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Sivagangai Travel Guide

As you enter into this sleepy district headquarters of Sivagangai, be prepared to be welcomed by the tingling of temple bells and strong essence of incense sticks. Soaking in the very essence of Tamil traditions, the town is probably best described as chaotic as well as soulful. Sprinkled with temples and a host of other religious places, Sivagangai is yet another tourism attraction in the state of Tamil Nadu that has gradually emerged as a somewhat popular travel destination. The ancient Dravidian structures of the several temples adorning the skyline of Sivagangai, make for an ideal treat to the eyes of a discerning traveller. In fact, there are numerous places to visit in Sivagangai that can enthral travellers completely. While pilgrims might have the best of the times in the town soaking in spirituality, explorers can also have their fair share of enjoyment by visiting the nearby palaces and sanctuaries. Foundation of Sivagangai can be traced back to the 18th century and it is believed that the town was founded by Sasivarana Udaya Thevar of the Sivagangai Dynasty, after whom the town gradually named. Needless to say, the ruling dynasties left behind their footprint in Sivagangai in the form of numerous temples that they built.

One of the most popular places to visit in Sivagangai happens to be the Pattamangalam Guru Temple. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple attracts thousands of pilgrims the year-round. On the other hand, the Maddapuram Kali Temple is yet another prominent attraction in Sivagangai. The town of Sivagangai with its myriad colours and uniqueness, along with a somewhat slower pace of life is bound to make family holiday absolutely memorable. Some other interesting points of interest in Sivagangai, happens to be few more Hindu places of worship such as the Kollangudi Kali Temple, Ariyakkudi Perumal Temple and the Kaleshwarar Temple. On the other hand, for history buffs and nature lovers, the town offers places of interest such as Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary and the Chettiar Mansion. Our Sivagangai travel guide provides an insight into all the top attractions and things to do in this district town of Tamil Nadu. From offering prayers at the numerous temples dotted all over to observing aviary at the bird sanctuary and admiring historical mansion, our travel guide offers you valuable information for a hassle-free planning of your holiday in Sivagangai.

Best Time to Visit Sivagangai

Just like most of its southern counterparts, Sivagangai enjoys a hot and humid climate almost all through the year. Despite that, as a travel destination, the town can be visited almost the year round. However, in order to experience the best of Sivagangai, winters are possibly the best time of the year.

  • Summer


    Summers in Sivagangai are warm and sunny and even humid to a certain extent. Hence its attracts less number of tourists. However, the early summer months do attract some tourists though less in numbers. But, peak summers are best avoided as temperature often soars up to 40°C.

  • Monsoon


    Monsoons in Sivagangai span from June till early September with moderate to somewhat heavy rainfall characterising the region. On the other hand, humidity levels do go up to certain extent, thereby making it somewhat uncomfortable for tourists to explore the region around.

  • Winter


    Winters are probably the best time to visit Sivagangai. Winters in the town span from mid-November till February end. Temperature during this time ranges between 20°C and 27°C thus making pretty much soothing for travellers to explore Sivagangai.

Best Places to Visit and Things to Do in and Around Sivagangai

Those who want to get a slice of the Tamil culture and soak into it completely, travelling to Sivgangai is a must. Whether it is about admiring the beauty of the Chettiar Mansion or worshipping at the many temples sprinkled all over - visitors have plenty of things to keep themselves engaged.

  • Pattammangalam Guru Temple

    One of the prominent religious shrines in Sivagangai, the Pattammangalam Guru Temple has the presiding deities of Lord Shiva along with his consort. The temple architecture is Dravidian in style and exudes absolute beauty. The gopuram of the temple is extremely beautiful and colourful. The temple complex houses ample multi-hued figurines that add on to the beauty.

  • Madapurram Kali Temple

    Dedicated to Goddess Bathra Kali, the Madapurram is a major Hindu religious shrine in Sivagangai. The temple is believed to be nearly 1000 years old and attracts thousands of devotees. The deity here is considered the Goddess of prosperity and also someone who can ward off evil spirit and black magic and is 13 feet tall and is guarded by two demons.

  • Thayamangalam Muthumariamman Temple

    Thyamangalam is a very small town in the Sivagangai district where the Mutumariamman Temple is located. The presiding deity here happens to be the Goddess Amman who is considered to be the protector of all and also the one who has power to solve everyone's problems. Thousands of devotees even including billionaires are believed to throng to the temple to seek blessings of Amman Goddess.

