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Rock Fort Temple in Tamil Nadu

Probably only a traveller would know how beautiful it is to take over Tamilnadu for a vacation and relish the heritage attractions of South India. Gifted with one such marvel out of the many classic temple complexes is the Tiruchirapalli Rockfort, the oldest in the world. Built over 3.8 billion years ago, this heritage site in Tamil Nadu is home to temples namely Thayumanaswamy Temple, Ucchi Pillayar Temple, Ganesha temple and a Madurai Nayak-era fort. Taking place over an 83 m high rock, the complex has beheld a number of wars some of which took place between the Carnatic region and Maratha Imperial forces and Madurai Nayakas and Adil Shahi dynasty of Bijapur. Renowned for being as old as the rocks in Greenland it is said that the complex was firstly built by the Pallavas whose style of architecture included free standing structure-based shrines. Later sometime, the Fort went under massive renovation which was done by the Nayaks. A climb of 344 steps lead you to this popular tourist attraction which has some elements of Quartz and feldspar in its making.

Best Time to Visit

Pack your bags and get ready to sightsee this temple complex in the winter months of November to February as it is considered the best time to visit here.


Tiruchirapalli Rock Fort, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 620020

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