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Kumbakkarai Falls Tamil Nadu

For those who are on a lookout for a calm and reviving tourist spot in Tamil Nadu, Kumbakkarai Falls in Theni District is the place for you. These falls even though are not as renowned as the other popular waterfalls of Tamilnadu, there is one thing it is known for i.e., its clean and verdant environs. Throwing some spot on the place where these falls originate from, it is when the waters from the Western Ghats descend upon the rocks and crisscross through the grasslands as Kumbakkarai Falls, that the water of river Pamba finally meets at the foothills of the Kodaikanal Hills blessed with healing properties. If you look close enough then only will you be able to sight the two-stage fall of Kumbakkarai. Where at first the water comes greeting the rocks that are given names of wild animals like elephant, snake, tiger to name a few. In the next stage, the water flows for straight 5 km and then hugs the Kumbakkarai cascade.

Even though travellers from across the globe had not seen the charm of these waterfalls in Tamilnadu, the locals used to come here to enjoy every now and then. However, in 1942, a Periyakulam based businessman named Thiru K.Chellam Iyer attained permission from the British Government to revamp the Kumbakkarai Falls. Not only did his thoughts for a change included a facelift just to avoid the mishaps that were taking place due to the presence of a pit near the falls but also to turn the place into an engaging tourist attraction in Tamilnadu. Facilities like pool, proper railing from the entrance to the falls, changing rooms and a restroom were constructed. Besides, a watchtower to monitor was also built for the department staff.

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