  • Kollangudi Kali Temple

    Also known as Vettudaya Kali Temple, the Kollangudi Kali temple is yet another major Hindu shrine in the district of Sivagangai. According to mythological legends, Goddess Kali slayed the demon Chandasura at this very place. Thus, the Goddess here is considered to be very powerful. The architecture of the temple happens to be astounding (Dravidian style) and often leaves visitors in awe.

  • Nattarasankottai Kannathal Temple

    A major Hindu religious shrine in the Sivagangai district, the Nattarasankottai Kannathal Temple or Kannudayanaki Amman Temple, has the presiding deity of Goddess Amman. She is believed to possess immense power and blesses all those who seek her with absolute devotion. The typical Dravidian architecture of the temple is yet another attraction which is worth admiring.

  • Sorna Kaleeswarar Temple Kalaiyarkoil

    Situated in the Kaliyar Kovil region of the Sivagangai District, the Sorna Kaleeeswarar Temple is yet another major Hindu religious shrine of Tamil Nadu. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple is adorned with an exquisite Dravidian architecture. The Raja Gopuram of the temple is adorned with several small human figurines and the colour blue is in much prominence.

  • Ariyakkudi Perumal Temple

    Located in Ariyakkudi, the Venkatamudayan Perumal Temple is often referred to as the Ariyakkudi Temple by the locals. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu (also known as Then Tirupati), the temple is believed to be nearly 500 years old. The typical Dravidian style of architecture of the temple adorned with numerous human figurines is a sight to behold.

  • Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary

    There's a slice of raw nature in Sivagangai where nature lovers can have their fair share of enjoyment. Declared a bird sanctuary in 1977, the reserve houses several species of avifauna. The drainage basins attract nearly 217 species birds with their number exceeding almost 8000. Be ready with your binoculars to be able to spot painted storks, darters, herons, egrets and even flamingos.

  • Karpaga Vinayagar Temple

    Dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the shrine is an ancient rock-cut temple. Though the presiding deity happens to be of Lord Ganesha, the temple still has idols of several other Gods such as Lord Shiva. Though the temple was built under patronage of the Pandyas, the age of the rock-cut temple is believed to be 2500 years. The Raja Gopuram is constructed in the typical Dravidian style of architecture.

  • Kundrakkudi Murugan Temple

    Also known as Shanmugunathar Temple, the Kundrakkudi Murugan Temple is a prominent religious shrine in the district of Sivagangai. Dedicated to Lord Murugan, the temple is situated atop a hill near Karaikudi. Often referred to as Mayurachalam, the temple can be reached climbing a flight of 150 steps. Here Lord Muruga appears with his consorts Valli and Deivanai. At the bottom of the hill, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

  • Chettiar Mansion

    Constructed in 1902, the Chettiar Mansion is a major historical attraction in Sivagangai. The huge building exudes beauty and awe in every form. The palace spans 42,000 square feet and was built with granite from Spain, marble from Italy, teak from Burma, cast iron from the UK, and stone and tiles from the famous Athanagudi tile factories. The intricately carved ceilings and the black and white floor tiles exudes an old-world charm.

Where to Stay in Sivagangai?

Owing to its gaining popularity, the places to stay in Sivagangai are ample. Travellers can choose from a host of accommodations in the district town of Sivagangai. From budget hotels to mid-range ones, from affordable guest houses to lodges - one can find all kinds of accommodations suiting their pockets in Sivagangai.

How to Reach Sivagangai?

Sivagangai can be easily reached from anywhere in India. However, one needs to take a flight till Madurai and then travel all the way to Sivagnagai either in a local train or a bus. The district town can be reached via road as well.

  • By Air

    Sivagangai can be reached via air. One has to take a flight till Madurai and then hop on a bus or taxi that will help them reach Sivagangai. Roughly 45 kilometres away from Madurai, it takes around an hour to reach Sivagangai.

  • By Rail

    Sivagangai has its own railway station and several local trains from all major neighbouring town and cities ply there on a daily basis. However, if you are travelling from western or extreme northern part of the country, then you may take an express train till Bengaluru or Chennai and then board another train that will take you to Sivagangai.

  • By Road

    Travelling to Sivagangai by road is also an excellent idea. The road conditions are pretty good, and a long-drive makes for a pleasant experience. NH 85 connects Madurai to Sivagangai and NH 38 connects Sivagangai to Chennai. The town is also connected by the state-run buses from major cities of Tamil Nadu.

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