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Thiruvarur Travel Guide

The birthplace of what is called the Trinity of Carnatic Music, Tyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshitar and Syama Sastri, Thiruvarur is an important destination that a traveller must visit in Tamil Nadu. This town in the district of the same name is primarily famous for its Hindu temple and the annual chariot festival. Apparently, the religious tourism is at peak here. Thiruvarur was one of the five traditional capitals of the Chola Empire, and the history of the famed Thyagaraja Temple also goes back to this same era. The chariot festival in Thiruvarur is something that not only a Hindu devotee would relish witnessing, but a tourist would be delighted too. Belonging to the Thyagaraja Temple, it is the largest chariot in Tamil Nadu, and thus, sighting it on a visit to Thiruvarur is recommended. It will be best to plan a trip to this sacred town in Tamil Nadu during the Chariot Festival which takes place in the month of April/May. The meandering River Odambokki that flows through the centre of the town adds to its natural beauty. Though there is not much to see in the town apart from the temple, the chariot, an art gallery and the Kamalayan Tank, you can still enjoy a pleasant holiday here amidst a serene environment.

Thiruvarur has some temples and wildlife sanctuaries in its proximity for travellers to enhance their experience in this town of South India. Those with the inclination towards bird watching can visit Vaduvur Bird Sanctuary, some 25 km from Thiruvarur. The sanctuary is home to 20,000 birds of about 40 different species of water birds that visit here mostly during the migratory season. Some odd 60 km from Thiruvarur is Muthupettai which is particularly known for its 700 years old mosque and a massive lagoon created by a number of rivers, is a must-see destination around Thiruvarur. Apart from this, the entire district of Thiruvarur is replete with majestic temples amongst which Thiruveezhimalai, Thirupampuram, Tirumeichur, Srivanjiyam, Tillaivilagam, and Thirukkannamangai are the most popular places to visit. Our Thiruvarur travel guide gives you an easy access to all the insights required to make your trip in this town in South India memorable. Learn the best time to plan a trip to Thiruvarur and get information on where to stay, what to do, and how to reach.

Best Time to Visit Thiruvarur

Thiruvarur's geographic location endows it with hot and humid through most part of the year. However, the winter season that begins with the month of December offer respite to the locals and give tourists a chance to plan a trip to Thiruvarur conveniently. The temperature in the winter season dips considerably making it easy for the tourists to conduct their sightseeing tours.

  • Summer


    The month of March, marks the summer season in Thiruvarur that lasts till June. The average temperature in summers ranges from 27°C to 40°C making it quite uncomfortable to head out for a tour.

  • Monsoon


    Monsoon commences from mid-June and brings a slight relief from the hot and dry weather; however, the humidity level rises in this season which lasts till September. The average temperature during these months ranges from 24°C to 33°C.

  • Winter


    The winter season knocks on the door in Thiruvarur in the month of December. The next two months after it are best to plan a trip to this sacred town. The average temperature in winter season ranges from 17°C to 30°C making it ideal for tourists and pilgrims head out for their tour in and around the town.

Popular Places to Visit in & around Thiruvarur

Thiruvarur's tourism is primarily based on its pilgrimage destination, Thyagaraja Temple and the annual Chariot Festival. However, the district of Thiruvarur has a few must-see places including temples, natural sites and wildlife destinations for the visitors.

  • Thyagaraja Temple

    Thyagaraja Temple is the major tourist attraction and the most important pilgrimage destination in Thiruvarur. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is worshipped here as Moolanathar, and is represented by the lingam. Spread in an area of 30 acres, Thyagraja Temple is one of the largest temples in India.

  • Koothanur Maha Saraswathi Temple

    Situated in Koothanur, Maha Saraswathi Temple is one of the top places to visit near Thiruvarur town. The main deity of this sacred temple is that of Goddess Saraswati who is seen in a penancing posture with three eyes and one leg folded in yogasana.

  • Srivanchiyam Vanchinathaswamy Temple

    Located in the small town in Thiruvarur, Srivanchiyam Vanchinathaswamy Temple houses the self-manifested (svayambhu) Shivalingam, which is considered to be oldest self-manifested Shivlingas in the world. The temple also houses a deity of Yama Dharmaraja which offered prayers daily.

  • Muthupet Lagoon

    The rivers Paminiyar, Koraiyar, Kilaithankiyar, Marakkakoraiyar and a few other tributaries of the River Kaveri form the Muthupet Lagoon just before they meet the sea. Muthupet has a rich mangrove forest which can be witnessed through a 162-wooden causeway built across it. The Lagoon is the perfect place for bird watching as well.

  • Vaduvur Bird Sanctuary

    Located around 22 km from Thiruvarur town, Vaduvur boasts being the best place to go for bird watching. The sanctuary is said to be the home to 20,000 birds of 38 species. Birds from Europe and North America migrate to Vaduvur in the winter season.

Where to Stay in Thiruvarur?

Thiruvarur has handful of accommodation options all of which come in the budget hotel category. Since, the town is gradually developing and becoming popular amongst travellers, it is likely to expand in its hospitality services as well. Meanwhile, for anyone looking for a basic accommodation with fewer services can choose from the options of places to stay in the town.

How to Reach Thiruvarur?

Thiruvarur being a popular pilgrimage centre, is well-connected with other parts of the state of Tamil Nadu and of the country. The most convenient way to reach Thiruvarur is by rail as the town has its own railway station that has connectivity with major towns and cities in the country. Roadways is also quite convenient means of transport to reach Thiruvarur.

  • By Air

    Tiruchirappalli International Airport is the nearest airport from Thiruvarur which is just 120 km away from the town. The airport connects the town with other major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai through daily flights.

  • By Rail

    The town of Thiruvarur has its own railway station. This station makes the town easily accessible from the major cities and towns in India through regular trains.

  • By Road

    One can also reach Thiruvarur by roadways. Tamil Nadu State Buses are available from these cities like Chennai, Madurai, Dindigul, Tiruchirappalli, and Thanjavur. National Highways 83 and 67 and State Highway 23 connects Thiruvarur with other parts of the state and country.

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