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San Thome Cathedral Basilica Chennai Tamil Nadu

A 16th-century settlement, the construction of which is said to be the masterwork of Portuguese, is San Thome Cathedral Basilica. This is one of the most visited Roman Cathedral Church in Chennai making it a prominent attraction in the city. Erected atop the remains of one of Jesus’s apostles, this church is a masterpiece of Gothic style architecture. Along with that, the pristine shrine of San Thome is also recognized for its ostentatious interior and elegant stained-glass windows and a beautiful steeple that together embellishes its architecture. Moreover, the church also serves as a quick escape from Marina Beach as it is located in a close proximity to the Beach. For the fact, San Thome Cathedral Basilica is one of the only three churches in the world that are built on the tomb of Jesus’s apostle. Furthermore, there is also a museum associated with the church that exhibits the great apostle’s fingerprints along with the wall paintings of his life and death. In the display, there is also a weapon that killed the apostle - St. Thomas making a visit to this fascinating place indelible.

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