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Navratri Festival in Tamil Nadu

A nine-day celebration, Navratri in Tamil Nadu is equally a grand festival as it is in other parts of the country. The making of dolls of Golu/Kolu for display on wooden steps marks the celebration as a bit different from rest of India.

Navratri Festival in Tamil Nadu

Sending out love to the three divine goddesses Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati are the Tamil natives of South India that celebrate Navaratri. A festival that is celebrated all over the motherland in the post monsoon season, has different reasons and rituals for revering the celestial beings. As for Tamilnadu, with the end of Mahalaya this popular festival along with Devi Paksha begins and spreads hues of vibrancy all over the state. Tamils pep up their home by lighting lamps and making Kolam(Rangoli) just to give a warm welcome to their guests. This is followed by sculpting Gods and Goddesses in the form of idols and toys which are curated with the use of wood, marble and clay. These finely made idols are worshipped by keeping them on a dais and are popularly known as Kolu. Furthermore, as the evening dawns, relatives pay a visit to each other's home and exchange gifts where they enjoy the devotional melodies and try out some savoury chundal and other homemade sweets. The gifts usually include fresh flowers, betel leaf, coconut, comb,haldi-kumkum; whereas the married women are given bindi, ornaments and chudiya (bangles).

Brief History of the Festival

Only if we could travel back in time, we could witness the legends that are closely etched to the liveliness of this festival. Owning its name as one of the most ancient traditional festival of Tamilnadu, Navratri idolises the goddesses Saraswati, Durga and Lakshmi and cherishes the presence of such brave deities. From back in that age till now, Tamils kick off this festival firstly by revelling in the soothing Vedic chants followed by giving out their heart to the stunning classical dance performances specialised in Mohiniattam and Bharatanatyam performed in prismatic shrines, palaces and community centres.

Duration of the Festival

Witness the outpouring devotion of thousands of worshippers in this 9 days festival which is celebrated in the post monsoon season. Essentially, this religious event is observed four times in a year, but it is Sharada Navarathiri devoted to Goddess Durga which is honoured throughout the country in the autumn season.

Highlights/Rituals of the Festival

  • Saraswati Puja is also performed on the 9th day of the festivities where books and musical instruments are worshipped and are kept at the fore of Kolu, followed by dwelling into the spiritual music.
  • The last day of this famous festival of Tamil Nadu is known as Vijayadashami where as per the rituals, one of the idols is laid to rest from the embellished Kolu toys signifying the end of Navratri.

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