope to visit again as soon as possible we can.

Dear Mr. Dharmendra Negi,

Thank you very much for organising a very successful DO DHAM Yatra for us between 3rd to 10th of October 2017 and just returned to UK after a short stay in Delhi. You have provided us with an EXCELLENT DRIVER MR SURENDRA MEHTA and practically a new comfortable Toyota INNOVA with very comfortable seating arrangement.Mr S Mehta is a very careful and experience driver who is used to drive around these difficult mountains which are with numerous curves and narrow roads.He made an extra effort to find alternative Helicopter Flight when our arranged company cancelled our flight in the last minute and he made Kedarnath Dharshan was possible for us.
We are extremely satisfied with the whole trip. We will consider arranging further North India Trips through your company and hopefully we will the SAME driver.We will recommend your travel company to many of our friends who is hoping to do this similar Yartras, Mr SURENDRA MEHTA is an asset to your company.
Thank you again for helping us to have a very successful Yatra .

Dr. Ratnam Kandavel, London
Dr. Rajaluxshumi Kandavel

Travel Dates-3-Oct -10-Oct-17

David Monro Higgs, UK

Travel Dates-12-July -26-July-17

Thanks to Harendra and his team,

Just finished 2 weeks in India organised by tourmyindia.
They did a very professional job - always on time and well organised. Would rate them most highly.
The guides you get are mainly govt licensed ones - we just asked not to be taken to the bazaars and to cut various tours either shorter or longer and they adjusted the tours of the cities to what we asked.
We were worried about paying in advance - just in case we turned up and nobody was there -the fears were unjustified - we had paid by credit card just before we went (no cash at the airport) which allowed us more security.

I and my sister took assistance from Tour My India for Rameshwar Dham, Dwarkapuri Dham,Jagannathpuri Dham, Mathura, Vrindavan and Tajmahal. We have been very pleased with the special care provided to us by Tour My India Company team and especially by Anil Rana, he would call us once a day to check with us if we were comfortable with driver, hotel, and if we needed any further assistance. We both sisters being Non Indian Citizens were reluctant to go with tour we never heard of, but we though our God will protect us and looks like our God did select Anilji to assist us in every ways he could. He gave us choices for the hotel , provided us with English speaking drivers who were skilled enough to guide us, and took very good care of us. Hotels we stayed in were clean and within few minutes driving distance from dham, we could not think of anything bettersince we were in pilgrimage.
Anilji has lot of patients, he did not chase us to pay upfront, nor did he push us for payment, we are very much thankful to him for being so much patience with us. We are glad to recommend anyone to visit India for Chardham, it is the best blessing experience we have had in our entire lives. If anyone ever requires tour assistance we recommend you to use the serviced from Tour My India, especially Anil Ranaji. If any of you would like to know more about Chardham , Tour My India or anything we are familiar with please feel free to contact us at

Richa Sharma
Jasmine Sharma

Travel Dates-14-Jul -16-Jul

Nancy, Malaysia

Travel Dates-7-Jul -14-Jul-17

Initially I was sourcing for a tour that would cover for 8days/7nights with a group of friends and was thinking how should i do with the extra days as normally the tour would be more like Golden Triangle Tour with places covering Delhi, Jaipur & Agra and need only 5days/4Nights to cover the whole tour until I found Tour My India. Anil Rana, the representative was fast to respond to my requests and recommended a tour that was cultural and historically related to India past. There was a detailed itinerary of what we should expect and as the tour was quite far away we were asked to pay a deposit for their commencement of the hotel reservations. We were introduced to Old & New Delhi, a village in Samode while on the way to Jaipur, then Agra and finally a short visit to a city in Madya Pradesh Gwalior to know the historic past of a fort ruled by another dynasty. All in all in every cities we were met with a different local guide to explain the history of that city and the driver of the tempo was all the way with us till the end of the trip. Although Tour My India meets my requirement, at times there was 1 or 2 bad apples among the local guides who was distrustful

Excellent company!!

My boyfriend and I spent 8 days in 4 National Parks between 29th of May to 5th of June organized by Tour My India and everything was great! We did 12 safaris and we enjoyed a lot. We saw 12 different tigers, 1 beautifull sloth bear and many other species. Perfect organization and professionalism. The drivers always punctual and very good drivers.
Great accommodations, nice rooms and very good food. Our contact was Anil Rana who was very helpful and friendly all the time. I recommended it!!!

Maria, Spain

Travel Dates-29-May -6-June-17

Dr Mei & Mrs Malathy Mei

Travel Dates-4-June - 16-June-17

Dear Tour My India Pvt Ltd, Dharmanthra and team,

We thank you for all the wonderful tour arrangements.
Our driver Gabbar Singh was a very safe driver. He navigated and guided us in an exemplary way. We sincerely appreciate Tour My India Pvt Ltd team for a great arrangements.
Accommodation, food and travel were good. Safety was ensured throughout our journey by our wonderful Gabbar Singh. We had the holy dharshan more than our expectations.
We felt that God was more eager to welcome and shower His great love for us than we can do!
All in all we had a remarkable Chardham Yathra. We will treasure this great holy memories forever.
We will certainly revoked your firm to our friends and people.
Life will be very good if we can think and act good.
Be pleasant and be lovable to get the same gesture from everyone.
Let God love all!

Dear Dharmendra Negi

Thank you for arranging Travel, Staying and Helicopter tickets. Mr. Negi Ji Picked us from Hotel Sunshine at 7.30 AM, Jun 09th 2017. All three days went as per plan.
Jun 09 - Pickup, Travel to Guptha Kashi, Stay.
Jun 10 - Kedarnath JI Darshan, Helicopter Service.
Jun 11 - Return to Haridwar, Reached Around 5.30 PM.
Mr. Negi Ji - Very Good, Careful Driving and Helpful.
Convey Our Best Regards to Mr. Negi Ji and to Gupthakasi Hotel. All hotel staff are good and helpful in arranging Good Food. Thank You For Your Service and All is well as planned. Hare Hare Hare Mahadev - Hare Hare Hare Kedarnath JI.


