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Marina Beach Tamil Nadu

Heartbeat of Chennai City, Marina Beach makes for an alluring backdrop and is considered as one of the largest Urban Beaches in the world. Stretched in the area of nearly 13 km, this beach in Chennai is one of prominent tourist attraction in the city. Reckoned to be an urban beach, this tourist hot spot in Chennai attracts a heavy gathering of 30,000 tourists a day. Being a busy tourist attraction in Chennai, Marina Beach presently serves as a perfect stopover for the locals as well as tourists to spend their weekends at the beach. Not just the present of this resplendent tourist place in Chennai is beautiful but the past as well. During the period of Indian Freedom Movement, Marina Beach served as an eminent place for the social gatherings and public meetings. Despite this, swimming and bathing in Marina Beach are prohibited because of the turbulent undercurrent. Yet, you can savour your time here to the fullest by strolling around at the seashore or taking a horse ride or can also relish the flavours of South Indian seafood. At Marina Beach, one also has a once in a lifetime chance to sit delightfully on the seaside to take pleasure in the pulchritudinous views of sunrise and sunset. Besides, don’t forget to please your eyes with the candid vistas of the beach and the city from the 50 m high lighthouse which the beach houses.

Attractions and Things to Do & around

For tourists, the main attractions at Marina Beach are the Aquarium and the Ice House. Whereas, Chepauk Palace, Presidency College, Chennai University, and Senate House are some more attractions in Marina Beach. On the other hand, in the department of things to do at Marina Beach, the place is a treasury full of enthralling activities to do for tourists. Amongst which walk during sunrise and sunset are the prominent activities. While buying handicrafts and artefacts, games, horse ride, and eating authentic food are some famous things that tourists love to do here.

Best Time to Visit

The beach remains a prominent tourist spot in Chennai throughout the year. Yet, the ideal season to visit Marina Beach are the months from November to February (winter season). Whereas, the summer season is all about hot, humid and dry temperature and in the monsoon season there are always the chances of heavy rainfall.

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