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Coimbatore Travel Guide

Dubbed the Manchester of the South, Coimbatore is one of the most important tourism destination in Tamil Nadu. From the vibrant and colourful markets to the purring of its numerous looms, Coimbatore has an essence of balminess associated with it. An impeccable blend of tradition and the modern, this hill destination is definitely one of the most visited places in South India. The cool waters of the Noyyal River flowing through one of the fringes of the city, adds to its natural beauty. With the Nilgiri Mountains at its backdrop further enhancing its exquisiteness, needless to say that the city makes for an ideal tourism destination for a nature lover. From temples to churches, museums to sanctuaries, theme parks to scenic mountains-the places to visit in Coimbatore will fill you up with an absolute sense of wonder. There are ample things to do in Coimbatore that will excite an enthusiastic traveller to the core. Whether you are a solo traveller or you are travelling with a bunch of friends, you can have an exciting time exploring temples or visiting natural attractions such as the Monkey Falls, the Kovai Kutralam Falls and the like.

One of the most popular places to see in Coimbatore for someone seeking a spiritual getaway happens to be the Dhyanalinga Temple. A yogic temple, the shrine is a unique place where devotees can choose to meditate for long hours. Other major attractions of spiritual tour include Marudamalai Temple, Arulmigu Patteswarar Swami Temple and Sri Naga Sai Temple. Apart from these major temples, there are endless sightseeing places in Coimbatore that travellers can find simply enthralling including scenic landscape adorned with rolling mountains and gurgling waterfalls, there are also some theme parks. Spend some time at the beautiful hills or enjoy with your family at the waterfalls - take your kids to the theme park - the numerous things to do in Coimbatore can make a holiday worth remembering. Other than such activities, visitors can also opt for shopping at the various colourful bazaars of the city and at the modern-day malls. In our Coimbatore travel guide, we have tried our best to compile an extensive list of all the places to visit in Coimbatore and also the things to do for the travellers.

Best Time to Visit Coimbatore

Unlike most of South India, Coimbatore generally has a somewhat pleasant and salubrious weather. The city experiences a tropical wet and a dry climate with mild winters and moderate to hot summers. A lot of rainfall is also recorded during monsoons. The best time to experience Coimbatore at its best however remains winter. The weather gets cooler and rarely goes below 14°C, thus enabling travellers to enjoy to the fullest.

  • Summer


    Summer months in Coimbatore spans from March to end of May. During these months, the average weather conditions are usually hot with the mercury level soaring even up to 35°C. It might stay a bit sunny in the daytime but the evening is always pleasant. The tourists and pilgrims do visit the place, however the number is less compared to the winter season.

  • Monsoon


    The usual monsoons span from June to September and the average annual rainfall during this time ranges from 600 mm to 700mm with an increased percentage of humidity in the air. While the beauty of nature is at its best during this time, it can become somewhat uncomfortable for travellers owing to rainfall. Nonetheless some travellers do visit during monsoons as well.

  • Winter


    Winters are probably the best time to visit Coimbatore when the climate is absolutely pleasant. December to March are the best months to visit Coimbatore. The weather during this time is absolutely pleasant with temperature ranging from 15°C to 22°C maximum. Since the weather remains mild, it is much easier for travellers to explore all around the city.

Popular Tourist Attractions and Things to Do in and around Coimbatore

Despite its popularity as a textile and technology hub of South India, the city has been able to retain its admiration among millions of travellers. Whether as a weekend getaway for the people of neighbouring cities or family vacation from all over, the various places to visit in Coimbatore will fill travellers with great delight.

  • Dhyanalinga Temple

    The Dhyanalinga temple is one of the most popular religious shrines in Coimbatore. Dhyana in Sanskrit means meditation and lingam means a form. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple was built in 1999 by an individual named Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, a yogi and a mystic. This unique temple is dedicated completely to meditation and complete silence is maintained inside the temple premises. The Dhyanalinga temple does not ascribe to any particular faith or religion.

  • Marudamalai Temple

    Marudamalai is yet another major temple in the city of Coimbatore flocked by thousands of devotees round the year. This 12th century temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan and is considered as one of the seventh houses of him. Like most other Murugan Temples, this shrine is also placed upon a hillock. Several festivals are celebrated round the year among whom, Thai Poosam is the most common.

  • Arulmigu Patteeswarar Swamy Temple

    Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Arulmigu Patteeswarar Swamy Temple is yet another popular religious shrine in Coimbatore. While Lord Shiva is the main presiding deity here, the temple has other deities as well such as Goddess Parvati, Lord Muruga, Sun God Bhairav and even Moon God Anjanayar. The temple is basically considered a Nataraja Temple. Built in the typical Dravidian style of architecture, the temple is nearly 2000 years old.