Travel Dates

Robert Murdoch

Travel Dates-26-Mar - 6-Apr-17

Hello Vishwa. Just wanted to tell you that my daughter and I enjoyed our holiday and our driver was excellent. The only potential problem was the Horizon Villa South hotel in MacLeod Ganj who did not have a booking for us but managed to find a room. Although we had requested single beds the Dalhousie & MacLeod Ganj hotels only had double beds but they were king size beds and not really a problem for father and daughter.
I would definitely recommend your company and also the driver who was very competent which is important when driving in India.

Our family of four did a seven day tour of 3 parks in Assam. We booked through Tour My India. We can not say enough good things about the package and tour company. Driver from park to park was accommodating and helpful, facilities we stayed at were wonderful, food was good and park tours were outstanding. Anil at Tour My India was very patient with all my questions and he made it very smooth from booking to payment.
As an aside, Deepak tried to get us to a tea farm tour, out side Kazaranga but it was closed. He suggested the Orchid and biodiverstiy park. What a great choice! Wonderful tour guide and many people dedicated to the history, culture and biodiversity of Assam. Would recommend it in the future


Travel Dates-18-Feb - 24-Feb-17

Katie Carnes

Travel Dates-12-Mar -18-Mar-17

We had a fantastic experience with Tour My India! The company was great at quick and clearcommunication and organized an incredible trip! We did the Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur) and had an unforgettable experience. The guides were excellent and helpful. Jay (our guide to the Taj Mahal) was our favorite guide and one of the best guides we have ever had. She was so friendly, knowledgeable, spoke great English and took great care of us! She was also a great photographer. You could tell she really loved people and loved her job. We were especially impressed and grateful for our driver Jaman Singh Bisht. He was so dependable, honest and kind. He went the extra mile to make sure we had a comfortable trip. He was a great representative of how wonderful the Indian people are! Thank you Bisht and Thank you Tour My India!

We have just completed a wonderful Tour My India trip to Central and North India with a focus on visits to various National Parks to see tigers in their natural habitat. We traveled in February - March and saw 8 tigers and 1 leopard as well as many deer, antelopes, Indian Gaur, monkeys and birds. We added on an interesting and educational 2 night stay in Varanasi at the beginning of the trip.
Everything was well organised, the guides and drivers were helpful and skilled, the accommodation was great and the safaris were super. We really enjoyed the food as well.
The good thing about our tour was that we also visited some of the famous landmarks of India without spending too much time in busy cities. Even the overnight train from Agra to Katni worked out well (first class cabin).
Anil was very efficient in both the organisation and communication through the booking process. He always responded to my email questions promptly. I was nervous about booking on the Internet, but everything worked very well. Thanks Anil and Tour My India.

Heather & Andrew Long (Australia)

Travel Dates-12-Feb -5-Mar

Lukasz Wielec (Poland)

Travel Dates-15-Feb -16-Feb-17

Very Good Experience. Strongly recommend the company. We were at Temples & Tigers Tour (with some addons) in February 2017. Great trip, everything well organized, delivered as promised, no problems at all & we did see the tiger.

We booked a trip with Tour My India PVT Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Maratha, Allahabad, Lucknow and Varanasi. The entire experience was great. We are very thankful to Anil Rana (manager of Tour My India) for our trip. He offered us the best plan, made some personalization to suit places we wished to visit. Everything was well organized (guides, transfers, hotels, driver with car, etc). And the price was great for our budget.
The only issue we had was that one of our trains was canceled (not Tour My India fault at all) and Anil Rana did his best to make other arrangements and make sure we arrived at the next destination as planned.
Thanks a lot the their entire team and we would use again in the future and recommend.

Robert Lee

Travel Dates-17-Feb -28-Feb-17

Ann (UK)

Travel Dates-30-Jan - 18-Jan-17

Dear Anil,

Thank you so much for the holiday you arranged for us - it was absolutely fantastic. The wonderful sights we saw were many:
The beautiful forts and palaces of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer - particularly loved Kumbhalgarh. Very much enjoyed the palaces of Kota & Bundi which had exquisite blue/turquoise wall murals/paintings. Ranakpur temple was a highlight - such intricate beautifully wrought carvings.
Loved the Shekhawati painted Havelis - we added in the painted Haveli Nadine Le Prince at Fathepur & our driver & guide obliged - so gorgeous.
We were especially thrilled to see a tiger at Ranthambore.
Really enjoyed the cultural dance evening at Bagore ki-Haveli in Udaipur.
There was a lot of road travel but we didn't mind this - the Tempo Traveller was quite comfortable & our driver Dharmander was obviously very experienced & careful - plus there was so much to see whilst on the road.
Hotels were generally very good - the best were:
Jagat Palace - Pushkar
Vivana Haveli - Mandawa - my personal favourite
Khani Bhavan - Bikaner
Fort Rajwada - Jaisalmer
Ratan Vilas - Jodhpur - another favourite
Rawla Narlai - Pali - another favourite
The Aoudhi - Kumbhalgarh
Delhi - Shamnath Villa - 3rd time I've stayed here - Shalini Shamnath is lovely - so welcoming & helpful.
Special mention to our tour guide Shobhid who was excellent & courteous throughout, very informative & arranged anything we asked for - we loved it when he took us to his Auntie Neena's house in Udaipur & we spent an idyllic few hours enjoying a tasty home cooked lunch sat on her balcony overlooking the beautiful Lake Pichola.
Thanks also for providing us with some Indian rupees at the start of the holiday - this really helped us. Shobhid was very good at finding money changers & ATMs - the currency issue was not as bad as I thought it may be - hopefully this will be resolved quickly for you & the Indian Tourist industry.
You & Tour My India have arranged 3 wonderful holidays for my friends, family & I over the last couple of years - I hope there will be a few more to come. I shall not hesitate to recommend TMI to any of my friends who are looking to travel to India in the future.
Many thanks again

