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Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park Tamil Nadu

It is not a coincidence that the picturesque attraction of Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park ensconced within the larger Gulf of Mannar biosphere reserve in Tamil Nadu. Spread across an area of 560 sq km and located in the Coromandel Coast region, the national park consists of 21 islets enclosed by coral reef areas and the shallow underwater habitat of marine biodiversity. The protected area has a high diversity of aquatic animals and plants. For tourists, glass bottom boats are available in order to explore this beaut attraction in Tamil Nadu. Also, the national park is counted amongst the richest areas in terms of marine biodiversity and is blessed with three marine ecosystems; Seagrass, Coral Reefs, and Mangroves. Such is the beauty and exquisiteness of the coral reefs of Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park that they are often esteemed as the ‘Underwater Tropical Rainforest’. Moreover, the national park gives an insight into the 11 species of seagrass and 117 species of hard coral that are present in the biodiversity of the reserve. Whereas aquatic animals are concerned, the reserve houses five species of turtles along with other marine species like whales, dolphins, sea cucumber, and dugongs that you can expect to see. Evidently, the place is one of the most exotic travel destinations in South India for that ultimate holiday experience. Whether you’re a wildlife buff or an individual who is more inclined towards nature, this place is surely a perfect stopover to bestow yourself with an impeccable escapade.

Best Time to Visit

The months October to March are considered as the ideal time to visit Gulf of Mannar National Park for indelible experiences and unforgettable time.

Where to Stay?

The park does not have its own hotel or resort whereas a number of accommodation options are available in Rameswaram (22 km) and Ramanathapuram (59 km) for tourists that ranges from premium to budget category.

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