Camel Safari in India

Deserts have since long exerted an irresistible charm on the psyche of the humans, the landscape inspiring different emotions in different people. And what better way to explore this magical realm than on a camel back, for a camel safari is one of the most adventurous of experiences, and indeed a novel way to 'discover' the desert.

Camel safaris trace their origins to the time of trade between India and China, when camel caravans would journey along established trade routes laden with spices and herbs and jewels. They provide an opportunity to get a glimpse of traditional Indian life in the desert, with all the hardships, the beauty and the desolation.

The accommodation on the way consists of primitive thatched mud huts, and the way of life though hospitabilty is entirely ethnic.

Camel safaris generally cover the area around Jaisalmer, Bikaner or Jodhpur, popularly known as the desert circuit. The duration can vary between one day and two weeks. Big towns are not usually on the route though there is no definite route that you have to adopt. Route navigation in the desert is an acquired art, and caravans must be manned by riders who not only know how to study the stars, but also recognise the shifting sands of the terrain.

A camel safari is exciting, but is not exactly a relaxing vacation. Unless you are accustomed to horse-riding, a day-long camel ride will be tiring. Even if you are accustomed to horse-riding, since the gait of the camel is quite different, it may take some time to get used to it.

Keeping in your seat as the camel raises or lowers itself to the ground, can appear at first to be a losing battle. However, whether tiring or relaxing, a camel safari is bound to be a unique experience.

Camel Safari Tips

There are certain other factor that you should keep in mind while travelling the desert region of Rajasthan on a Camel back.If you are looking for a desert safari the folowing thing you must checked prior leaving to Safari.

Clothes & Dress : The weather in desert is extreme hot its better to cover your whole body with clothes(Light Cotton Clothes).The Dress should modest because of the proximity of safari to the village.

Water : One Must Carry enough water to avoid any Problem of dehydration.

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