Hello Arun,

We really enjoyed the Chopta Chandrashila trek arranged by you. Really appreciate all the help with arranging it for us. The cooks and our guide Akash were awesome and made our trip memorable. All arrangements exceeded our expectations and kids enjoyed a lot too. Looking forward to do more adventurous trips with you. Thank you again! My wife will leave a feedback on TripAdvisor too about our amazing experience. If you have a specific page let us know.

Prashant Nisar

Travel Dates

Timothy Wigington
Meghan Thivierge, Portland

Travel Dates

We used Tour My India to get safari tickets for Ranthambore National Park. The Rajasthan government website doesn't work for booking tours from outside of India (need either an Indian cell number to authenticate or an Indian ID number), so you probably need to book safaris with a company or your hotel. We opted to do it through Tour My India and were quite satisfied. Our tours were booked as advertised, for a reasonable price, via PayPal (which was really helpful compared to some other more complicated bank transfer options we encountered in India). Harendra, the operator, was very prompt with communication, and helped me in real time coordinate a different pick-up time and location because our train was 4 hours late. Thanks to his coordination with our hotel manager, we were picked up by local Tour My India staff at the train station and dropped off at the right canter without a minute to spare. Overall, we recommend: responsive and as advertised without any hitches, with additional help when our transportation was delayed!

Had a great experience with 'Tour My India' - Anil planned my trip to Tadoba and Jim Corbett wonderfully and organized drivers for us at each point. The safaris were amazing - highly recommend!

Ambria (USA)

Travel Dates

Rheea Razdan (Ladakh Safari)

Travel Dates

Dear Mr. Joshi,

I would like to thank you for a wonderful trip! We were immensely happy with the arrangements that you had made. We were especially grateful to have a great driver, Akash, who made the long drives manageable.

I booked a trip with Tour My India for my girlfriend and myself to visit Bandipur. One of the staff - Anil - organised the driver and accommodation etc and it all went very well. Very smooth process and no problems. I'd recommend them for sure.

Timothy Hewitt, Australia

Travel Dates

Angela Suarez, Spain

Travel Dates-14-May -18-May-16

I organized my trip with Tour my India (May 2016) and was incredibly pleased with the result. Anil was always very helpful and readily available via email/whatsapp. All the hotels and drivers provided were great. He also helped us a lot when one of our flights got cancel by getting us train tickets & driver to reach our destination with no time loss. I strongly recommend their services!

Hi Anil,

We finished the tour and I am back in Chennai. The trip was very good. Rupu was very accommodative. He is the best driver/ Guide I have ever travelled with. We were lucky to have him. I would definitely recommend to my friends. He was so professional. Thanks for making my trip a real wonder.

Skandakumar Ganesan, Chennai

Travel Dates

Justin & Jacquelynn

Travel Dates

We used Tour My India some years ago and our tour guide for the entire time was a gentleman by the name of Surendra. Obviously you'll see all the same sites that every tour company will take you, but the experience is enhanced when you have an experienced tour guide who will make you feel welcome and safe. Tour My India went above and beyond what we expected them to do and we will definitely use them again when we return to India.

There were so many other good reviews that I made a booking with Tour My India to visit various national parks including Nagzira and Kanha in April 2016. I have to say that my experience has been positive. Anil, who I dealt with, was very responsive, and despite s a lot of to-ing and fro-ing as we firmed up the itinerary as certain safari options were not available, I only needed to chase him once. I was also reassured by the secure online system. The safari accommodation suggested and booked were very good and all part of TofT, and the driver that drove us between parks and to and from our starting point was always punctual and a very careful driver

Robert Griffiths
Matthew Groom, London

Travel Dates-28-Mar -4-Apr-16

Kian Siong

Travel Dates-24-Mar -28-Mar-16

Hi Vishwa,

This is to provide our feedback of the tour.
In general, it was a good and enjoyable tour for us. The guide, driver and driver assistance were friendly, experienced and accommodating to our needs. As we are travelling with our own group only, we were happy to be able to customise everyday's trip according to our needs. This is especially so when we included the Nalanda tour (which is not part of the original itinerary) when we were in Bodhgaya and city shopping when we were in New Delhi. Below are our feedback of the guides, the drivers and the driver assistance.
The guides - Good. They provided us with knowledge/information of the places we visited. They also answered to the questions we raised. They were accommodating to our needs whenever possible. They will also rush us when needed in order to be on schedule for subsequent trips.
The drivers - Good. The drivers were very familiar with the route. They have been driving carefully to ensure our safety. They will try to make sure we reached our destination on time. They were also able to manage long distance and long hours of driving well.
The driver assistants - Good. The assistants have been cleaning the vehicle everyday to ensure the cleanliness of the vehicle and tourist's comfort. They will help to open the door of the vehicle each time we alight or board the vehicle. He will help to look after our belongings when we go for toilet breaks and unload/load our luggage whenever we reached/left a hotel.
Area of improvements: Can incorporate more time for tourist to buy souvenirs during the tour.

