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Point Calimere Sanctuary Tamil Nadu

Established in 1967 with a sole purpose of protecting and conserving the endangered Black Antelopes, Point Calimere Sanctuary is amongst the most-loved travel destinations in Nagapattinam district of state Tamil Nadu. This 21.47 sq km long protected area, along with Palk Strait where it meets the Bay of Bengal at Point Calimere, witnesses a tremendous growth of mangroves and tidal swamps because of the coastal properties. Proffering some inevitable experiences, Point Calimere Sanctuary engage tourists with its enthralling assortment of animals and birds. Chital, Macaque, Black Buck, Bonnet and Wild Boar are some of the wild creatures which you can expect to see at this compelling wildlife sanctuary in Tamil Nadu. Whereas, some exotic birds like teals, girls, plover, terns, stilts, and more. Flamingos, Avocet, and Waterfowl are some migratory birds for which the sanctuary is also known for. Moreover, the dancing show of friendly Dolphins gives some worth visiting joy to visitors. Along with that, here, you can also see the unhurried turtles walking near the shore.

Best Time to Visit

In the winter season, the sanctuary witnesses a heavy footfall of visitors, and hence, considered as the ideal season to visit Point Calimere Sanctuary. You can spot Blackbucks and other animals round the year but not the water birds, many of whom are migratory and are seen in abundance during the winter months.

Where to Stay?

The sanctuary boasts forest rest houses at Point Calimere with all the catering arrangements and facilities where tourists can have a comfortable stay and pleasing sleep.

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