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Gedee Car Museum Coimbatore Tamil Nadu

Get ready to capture the astonishing sights of ancient cars while leisurely strolling in one of the most popular tourist attractions of Tamil Nadu, Gedee Car Museum. This repository was founded by GD Naidu - a renowned inventor and engineer, with an aim to impart knowledge in students and the general public about the technology behind such innovation. For that, the museum has been divided into few sections where cars are displayed along with the history associated with them. From Austin 7 (1922) and BMW 700 (1959) to Benz Motorwagen (1886) and Morris Mini (1959, this must-visit museum in Coimbatore is a home to such 50 ancient and iconic cars. Not just a few, but the museum houses a collection of vintage cars from various countries including France, Germany, Japan, India, Spain and more. Above that, one also gets to see the replicas of several great engines which are exhibited in the museum. In order to ignite one’s motivation, there are some interesting quotes written on the walls of the museum. If you’re in love with the cars, this beautiful place takes you in the history of automobiles to yield you with unforgettable holidays in Tamil Nadu to cherish for a long.


Tuesday to Saturday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 AM
Monday: Closed

Major Highlights

  • Ancient Cars with their History
  • Engines’ Replicas
  • Quotes on the Walls

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