My fiancé and I did a birding/wildlife tour of India in February 2016 sponsored by the American Birding Association, and decided to extend our stay by booking a private 3-day trip to the Dikhala Forest Lodge in Corbett National Park through Tour My India. We started planning the trip almost a year in advance and worked with Tanmay Sharma of Tour My India. Tanmay was very helpful and very responsive to email requests regarding the trip. The day of our trip the driver showed up at our Delhi hotel right at 5:30 a.m. as planned. The drive to Corbett was long but uneventful. We had a fantastic time in Corbett National Park, and even saw 2 tigers, one of which charged us when we were riding on an elephant! This I consider the greatest wildlife experience I have ever had! All aspects of the tour were just as described in the Tour My India webpage. We took jeep tours on the first afternoon and the morning and afternoon of the second day, then an elephant back tour on the morning of the 3rd day. Our scheduled elephant tour was supposed to be on the afternoon of the second day, but it had to be cancelled due to rain. However, they made special arrangements to take just us and two other people on the morning of the third day so we still got our elephant ride in! The driver we had in Corbett was excellent, and worked very had to show us a tiger, which he skillfully did on one of the jeep tours. Once the driver realized we were also very interested in birds after the first afternoon jeep tour, he arranged for a very knowledgeable bird guide to come along with us for both jeep tours the second day.
In summary, I could not have been more happy with Tour My India. They did an outstanding job from start to finish, and I would recommend booking tours through Tour My India without hesitation. The Tour my India trip to Dikhala Forest Lodge in Corbett turned out to be the highlight of our trip, even though we spent an additional 11 days in India visiting Kaelodeo and Ranthambhore National Parks.

Greg Johnson
Research Biologist, Cheyenne

Travel Dates-7-Jan -11-Jan-16

Gary Marc Freedman
Frieda Paulette Freedman, USA

Travel Dates-22-Feb -28-Feb-16

We used Tour My India for two weeks in India. They were great. It was a private tour for my wife and I. They arranged guides, hotels and gave us a car and driver. Everything was terrific. Our driver, Jaman, was amazing. Calm and knowledgeable. Tanmay did a wonderful job arranging everything.My suggestion would be go for "Deluxe" on the hotels as a few of the "Standard" hotels were below our idea of "standard". Nonetheless, we would certainly book through Tour My India again.

I was extremely impressed with the tour we did with Tour My India in March. I waited till the absolute last minute to decide that I wanted to go to India. I booked Tour My India because they were the only tour that I could find that let us see Lions & Tigers (and we saw a bear oh my!!!). Anil put everything together for us and we were off within 7 days from the time we booked our trip. Throughout the trip we had personal drivers that picked us up and dropped us off on the doorstep of each hotel or airport we needed to go to. Everything was extremely organized. We never felt like we didn't know what was going on. The hotels that were selected were great! Close to the National Parks (within 5-10 minutes) with amazing food and great rooms and locations. We had one small issue with one resort I texted Anil and he solved the problem in 5 minutes. The tour guide he had set up for us in Agra was perfect and we loved the driver who took us from Agra to our hotel and then waited for us to take us to the airport at 1:30am. Tour my India was extremely organized and I would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend their company to anyone. I was so happy with the tour and Anil! Thank you so much ! We will be back to India very soon!

Kathleen Hertel,
Baltimore, Marylandt, USA

Travel Dates-19-Mar -24-Mar-16

Kay Handran, Gainesville

Travel Dates-31-Jan -22-Feb-16

Planned a month long trip to India for February 2016. Contacted several tour companies for transportation quotes. Although all companies responded we felt the best and quickest response was from Anil Rana at Tour My India. Anil was very prompt is responding to our many questions and based on Anil's professional manner we selected Tour My India. I would use Tour My India again in the future and not bother researching other tour companies. FYI - our tour was is South India - starting in Chennai - then Pondicherry, Thanjavur, Madurai, Kanyakumari, Varkala, Aleppey, Kumarakon, Periyar, Munnar, Cochi, Wayanad, Mysore and Bengaluru. The transportation- Toyota Van and driver - was arranged by Tour My India and can only say great things about both.
For those doing research on a tour company to use I would recommend Tour My India above.

Hi All

I used Tour My India to help plan my honeymoon tour around India.I am an experienced traveller but travel around India can be difficult and subject to some very short notice changes.
Anil from Tour My India managed every aspect of trip, booking flights, arranging trips including an amazing Tiger Safari.
The service was superb, at one stage my flight got cancelled and Anil was able to re-book my flight at no extra cost and I arrived earlier than I would have if my flight wasn't cancelled. Nothing was too much trouble and he even gave me his personal mobile number in case I got stuck on a weekend.

Joe Coffey, UK

Travel Dates

Alexa Bartlett

Travel Dates

My husband, Vivekanand Roy, and I (along with 4 close family and friends) recently traveled with your company in Darjeeling and Gangtok (the week of March 6th). We just wanted to share that our guide Rishi was fantastic and everyone really enjoyed the trip- the drivers were also great and clearly knew the area really well. We learned a lot of interesting historical and cultural facts, enjoyed the itinerary and hotels a lot, and were pleasantly surprised that Rishi spoke very good English (and was so accommodating with last-minute requests from the group and of course lots of questions about the region). We'd definitely recommend it to friends in the future!
Thank you for an amazing trip!

I am just back from my 8D/7N trip to Sikkim which included travelling to Gangtok, Lachung and Pelling. I had done the bookings through Tour my India for hotels and all transfers and sightseeing. I have had the most wonderful experience with Tour my India assistance. Vishwa Malasi was my point of contact for all the reservations and he was quick to respond to all my queries in planning phase and efficiently delegated to local tour operators in execution phase. We were two girls travelling for this trip and never once in our trip we faced any hiccup. All the hotel and driver arrangements were meticulously done. The hotel staff was polite in all places. The drivers were jolly and helpful all the way in our trip. Considering the trip involved most of the time on the road, having good drivers was a blessing.
All the transitions from one hotel to another were done seamlessly. The food served at the homestay kind of resort at Lachung was great and the spread was good.
Overall, I would recommend TMI to everyone and I am definitely going to use them for my next planned holidays.

