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Theni Travel Guide

Almost always engulfed in foggy mist, the town of Theni in Tamil Nadu has started emerging as prominent tourist destination in South India. Every morning as the sunlight brightens up, thinning the lining of fog, Theni transforms itself into a wonderful green carpet covering substantial parts of the lofty Western Ghats. From the neatly lined plantations of cardamom, coffee and tea, strong aroma fills the air that adds to the appeal of the town. In the background low of city routine emanates from the colourful markets that mingle with the gurgling sound of waterfalls and the chiming of temple bells. A perfect blend of serenity, spirituality, nature and activities, Theni is sure to lure you with its vibrant and spellbinding spirit. Nestled right amid the lap of nature, when it comes to the places to visit, Theni is an absolute treasure trove. From river beds to dams, and from temples to waterfalls - travellers in Theni will be spoilt for choice. One of the most prominent tourist attractions in Theni happens to be the Vaigai Dam built across the Vaigai River. Over time, areas surrounding this magnificent structure has turned out to be a picnic spot for tourists. Among other things, travellers can enjoy visiting places like the Kumbakarai Falls and the Suruli Falls. Gushing down from a great height, the falls are worth a sight to behold. Apart from these, Theni is also steeped in spirituality and the presence of several religious shrines is a testimony to it.

Needless to say that several religious places to visit in Theni that can make a devotee feel more blessed. Some of the top temples in the city include the Vellappar Temple, Kamatchi Amman Temple and the Balasubramanya Temple. These temples are thronged by several travellers and devotees round the year. A visit to the Kolukkamalai Tea estate is a must while in Theni. Redeemed as the world's highest organic tea estate, the tour of this place is as exciting as it can get. Other interesting travel places in Theni are its numerous plantations that include tea, coffee and a host of spices. Take a stroll along the vibrant markets of Theni and explore the huge collection of spices and condiments at display along the stores. From handloom products to agricultural products - all can be bought at a reasonable price, though a bit of bargaining is always a good idea. As a travel destination, Theni is welcoming to all kinds of travellers. Be it, family vacationers or solo travellers, backpackers and travel groups - all can have their fair share in this tourist place of Tamil Nadu. In our Theni travel guide, we have compiled an extensive list of all the major places to visit and things to do. Be it spending an entire day at Andipatti or opting for a picnic with your family at the Vaigai Dam; from offering prayers at the numerous temples sprinkled all over to admiring natural wonders like waterfalls or hopping around in a tea estate - we have covered it all.

Best Time to Visit Theni

Unlike its south Indian counterparts, the weather of Theni is somewhat salubrious for a substantial part of the year. However, winters and the onset of summers are the ideal time to visit Theni. The weather during this time happens to be the best with cooler temperature ranging between 18° Celsius and 22° Celsius. The months of December to February make the best possible travel adventures in Theni. While the summer and monsoons do attract some travellers, the number is less owing to the hot and humid climate.

  • Summer


    Summers in Theni range from end of February till end of May and are characterised by very hot and humid climate. Since temperatures range from roughly 35° Celsius to 39° Celsius, it makes exploring around the town near a bit uncomfortable. Though some enthusiastic travellers still visit Theni during this time, the percentage is pretty much less.

  • Monsoon


    Just like pan-India, monsoons in Theni range from June end till early September. Monsoons in Theni experience moderate to heavy rainfall and thus the humidity levels go up to substantially. The humidity in the weather along with frequent rains makes it somewhat difficult for travellers to explore around the town. Nonetheless, if you are enthusiastic enough and want to explore Theni during monsoons, you may do so provided you are well-equipped with gears like umbrellas and raincoats.

  • Winter


    Winters are probably the best time to explore Theni when the weather is at its best. Theni usually experiences mild winters that span from November till mid-February. Summers are mild with slightly chilly winds blowing in the evenings. Otherwise it's a generally pleasant weather during these months and travellers can make the most of their times.

Best Places to Visit and Things to do in & around Theni

Travellers who are keen on exploring a slightly offbeat travel destination in Tamil Nadu, must opt for Theni. Surrounded by hills and rivers along with ample verdure vegetation, a tour of Theni is bound to make you feel more delighted.

  • Andipatti

    Andippatti is a small village known for its flora and fauna. It is said that the Western Ghats starts from this particular place. In terms of activities, one can simply admire the beauty of the nature. Serene and calm, Andipatti's natural beauty is as alluring as charming. Apart from that, the village holds historical importance as it is argued to be a major battlefield during the Second World War.

  • Vaigai Dam

    The Viagai dam is one of the most popular places to visit in Theni. Located across the Vaigai River, the dam is nearly 111 feet high. There's a beautiful garden located just next to the dam known as Little Brindaban. This garden often materialises as picnic spot and is a great place to relax for travellers. The scenic hills on either side adds on the beauty of the place.

  • Mavoothu

    A major tourist attraction of Theni, Mavoothu is popular for a Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Vinayaka. The temple is named Velapar Temple and is perched on the Varushanad Hill. Built by the Kandamanur Zamindars, the temple is a popular among devotees and travellers alike. Since the areas surrounding the temple are filled with natural vegetation, it enhances the beauty of the area all the more.