  • Adiyogi Shiva

    The statue of Adiyogi Shiva is a major tourist attraction is Coimbatore. The statue has been recognized as the largest bust sculpture in the world by the Guinness World Records. Designed by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, the statue is 24.00 feet tall and 147 feet long. It weighs around 500 tonnes. The statue was designed over two years and manufactured within eight months' time. Barely a few years' old, the statue is a huge tourist attraction in Coimbatore.

  • Brookfields Mall

    If you are looking to shop in Coimbatore, you must choose to visit the Brookfields Mall. Located in the Brookbond Road, the shopping mall was open to the public in 2009. It houses nearly 120 stalls and a six-screen multiplex. It has a huge food court that serves multi-cuisine dishes. The mall provides full Wi-Fi connectivity and has a game zone as well for kids.

  • Eachanari Vinayagar Temple

    Located a few kilometres away from the city centre of Coimbatore, the Eachanari Vinayagar Temple is yet another popular religious shrine in the city. Dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the temple is said to be 1500 years' old. The idol here happens to be six feet tall who is worshipped by thousands of devotees round the year. Some of the best times to visit the temple happens to be Ganesh Chaturthi, Basant Panchami and Tamil New Year.

  • Codissia Trade Fair Complex

    Located near the airport, the Codissia Trade Fair Complex is popular tourist attraction of Coimbatore where several travellers and traders flock. The complex is an amazing place to hang out with friends and family. Lush green gardens with colourful blooming flowers will welcome you, once you step into the gardens. It's definitely a sight to behold. The place offers some excellent dining options as well.

  • Kovai Kutralam Falls

    Located in Suruvani Hills, the Kovai Kutralam Falls is a wonderful tourist attraction in Coimbatore. The waterfall is located inside the deepest fragment of the impenetrable woodlands and offers and offers a beautiful sight to behold. Travellers, especially family vacationers can spend some good time here. One can also watch a host of birds and other wildlife. However, owing to the Falls location inside a dense forest, travellers are not permitted after 5 pm.

  • Black Thunder Theme Park

    One of the most amusement theme parks of Coimbatore happens to be the Black Thunder Theme Park. Located along the foothills of the beautiful Nilgiri Hills, the park is definitely worth a visit especially if you are accompanied by kids. Spend some quality time with your family here as your kids become busy taking a host of rides. You can also go for an adrenaline rush by opting for a few rides.

  • Gedee Car Museum

    One of the unusual and also one of the best places to visit in Coimbatore happens to be the Gedee Car Museum. The car museum opened its doors to public on April 2015 and since then, its has been a huge hit. Needless to say, that it attracts thousands of curious visitors throughout the year. One can observe a range of automobiles here - right from Rolls Royce to Porsche to even amazingly designed bikes. Read more

  • Vellingiri Mountains

    A part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the Vellingiri Mountains are a site in Coimbatore that is worth beholding. The picturesque verdure valleys will leave travellers completely spellbound. Often known as the 'Saptagiri' or 7 Hills, the Vellingiri Mountains are known for their spiritual significance and often viewed at par with Mount Kailash. Here also Lord Shiva is worshipped as Swayambhu who is believed to often grace the mountains.

  • Vellingiri Temple

    Situated at the foothills of the Vellingiri Mountains, the Vellingiri Temple is yet another revered shrine in Coimbatore. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the unique aspect of the temple happens to be that all the five lingams of Lord Shiva are housed together here in the temple which devotees can worship. The mountains of the same name where the temple is located is considered at par with Mount Kailash.

  • Monkey Falls

    One of the most famous tourist attractions in Coimbatore happens to be the Monkey Falls. Located roughly 65 kilometres away from city centre, the falls is enveloped by intense green foliage and rocky cliffs. Gushing down from a substantial height, the beautiful cascade is an amazing sight to behold. As it falls down at a great speed, it forms intense white froth in the pool below.

  • Tirupathi/Thirumalai Temple

    Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the Thirumalai Temple is a prominent religious shrine in Coimbatore. The shrine is quite popular among the devotees who throng to this place on a regular basis. The temple is constructed in a typical Dravidian architecture. Lord Vishnu's vehicle Garuda is closely associated with this temple and is shown here with two lions on its either side. Garuda's birthday is celebrated every year in the temple with much pomp and pleasure.

  • Masaniamman Temple

    Located in Pollachi, the Masaniamman Temple is an extremely popular Hindu Shrine in Coimbatore. The presiding deity of the temple is Masani Amman, a form of Shakti. The deity is seen in a lying posture measuring 15 feet. Other deities worshipped in the complex happens to be Netthi Kal (stone of justice) and Mahamuniappan. It believed that Masani Amman has the power to cure all kinds of illness if you go around her trident.