Neha Bansal

Travel Dates

Greg Saunders, UK

Travel Dates

We travelled to India for a week on January with Tour My India and I have nothing but great things to say about them. I contacted them November time via email about a itinery for a trio and there communication was quick and extremely helpful creating a personalized trip for us. Everything from the pick ups from the airport, the hotels and the safari were first class.
The reason we went on the trip was to visit Banghavgarh National park and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life seeing the beautiful tiger in its natural habitat. We were extremely lucky to see 3 tigers, and on the third day seeing one within 10 feet of our car, it was breathtaking but also pretty intimidating! The safari is completely different from Africa were you are seeing animals every minute, here you are waiting for long periods waiting for the monkeys to howl the alarm call then follow the call and sit in anticipation, then you see the amazing tiger stalking in the bushes and if you are lucky get a very intimate meeting with one! Tour My India Overall of you are a wildlife lover, this is a MUST and I can highly recommend tour my India. Only thing I can say was hard work, which is completely out of the tours hands is the overnight train journey! This was awful, I would recommend alternate transport unless you like being woken up by rats :s but like I said that isn't a reflection on the tour operator and should not put you off booking with them.

I organised a private tour with Tour my India, Mr. Anil Rana was my contact, family of 3, travelling 21.02-7.03.2016. I did not know this travel agent before and as I had found them on Internet, I was a little worried about whom they were and what was to happen. I was asked to pay a sum upon booking, they have a good method of online payment! Back home in Switzerland again, I can just give them a 5 Star, everything was well organised, we were met at 01.00 a.m. at the Delhi airport and brought to our hotel, where I was given all the documents, vouchers and travel plan. I was asked to pay the balance of the trip. I can recommend this company, they made a very good trip for us, completely the way I wanted and with good communication and patience with all my questions! I knew what I wanted and they did it! Go to India it is a lovely country.

Karin Muller, Switzerland

Travel Dates-22-Feb -7-Mar-16

Swapnil Kadam

Travel Dates-5-Dec -9-Dec-16

Myself Swapnil Kadam would like to Thank You through this letter for giving us all such a Adventures and wonderful experience of Wildlife. From Tiger Crossing our Path to seeing him Drinking Water was really a never seen and will never be a forgotten experience. All the arrangements and services given by You and Your Team was perfect and very comforting.
My all Group Members was very Happy with your services and the experience you gave us. I really appreciate your help and coordination towards my group. Wish you a good life ahead and hope to meet You and Your Team.
Sorry for writing this letter so lately as I am always occupied with work just like you also are but now removed time to Thank You through this letter. In future would like to once again arrange such a Trip definitely.

I travelled to India for the first time in October, for a three week tour. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I just wanted help with transport and hotel booking. Tour my India were happy to create a custom tour matching my requirements. Communication was always prompt and try were very helpful. Considering we did eight cities in three weeks everything went very smoothly.
I want to thank "matz" our driver for 1.5 weeks for his ever helpful and cheerful company.
I would recommend TMI to anyone travelling to India.

Justin Sinclair, UK

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Mr. Andrew Robin Buck, UK

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We recently visited Kerala with Tour My India, then went on to two tiger reserves near Nagpur organised by my cousin. Anil Rana, my contact, provided excellent service and always responded immediately to any questions. He put together an interesting and varied Kerala trip using hotels and local services (including car and driver) which enabled us to have a genuine 'indian' experience, with often virtually no foreign tourists in the same town. However - be warned, Kerala is mostly dry, and beer is very comforting on a hot day. Also in Kerala Hindu temples do not allow either foreigners or non-Hindus inside the temples, but there is a wonderful experience to be obtained by observing the many pilgrims queuing to visit, most of whom are delighted, if not anxious, to talk and meet foreigners.
The tiger trip, involving visits to Pench and Tadoba reserves, was a great success, with some great sightings. Maybe we were just lucky? Do not however underestimate just how cold it can be at 0600 in an open jeep when you first set off - remember to wear many layers.
Some of our group (including our daughter) went on to seek out Snow Leopards in the lower Himalayas in early January. This was difficult and in fact unsuccessful, and their living conditions were the most 'difficult' any of them had ever experienced (and our daughter has done Siberia & Mongolia in February). Perhaps the local (sub-contracted) agent got it wrong there.
I would thoroughly recommend Tour My India for a different, India-based, visiting experience to this amazing country.

We recently booked a short safari to Bandhavgarh National Park through Tour My India and were very pleased! Anil was my contact via email whilst I was setting up the tour from Australia and his responses were always very prompt and to the point. They set up the tour from start to finish from the sleeper train from New Delhi to the hotel, the safaris and then the train back. It all went smoothly and all of the services the tour company used were very professional and accommodating. Anil personally called us on arrival to our hotel to the national park and then before our departure to ensure that we were happy with everything! I would use them again as a tour provider!!

Charlotte Sharpe, Australia

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Kees in't Veld, Numansdorp

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We traveled in November 2015 with Tour My India and I can say it was very good. The information we got via e-mail was clear and I think you get value for money. All questions we had and asked by e-mail where answered fast and accurate.
I can recommend this company.

