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Caves of Tamil Nadu

If travellers were bound to pick between the modern-day marvels and heritage sites of Tamil Nadu, most of them would blindly choose the historically over brimming attractions. The fine caves, so to say are one of the natural phenomenons that exist in the state of Tamil Nadu. The Mandagapattu rock-cut cave temple is known as the one of the oldest example of cave structures built by king Mahendravarman-I, Pallava King. It is believed that king Mahendravarman-I brought in a new culture of temple architecture that was carved for deities namely Isvara, Vishnu and Brahma without the use of timbers, mortar, bricks and metal as per the inscriptions analysis made by scholars. Some other great examples of cave temples are from Mahabalipuram which are applauded as UNESCO World Heritage Site. To name a few, Arjuna’s Penance, Varaha temple, Descent of the Ganges, the Shore temple, and Pancha Rathas are the exceptional representation of the architecture style adopted by Pallava Kings between 7th and 9th Centuries. And the list doesn't end here as Mandagapattu cave temple is another marvel by the Pallava Kings. Coming down in the list of the famous cave temples, there are Jain Caves that belong to 7th Century. Sittanavasal Cave is one such example that dates back to 2nd Century and is a rock cut monastery also known as Arivar Koil. Furthermore, Pillayarpatti Cave Temple, The Satyagiri Nathan temple, Tiruchirappalli cave temple, Shervaroyan cave temple, Mahendravadi cave temple and Thirunandikkara Cave Temple are the other must visit places that fall under the category of cave shrines.

Best Time to Visit

The state calls out to all its travellers to have a splendid vacation touring the must visit places between the winter months of November to March as that's the best time to visit Tamil Nadu.

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