  • Devadanapatti

    Yet another small village located very close to Theni, Davadanapatti is famous for a Hindu shrine namely, Kamakshi Amman Temple. The term Devadanapatti means 'village gifted to God'. Located on the banks of the Manjal River, the temple's presiding deity happens to be Mariamman, a form of Shakti. One of the most unique aspect of the temple happens to be its 'closed doors' behind which the sanctum sanctorum is stationed. Thousands of devotees who flock to the temple offer prayers behind the closed doors.

  • Periyakulam

    One of the major tourist attractions in Theni, happens to be the locality of Periyakulam. Referred to as the Mango City of Theni district, Periyakulam is a must-include in your itinerary. Needless to say,that you can not only have as many mangoes as you want but also have other fruits such as custard apples and fresh guavas. While you can satiate your love for the King of Fruits here in Periyakulam, the town can from your base to explore some nearby destinations like Vaigai Dam and Kumbakarai Falls.

  • Arulmigu Balasubramanya Temple

    Among all the religious shrines in Theni, the Arulmigu Balasubramanya Temple is a prominent Hindu temple in the region, located on the banks of the River Varaha. Believed to be almost 2000 years old, the temple's presiding deity happens to be Lord Subramanyam or Murugan. The idol here has six-heads and is highly revered among devotees. A statue of Lord Murugan's consort is also enshrined inside the temple complex.

  • Kumbakkarai Falls

    If you are looking to explore a natural wonder in Theni, then the Kumbakkarai Falls is a must visit. Though a comparatively lesser-known falls lying at the foothills of the Kodaikanal Hills, the waterfall attracts a lot of travellers round the year. It is divided two major stages. At stage one, water collects in huge rock recesses that are named after wild elephants such as tigers and elephants. Stage two is when the Pambar River joins in and flows from a greater height, that it is termed as the Kumbakkarai Falls. Read more

  • Sothuparai Dam

    Built across the Varaha River, the Sothuparaii Dam is yet another popular tourist attraction in Theni. One of the most interesting aspect of the dam is the pathway that leads to it. Filled with mango and coconut trees, the way to the Sothuparai Dam is an interesting experience. The dam is surrounded by greenery and verdure hills all around that further enhances the beauty of the place.

  • Mannavanur Lake

    Located a little away from Theni, the Mannavanur Lake, is yet another major attraction in the region flocked by several travellers. Picturesque and serene, the beautiful lake offers some stunning views of its natural surroundings. A popular attraction among travellers, the surrounding areas of the lake offers an excellent spot for picnic with family and friends.

  • Anayirankal Dam Reservoir

    A popular tourist attraction in Theni, Anayirankal Dam Reservoir will complete your itinerary of the region. Scenic and tranquil, the dam offers some beautiful views of the surrounding valleys. Tea plantations and hills covered with rich vegetation add on to the natural beauty of the place. It is said, that often elephants from nearby forests come here to drink water from the reservoir. If you are lucky enough, you might spot some.

  • Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

    Considered the highest organic tea estate in the world, a visit to the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate near Theni is a must. Started way back in the 1900s by a Scottish planter, the tea estate continues to be one of the few plantations in India where no modern computerised machines are used to bring out the finished product in the market. The undulating tea plantations of the estate surrounded by mountains are an absolute treat to the eyes.

  • Berijam Lake

    Located a few kilometres away from Theni, the Berijam Lake is a reservoir which is also a popular tourist attraction in the region. Surrounded by hills on either side, the water body offers some grand views of the natural surroundings. The lush greenery offers amazing picnic opportunities for travellers travelling especially along with family. However, one requires a forest permit to visit Berijam Lake.

Where to Stay in Theni?

As a major tourist destination, Theni has ample places to stay and relax for travellers. Whether you are looking for high-end hotels or budget ones at prominent localities, you can find all of them at Theni. Right from family vacationers to travel groups or even solo travellers, all can find accommodations in Theni catering to a wide range of travellers and tourists from all kinds of background. For a better experience regarding your stay in Theni, it is advised that you book accommodations beforehand.

How to Reach Theni?

The lesser-known treasure of Tamil Nadu, Theni is well-connected by all three major means of transport. It can be easily reached from anywhere in South India, as well as the rest of the country. Theni is well-connected by buses and other mean of transport from cities like Puducherry, Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and Trichy.

  • By Air

    While Theni does not have its own airport, Madurai is the nearest airport at a distance of 77 km. On the other hand, the Madurai airport is well-connected to the rest of the country. Several domestic airlines ply to Madurai from all major Indian cities on daily basis. Once you have reached the Madurai airport, reaching Theni becomes an easy affair. Travellers can easily avail buses, cabs and other modes of transport to reach up to Theni.

  • By Rail

    Theni can be reached by train as well. Even this somewhat lesser-known jewel in Tamil Nadu has its own railway station. Trains from major cities in Tamil Nadu are available for Theni including Madurai, Chennai and Coimbatore. If you are travelling from places like Bengaluru or Kolkata, you may take a train to the above-mentioned cities in Tamil Nadu and then hop on to another train to Theni.

  • By Road

    Travelling to Theni by road is also a great idea. An extensive network of roads lead to this beautiful place called Theni and since road conditions in the region are just too good, driving (often self-drive) can also be a great idea. Chennai to Theni, the distance is roughly 500 kilometres and one needs to take National Highway (NH) 45 in order to arrive at this district town. If you are travelling from Madurai to Theni you need to take NH 47 and on the other hand, travellers coming from Coimbatore, they need to take NH 183.

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