I did the Golden triangle with Tour-my-India in Nov and they exceeded all my expectations. They customized my itinerary which included visits to Jaipur, Ranthambore reserve, Bharatpur bird sanctuary, Agra, Jim Corbett reserve and Delhi.
Tanmay Sharma, company representative, responded in a timely manner and provided useful tips and advice. All the arrangements were meticulously carried out. The hotels were great and provided an excellent service.
The drivers were fantastic and picked me up from the airport/destinations on time. The local guides were bilingual and very knowledgeable. The local guides may recommend restaurants/local visits (where they probably get a commission). The only Overall I great trip and I would highly recommend their services.

Shailesh Christopher Pinto

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Siri Eitland Norway

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I have had two separate package tours with Tour My India. The package was custom made after my needs and wishes and did not disappoint one bit! This company is highly recommended. My tour manager was Anil Rana, and he has been 100% to our service at all times. When my travel companion suffered by a wrong date in the passport visa, made by the immigration desk in Bangalore airport, Rana worked for hours to help us sort the problem out, as we couldn't do much because we was in Agra at the time. The drivers and guides as well as the hotels has been of excellent quality. And TMI prices is far below other similar companies. My friend experienced that when she decided to check out some others. She ended up with TMI and didn't regret.
Again, I recommend this company any time. Thanks so much for this time, I will be back for sure!

"My granddaughter and I toured India and Nepal in January 2015 with Tour My India and we were VERY happy with our trip. I am not a person who likes large group tours and this was the perfect trip for the two of us since I told Anil where we wanted to go and see and he planned the whole trip for us including securing flights, tours--everything. Upon arriving in New Delhi in the middle of the night, we were met by our guide and taken to our hotel. Every morning we were met at our hotel with our own personal car, driver and guide on time and at every airport (we were on 6 domestic flights) there was our guide with a sign waiting for us to continue our tour. Anil Rana was in touch with us by phone throughout the tour to be sure everything was as expected. The accommodations were superior (we did select the 5 star). We were all over India from north to south by air and land and even took an air-conditioned traditional Indian boat trip in southern India where we had our own boat with captain and cook. Nepal was a wonderful trip also with informative tours of many temples and palace in Katmandu, and one of the highlights was our stay at the Himalayan Resort ( a short drive into the mountains near Katmandu) with it's magnificent views of the mountains. The people everywhere were gracious and friendly and helpful! It was a wonderful trip all planned for us by Tour My India."

Emily Maxwell Ross, USA

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Vivienne Crossland, UK

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"I am a female travelling alone in India! I placed my trust in Anil Rana who I had never previously been acquainted with. He, as would a magician, kept me safe and was always punctual. He guided me through 6 flights, 1 train strike, 1 train journey and 12 different taxi drives. At no time did I experience anything other than care and now safely home in England after over 3 weeks in India I have no hesitation in recommending this professional and in my opinion trustworthy company. I am delighted to answer any questions you may have"

"We saw the tiger several times in India. Thanks to Tour My India."

Simone Rode, Netherlands

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Our Experience with Tour My INDIA, was very Good.
We booked our hotel 20 days before at Ranthambhore and Jaipur with them, for both the hotels The Information and Best Rates were given, which I could find nowhere over the leading travel portals of India.
at first I hesitated coz I never booked with them before, but the communication via email and call, gain trust in them.
The Staff and Mr. Tanmay Shamra was very prompt in replying all our needs except a last min hotel search and booking at Chitorgarh Rajastan , which I was capable of booking online in 5 mins with full payment., that included searching, deciding and booking, which also turned out to be excellent. Anyway The Quality of service and hotel rooms which we were expecting was fulfilled by Tour My India Even I referred them to few of my relatives and friends, which were eager to visit the places I visited after seeing our updates and contentment over the Social Media.
i would definitely contact them for my next Booking, and questions regarding my tour or communication with them, are welcome Hope I am helpful enough for those looking for good Travel Agents

I hired TMI for 5 days. I spent a lot of time prior to my trip communicating with them about various itineraries, costs, sites, hotels. This was my first trip to India and was traveling solo on the portion I used TMI.
They were always responsive and informative. I arranged for a pick ups and a driver at the New Delhi Train station twice and they were there and helped with my bag. One thing I was a bit in the dark about was that i had a TMI representative guide on three occasions, Agra & another fort. In Agra and at Red Fort and Raj he was very professional and informative. The second fort we visited en route to Rathambore was interesting but this local guide took me in the back way, so I never paid an entrance fee or saw the visitor center to know a bit of background. He was informative but I felt he stopped me at his friends' tourist goods places, which I didn't like.
My driver was polite and kind the whole time. His english was enough we could chat casually and I always felt safe. He stopped when necessary and was very patient with me as I was suffering a head cold the whole time. The only unfortunate thing that happened was the car's AC died on the last route from Rathambore to Jaipur. I was OK with that but I know some folks wouldn't be.
I recommend Tour My India.
Overall, I was very pleased with TMI.

Elaine Logothetis Jack,Wilmington

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Paul Ranken..

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Dear Vishwa

On behalf of all my family who have just returned from our Holiday in India with your company. a HUGE THANK YOU FOR A GREAT HOLIDAY!!!
Myself, my wife Carole, daughters Emma and Hannah all had an AMAZING holiday thanks to the perfect organisation from all the staff and representatives at Tour My India!!!
Your company have been truly brilliant in making sure we had the best time possible in India, we all really enjoyed our holiday and would like to thank you and all your staff for their help and support in making sure our holiday was so brilliant and enjoyable!!!
In particular, we would like to pass on our very special thanks to our driver, Surender Mehta, he was very professional, helpful, supportive and is a real asset to your company, please do pass on our thanks to Surender for all his help and kindness during our holiday.
We would also like to thank the guide, Shamveer Singh who was our guide in Agra, at Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, Shamveer has amazing knowledge of the subjects he was taking us around, he is helpful, knowledgeble, supportive, patient and again a real asset to your company, please do pass on our thanks to Shamveer.
All the staff and guides were excellent, but Surender and Shamveer were outstandingly helpful.
We are more than happy to give support and recommendations to any other travellers who plan to book a Holiday with Tour My India, we had a great time and thank you for all your help and support.
We are very satisfied customers!!!

