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Best Time to Visit Tamil Nadu

Winter season, i.e., the months from November to March, is considered as the best time plan a trip to Tamil Nadu. For the rest of the year, the weather either remains hot and humid or witness a moderate rainfall.


From the mid of March, the summer season marks its beginning in Tamil Nadu that lasts up to late June. In between these months, the temperature goes up to 45ºC and the weather remains hot and humid with zero moisture. However, in the evening the temperature falls a bit in coastal areas because of the sea breeze which ultimately results in some relief for travellers. Whereas, in other parts also the temperature falls down a bit in the evening. Perhaps, not all the places will make you sweat in Tamilnadu. There are hill stations where the temperature remains pleasant and makes summer one of the best season to visit Tamil Nadu. Besides, if you’re visiting other parts of the state, make sure to carry necessary utilities like T-shirts, shorts, sandals, sunglasses, sunscreen, medicines, deodorants, and water.


Monsoon season in Tamil Nadu begins from late June and ends in the month of October. Throughout these months, the temperature varies in between 24ºC and 30ºC and the weather remains pleasant with moderate rainfall. This is the best season to explore Tamil Nadu’s hill station as they display their best form. Every year, in between August and September, there is a famous festival that held in Velankanni to signify the nativity of Mary. This festival has a huge hype amongst tourists, and thus, receives a heavy footfall of travellers. Though monsoon is a pleasant season to explore Tamil Nadu yet, it is advisable to double-check the weather conditions before heading out for a vacation. Also, do carry an umbrella or a raincoat so your holiday not gets affected by the rainfall.


Evidently, winter is the best time to visit Tamil Nadu. It commences in the month of November and continues till the start of March. During these months, the temperature of the state ranges between 21ºC to 30ºC and the weather remains favourable for tourists to explore the attractions. Moreover, this is the best time to visit the places which can’t be explored in summers. Along with the attractions, winter is also that time of the year when some of the popular festivals of Tamil Nadu are celebrated with full zeal. Pongal, Tamil New Year, Margazhi Utsavam, and Carnatic Music Festival are few of them. Being the best time to explore Tamil Nadu, the season witnesses a heavy gathering of tourists, and hence, it is advisable to book your hotel and transportation tickets in beforehand.

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