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Kumbeswarar Temple Kumbakonam Tamil Nadu

This temple which is also known as Adi Kumbeswarar, here in the town of Kumbakonam is one of the revered sites in Tamilnadu that worships Lord Shiva in the form of Adi Kumbeswarar. The divine deity is present in the centre of the temple in the form of lingam which was believed to be sculpted by Lord Shiva himself. His consort, Mangalambigai Amman is equally revered in the temple and her shrine is formed just parallel to the Lord’s shrine. Besides, one can also find words of praise written by the Nayanmars also known as the Tamil saint poets in Tevaram, the Tamil Saiva canonical work. This popular pilgrimage site of Kumbakonam is widely recognized for its great architectural excellence and is said to be present from the time of Chola rulers i.e., 7th century and has been beautified and expanded by the famous Nayaks during the time period of the 15th-17th century. Apart from all the artistic things that will capture your attention, there is a sixteen pillared hall which is embellished with a stone which has 27 stars and 12 zodiac signs chiselled on it. Moreover, one of the best times to visit Kumbeswarar temple is during the Masi Magam festival which is celebrated with great ardour in the month Tamil month of Maasi (February-March).

Stories Associated with the Temple

From ancient times, it is believed that the town of Kumbakonam got its name from the famous legend of Lord Brahma and the mythical pot which is for a fact is related to the temple. Legend has it that Lord Brahma had a mythical pot(Kumbha) with him which held the seeds of each and every living being on the earth. Moreover, it is said that it was the hit of Lord Shiva’s arrow that displaced the pot causing a pralaya. So apparently, the place where it all came to a halt is the same place where Kumbakonam is settled. Further, the nectar is believed to have been spilt in the Mahamaham tank and potramarai tank, tales of which are till date sung in the famous Mahamaham festival which is celebrated every 12 years.


Capturing every traveller’s heart is the astounding architecture of this largest Shiva temple of Kumbakonam which stretches over an area of 2,803.9 square meters. Along with housing four gopurams, 3 concentric compounds, the temple also boasts of its 100 m long and 4.6 m wide corridor. A major attraction on your sightseeing tour to Kumbeswarar temple would be the silver-plated chariots and that too not 1 but 5 in number. The chariots are used during the festival time to carry the temple deities. The shrine of the presiding deity is set up in the centre of this popular temple of Kumbakonam and his consort’s shrine is structured just parallel to his shrine.  It is also said that Lord Shiva himself carved the lingam with the mixed nectar or sand and immortality.

Opening/Closing/Arti time

Daily rituals take place between 05:30 to 09:00 PM.


Thanjavur Main Road, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu 612001

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Kumbeswarar temple is considered to be the months of October to March and hence you can plan your vacation to Tamil Nadu accordingly.

How to Reach?

State run buses are easily available from other parts of Tamil Nadu to Kumbakonam and hence one of the best way to reach Kumbeswarar temple.

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