Dear Manoj

Hi return from the Himachal tour it was very good arrangement and hospitality basically the hotels where all good and service was also excellent.
The food quality was also good.
Thank you very much for making such a good arangements the van and driver atul malik was also good.
Next year planning to go abroad i wish thats will also you will make wonderful arrangement.
Once again thanks to you
Yours Sincerely


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Dear Manoj

A big thank you to you and your team. We had a very good trip.
All arrangements made were as per my requirements. Hotels were good in all aspects.
The innova car was in good condition and Mr.Sukhinder our driver was very good. Very safe driving and knowing all the locations made a huge difference.
Overall, Excellent arrangements from TMI. Really appreciated.

Dear Dharmendra

We had a pleasant time in India. Thanks for the arrangements.
Especially our guide Mr. Rajbir from Uttarkasi to Gaumukh; he is a nice resourceful gentleman. He was very helpful throughout the journey.
Hoping to visit India again.

Shutesh, Malaysia

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Dear Mr Tanmay

Thank you so much for has been a wonderful trip. Sanjay was a very fine driver and the guides, especially Hussein in Agra, were excellent. Please thank Ms Kriti for the upgrade to the Vanya villas hotel, it deserves its reputation as the best in the world.
I will recommend you and your company to friends planning to travel to India, and when we return certainly use your services again.
Alll that and being here for the World Cup victory, very special indeed!

Dear Mr.Tanmay Sharma,

This is to inform you that we have completed to trip to Corbett National Park. We are very happy with the arrangements that you had made for us at Dhikala, the safaris, stay etc. We did spot a tiger very closely during our Elephant Safari. A special mention about food at Dhikala restaurant. Amazing!

Rajan N, Pune

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Clara García, Spain

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Dear Tanmay

Thank you very much for providing us the excellent Corbett tour Program. We enjoyed a lot. Car and driver very good! Hotel and workers there very good! Jeep very good! Elephant ride very good!! Food very good! Everything was very good, Keep up the Good Work.
Really, Thank you very much for everything.

Dear Tanmay

Just a short note to say a "BIG THANK YOU" to you for putting us up at the wonderful Place. The resort was wonderful and we are Happy that we went with your advise and stayed there. The location of the resort is perfect and the rooms given to us were fantastic. The resort has very friendly and courteous staff with exceptional customer service and delicious food. All of us really enjoyed our stay.
Your help and prompt service has really made our holidays. I really appreciate the way we were dealt with while booking with you. The entire process was so smooth, with no hassles whatsoever from the time of the first call to you and the time we reached back to Delhi. We really appreciate the work that you did to make our holidays happy.
Best Regards and all of us are already looking forward to book our next holidays with you.
We were really looked after and came back with

Swati Singh

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Sunil & Jahnavi, Chennai

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Hello Mr Negi,

How are you doing? I am fine and reached chennai to rejoin office. I would like to thank you for the well managed trip experience we both had at shimla-manali. The driver and car facility was good and there were no issues in hotel/ trip outings.
on't be surprised if you get more calls for similar trips from my company collegues/ friends as I will recommend them your programme.

Dear Tanmay

Thanks for organizing the tour for us. Everything went on very well and we enjoyed it to the fullest. Taxi and Properties at each place were good. Food was also good. Difficulties were very few and of insignificant to mention. People at each hotel were polite and ready to serve. Over all it was a very pleasent experience with you as a person and Tour my India as an organizer.
Thanks and all the very best. Looking forward for a long-term asociation..

Dr. Hitesh Ruparel

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Maria and Lucio

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Dear Anil,

Thank you very much for your email. I am sorry that we did not send you any email before but we came back to Argentina and had lots of things to do !
Our trip to India was amazing. We loved your country and we believe it was the best choice to travel to your country for our Honey Moon.
All the places we visited were great, all had very interesting places to see, beautiful palaces and forts, museums, etc.
We want to thank you very much for helping us planning the trip and for all the assistance while during our stay. All our guides were excellent, they were very professional and always willing to assist us in every detail. Our choffer Yosi was excellent as well, and we were sorry that we did not meet again in Delhi. If you see him, please send him our kind regards from us.
As for the hotels, all were very good. We particularly liked very much The Park in Delhi, Fort Rajwada in Jaisalmer, Shiv Vilas in Jaipur and Orccha ´s Riverside Resort. I would like to thank you again for making the change in Agra, we really appreciated it and how fast you could offer a better choice.
We liked India so much that, Lucio and I, we are both reading two different books about your country (mostly about the contemporary history).
We have already read about new places to see, so we are sure we willl visit India again, though we are not sure when, since we are too far from you and the air tickets are not very affordable for us! But we want to see more and enjoy the kindness of your people, the great food you have and of course the landscapes, incredible towns, natural and animal reserves and parks.
Once again Anil, thank you and the company for your great help and assistance. Be sure that if I have any friends or family that want to travel to India, I will give them your contact.

Dear Surendra,

I had a great time in Darjeeling and Sikkim! I am leaving for the U.S. tonight but will be back to India next year. I would be happy to use your services again.


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Scott Garfield, Hong Kong

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Dear Mr Joshi,

My feedback as follows:
"We booked a 5 day adventure holiday in Leh. Tour My India arranged everything from airport pickup, a clean and friendly hotel, trekking, rafting and full-service camping without a hitch. Highly recommended and a great experience."