  • ISKCON Temple

    Coimbatore ISKCON Temple is a popular Hindu religious shrine in the city. Just like any other ISKCON temple scattered throughout the country, the temple is extremely popular and is thronged by thousands of devotees round the year. Built in the typical Dravidian style of architecture, the temple is spread across an area of nearly 20,000 square feet. Some of the presiding deities in the temple happens to be Sri Radha Krishna, Shri Baladev and Subhadra.

  • G.D. Naidu Industrial Exhibition Centre

    An offbeat place to visit in Coimbatore happens to be the G.D. Naidu Industrial Exhibition Centre. If you are a tech freak then you must visit this place. The exhibition centre houses all kinds of technical stuff and equipment that are of interest to tech freaks. The exhibition centre was founded by GD Naidu, a famous technocrat from Coimbatore. Exhibits include automobiles, industrial and mechanical exhibits. Read more

  • Mundhi Vinayagur Temple

    Located in Puliakalam, the Mundhi Vinayagur Temple is a prominent Hindu shrine in Coimbatore. Dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the temple boasts of a statue of the Siddhidata which is probably the biggest in Asia. The statue measures 20 feet by 20 feet in height and width and it is cut out from a single rock. Owing to its immense popularity, the temple witnesses several devotees thronging every day.

  • Sri Naga Sai Temple

    Sri Nag Sai Temple is a Hindu shrine in Coimbatore dedicated to the Indian spiritual leader Shirdi Sri Sai Baba. However, Naga translates into snake in Sanskrit and there's an interesting anecdote behind the naming of the temple. It is said that in 1943, on a Thursday evening when bhajan was in progress at the temple, suddenly a cobra having an unusually big head appeared and stood before Sai Baba's picture in a pose of worship. Since then, the temple got its name Sri Naga Sai Temple.

  • Fun City Mall/ Fun Republic Mall

    Shopping is an integral part of any travel experience. And Coimbatore offers the same to travellers through one of its bigger shopping malls-the Fun Republic Mall. Open to the public in 2012, within a very shot span of time, the mall went on to become one of the most popular shopping places in Coimbatore.

  • Sree Ayyappan Temple

    The Sree Ayyappan Temple is yet another major Hindu religious shrine in the city of Coimbatore. Dedicated to Lord Sri Ayyappa, the solid traditional architecture of the temple is often compared to that of the famous Sabarimala Temple of Kerala. Planning for construction of a temple started way back in 1942 and it was finally completed and opened to the public in 1972.

  • Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary

    Spread across an area of 391 square kilometres, the Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary is an amazing place to visit in Coimbatore. Nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts can have a wonderful time at the sanctuary. The sanctuary boasts of a rich biodiversity. Travellers can spot a host of wildlife here. These include Nilgiri tahr, elephants, Bengal tigers, Indian leopards, wild boars, sambars, flying squirrels and gaurs. Several birds such as storks, eagle, owls, kingfishers, hornbill and woodpeckers can be spotted here.

Where to Stay in Coimbatore?

Since Coimbatore is an important city of Tamil Nadu, accommodation options are easily available in the city. Whether you are an Indian family or a backpacker from a different country, you can find a host of accommodations in the city suiting your budget. High-end hotels, backpackers' youth hostels, mid-range to budget hotels and a lot more are available in the city.

How to Reach Coimbatore?

The second most important city of Tamil Nadu after Chennai, Coimbatore can be easily reached from all over the country. The city has its own airport and a railway station well-connected making it much easy commuting to Coimbatore. Other nearest airports and railway stations happen to be Chennai and Madurai.

  • By Air

    Since Coimbatore has its own airport a lot of domestic airlines operate on a daily basis. Another option is to fly to Chennai and then take another connecting flight to Coimbatore for there.

  • By Rail

    Just like the airport, Coimbatore has its own railway junction which happens to be extremely well-connected to all major cities of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and other neighbouring states. Express trains from Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Madurai can be easily availed.

  • By Road

    Travelling to Coimbatore by road is also a good idea. Travellers can either take a bus or taxis from the above-mentioned cities and reach Coimbatore by road. NH 48 and NH 79 connects Chennai to Coimbatore. If you are travelling from Bengaluru, you can take State Highway 38 to reach Coimbatore. Since road conditions are very good, travelling by road can be good experience.

Tamil Nadu Travel Information at a Glance

There's an abundance of culture, tradition, art, craft, nature, and wildlife experiences awaiting in Tamil Nadu. Choose from our wide array of Tamil Nadu travel packages and get that incredible holiday experience at this colour palette kind of a destination. We design the finest tour packages keeping your likes and dislikes in mind so that you are guaranteed a holistic travelling experience that too in a budget of your choice.