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Music & Dance Festival Chennai Tamil Nadu

A celebration of classical music and dance in South India, the festival is held at multiple venues in the capital city, Chennai. Initially called the Margazhi festival, Music & Dance Festival is truly a delight for any cultural aficionado.

Music & Dance Festival Chennai

Find your own muse in the soothing blend of greatest forms of art as the Music & Dance Festival celebrated in Chennai calls out to your wandering hearts. Celebrated in the months of mid-December and mid-January, this cultural festival falls in the Margazhi month as per the Tamil calendar. Formerly called the Margazhi Festival, this famous festival of South India takes place over a month and is observed as a way to connect one's soul to God by the means of mystic music and dance. Holding over 300 concerts, the event witnesses astounding performances by solo and group dancers and musicians mastering the art of instruments and different forms. Not only does this celebration gives out a chance to senior artists but to young prodigies as well. Globetrotters are pulled in by the magnetic music flowing from locations like heritage bungalows, auditoriums and most popularly from the temple complexes where instruments like Veena, Nadaswaram, Ghatam, Gottuvadyam, Mridangam and Thavil along with inspiring performances in languages like Telugu, Kannada and Tamil draw the attention of art connoisseurs.

Brief History of the Festival

Dating back to 1927, this popular festival of Tamilnadu was celebrated to pay homage to the Madras Music Academy and was named after the Tamil month of Margazhi. South Indian classical music from the yester years is ascertained as the perfect way to please the almighty due to the soul stirring tunes created by instruments. With passing time, the name of the festival which was Margazhi Festival was changed to Music & Dance Festival.

Duration of the Festival

Swarming in the city of Chennai in the months between December and January are the tourists that travel to witness the grandeur of Music and dance festival that takes place for 1 month.

Highlights/Rituals of the Festival

  • Over 300 concerts are held in the one-month long duration where not just senior artists but juniors spread their charm as well.
  • Languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada can be heard in the magical music compositions along with the amazing tunes played on instruments like Nadaswaram, Veena, Gottuvadyam, Ghatam,Thavil and Mridangam.

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