Dear Ghananand,

Thank you for your e-mail. Sorry to reply late but I was very busy all the time. We have spent a really nice and exciting time in India, especially in the Corbett. It was wonderful. We had good luck because every day we saw tigers and one day a tigress with her cubs. It was amazing. Everything was very well organized and all the people were nice and friendly.
Thanks again for everything and good luck for you.
Kindest regards from Austria

Ursula Weiss-Sikyr, Austria

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Susanna Axelgaard

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Dear Tanmay,

Here is my feedback from our trip to Corbett. 2 nights in Corbett: outstandingly excellent. You advice to stay inside the park was good - I'm very happy that we stayed inside the park. Our local guide was excellent - always keeping us informed and making sure we were where we were supposed to be at the right time. He took very good care of us. The park naturalist was knowledgeable and interesting. All elephant safaries and jeep safaris were wonderful! Accommodation was basic - but much better than expected. Food excellent. The whole thing was well run and well organized.
So all in our entire trip was outstandingly excellent & we were very happy with the trip and your services.

Dear Anil,

Just a short note to inform you that we are now safely back in UK. It took us nearly 2 days after our arrival to get over the jet lag. Gradually trying to get back into the mould of our normal routine.
May I take this opportunity to thank you and all the staff at Tour My India once more for all your help and assistance in making our visit to India a memorable one. We have travelled around the world a fair bit and have used several tour operators in the past including Kuoni but we found your group amazingly friendly, polite, courteous and willing to go extra mile. This makes you special. We would recommend your company to any one without hesitation.
Please pass on our regards to Surinder, Negi Ji and Nandan.
With all our good wishes for the future to every one at Noida office of Tour My India.

Surinder Saggar

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M. R. Halder

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Dear Mr. Sharma

we are back from a wonderful holiday, and i write to you especially to thank you for :
a. providing us a good chaffeur, who had been more than co-operative and a very caerful driver b. for booking us in two very memorable hotels, both at manali and shimla... thank you very much for all the pains you have taken to comply to our demads and requests from time to time, as we look forward to getting in touch with you, next time, we decide to head north india....

Karen & Colin Wisbey

Dear Dear Everybody at Tour My India,
Just wanted to say a big thank-you for our wonderful holiday, and I'm sending you a picture to show how close we got to a tiger(no zoom lens!)

Karen & Colin Wisbey

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Mr. & Mrs. Palanivelu

Travel Dates

Dear Tanmay,

Thanks a lot for your efforts and excellent vacation program. I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation and would definitely have Tour My India as one of my favorites for my future offs.
Hats Off. Keep up the Good Work.
Catch u Soon..

Dear Vijayendra,

Thank you for your kind greetings. Happy Shree Krishna's Janmastmee to you and all at the office. Greetings to Surinder and Dharmendra, both of whom were very helpful, courteous, and respectful.
We both really enjoyed the Chandham Yatra and found it extremely worthwhile. In the near future we hope to do the Gongotree and Gaumukh Yatra and will no doubt be in touch. I hope Dharmendra and Surinder will accompany us in our prospective travels.
We will definitely recommend Tour my India to family and friends. We found the service professional and appreciated it very much. Thanks again. Take care, Kind regards,

Mr. & Mrs. Fatania, UK

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Melinda deboer, USA

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Melinda deboer

Tour My India is a good tour company. We are birders so could have spent much more time there just hanging out at the pool watching the sunbirds, etc. The Rickshaw rides in bharatpur with Mr. Vinad as our guide/driver were marvelous. VJ took wonderful care of us even in India as we booked some additional tours.
We highly recommend Tour My India, our Driver Surender Singh was very good and cooperative. He knows the "Golden Triangle"Rajastan area very well. We are fully satisfied with the services tour my india has provided to us. Highly recomended.

Dear Thapliyal,

Thanks for your kind services on our tour of India.Our manager Sandesh and the driver Satya were particularly good as was our guide in Agra.The hotels were most satisfactory and your pick up services to and from the airport well organised.My wife and I have arrived back in Trinidad only yesterday as we stayed in London for a full week and in Miami USA 2 days.We look on this tour as the best of our 3 tours to India and we shall recommend your company to our friends.In fact our family is thinking of returning next February.So we shall be in contact.Thanks again for making our holiday so happy and enjoyable.Good Luck and Best Wishes to you and your staff who were so kind to us all.

Melvin and Savitri Akal.

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Dear Vijayendra

Thank you for all your arrangement and it was a wonderful trip. The hospitality was very nice. Will look forward to your help again soon.

Hi Vijayendra,

>I'm back home and (unfortunately!!!) back at work now. Our whole holiday was absolutely fantastic, Bhutan and India are both amazing countries indeed and I look forward to visiting again one day soon.
When we arrived in Samdrup Jongkhar we were a little worried about our pickup because we didn't have phone reception or easy internet access to find out if everything was still on schedule, but the Assam guide and driver arrived on time (early in fact) and found us no problem. Kaziranga itself was fantastic, especially the elephant safari on the second morning. It's so peaceful and the other animals let the elephants get very close. Really lovely, if you haven't tried it then one day you should! :)
All the best and thank you kindly for your efforts in organizing our tours, it was very much appreciated.


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Begona Alfaro

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Dear Vijayendra,

As I said to you verbally, the tour was very well organized, all the pieces of the jiggle were there. Tickets, hotel, transfers (someone waiting for us always), journey by comfortable car, good drivers and safaris also well planned. The hotels as requested, were good, some like the ones in Corbett, Bharatpur, Bandhavgarh were excellent. Therefore we think that you Anil did a very good efficient job.
Thank you.
Hope that we can go back again to India soon.