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Namakkal Travel Guide

A prominent town and a district headquarters of the same name, Namakkal off late has emerged a popular tourist destination in Tamil Nadu as well as the rest of South India. Lying in the foothills of the Single Rock Hillock, Namakkal is famous as the transport town of Tamil Nadu since it's a manufacturing hub of automobile parts. But apart from enjoying the multifarious benefits of industrial progress, the region is also blessed with a rich culture and history. Numerous temples and natural historical sites are scattered all over Namakkal. The long reigns of dynasties such as the Atikula, Pallavas, Vijayanagar Empire and the Hoysalas have left behind their strong legacies in form of architectural splendours. Namakkal's renowned Rock Fort, which is also the top attraction in Namakkal, is an example of the same. Owing to its strategic location within the state of Tamil Nadu, over the time Namakkal has become a popular tourist destination for thousands of travellers. There are numerous places to visit in Namakkal that can fill you up with an absolute sense of wonder. Be it the remains of the Rock Fort, or the rock cut caves near the beautiful Kolli Hills-travellers will be thrilled to the core while exploring the stunning locales here. One of the most famous places to see in Namakkal happens to be the Anjaneya Temple. Dedicated to the Hindu Monkey God, Lord Hanuman, the temple attracts a lot of admirers for its unique architecture and the huge monolithic statue of the presiding deity.

Apart from the above-mentioned place of interest in Namakkal, there are a several other places for Hindu devotees to visit. Right from Namakkal Narasimha Temple to the famous Ettukai Amman Temple - pilgrims and travellers can have a wonderful time exploring this interesting place named Namakkal. The next major tourist attraction in Namakkal happens to be the Koli Hills, a hill with lush greenery that is perfect for a nature lover. The herbs growing on this mountain range is believed to have medicinal values. The way to the hills criss-crosses through many meandering routes before opening up to astounding attractions like the Akasa Gangai Waterfalls and the Arappaleeswarar Temple. Travellers can enjoy this amazing hilly terrain from a number of viewpoints including Telescope House, Botanical Gardens and Selur Nadu. Whether you are a family vacationer or travelling with your friends, Namakkal has something or the other to offer. You can go about enjoying with your friends as you take a dip in the waterfalls or offer prayers at the numerous temples with your beloved ones. In our Namakkal travel guide we have tried our best to compile an extensive list of all the points of interest that travellers would like to explore - right from temples, to valleys and waterfalls.

Best Time to Visit Namakkal

Owing to its location, Namakkal enjoys a somewhat tropical climate nearly throughout the year. Like most of its southern counterparts, Namakkal experiences a tropical humid climate where summer months get pretty much hot. Monsoons are moderate while winters are truly pleasant. Needless to say, that winters are the best time to visit Namakkal.

  • Summer


    Summer months in Namakkal span from early March to early June. Summers are hot and humid in the region and temperatures often soar up to 38°C. It goes without saying that it becomes somewhat difficult for tourists to explore around Namakkal in such high temperature.

  • Monsoon


    Namakkal can also be explored during Monsoons with the soaring mercury levels dropping to a certain extent. Temperature ranges between 26°C to 30°C. However, humidity levels can get somewhat high thereby making it pretty much uncomfortable for travellers to explore around the region. Despite that, some enthusiastic travellers often end up visiting the place.

  • Winter


    Winters are probably the best time to visit Namakkal. The weather around this time is absolutely pleasant with humidity in the air reduced to almost zero. Also, the average temperature ranges anywhere between 16°C and 20°C from November to February thus making it extremely convenient for travellers to explore the beauty of the place.

Places to Visit and Things to Do in & around Namakkal

The district of Namakkal makes for an ideal weekend getaway for many a discerning traveller; especially the ones from Tamil Nadu and its neighbouring states. Namakkal has something or the other in its platter for all - be it solo travellers, group of friends, family vacationers or backpackers - all can have their fair share of enjoyment while exploring Namakkal.

  • Anjaneya Temple

    The Anjaneya Temple is one of the most revered shrines in Namakkal and also the most visited temple. Constructed in the typical Dravidian style of architecture, the temple's presiding deity is Lord Hanuman. The legend of the temple is associated with Narasimha, an avatar of Vishnu, appearing for Lord Hanuman and Goddess Lakshmi. The statue of Anjaneyar (Lord Hanuman) is 18 feet tall, making it one of the tallest statues of Hanuman in India.

  • Namakkal Narasimha Temple

    The Namakkal Narasimha temple is a revered Hindu shrine in Namakkal as well as whole of Tamil Nadu. The temple's presiding deity happens to be Naramsimha, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Just like any other temple of south India, this particular shrine is also built in the traditional rock-cut and Dravidian style of architecture. Historians believe that the temple dates back to the eighth century and was built by the Pandya Kings.

  • Ettukai Amman Temple

    The Ettukai Amman temple is yet another popular religious shrine in Namakkal that ought to be visited by pilgrims and travellers. Located among the green valleys of Koli Mallai or Koli Hiils, the temple is worth a visit. The temple's deity happens to be Kolli Paavai or Ettuki Amman and is considered to be highly powerful who protects the temple. The shrine records maximum crowd on no-moon days.

  • Seeku Parai View Point

    A prominent sightseeing place in Namkkal happens to be the Seeku Parai Viewpoint. Located on the Koli Hills, the Seeku Parai Viewpoint is definitely one of the best places to catch a glimpse of the beautiful mountain ranges and verdure valleys. Travellers need to climb up a bit to reach up to the view point. Best times to visit the view point is early mornings and during the sunset for a memorable experience.

  • Agaya Gangai Waterfalls

    Cascading down from a great height in the Kolli Hills, the Agaya Gangai Falls is a prominent sightseeing place in Namakkal. Surrounded by hills and forests, the beauty and serenity of the place is worth a visit. The Agaya Gangai Falls attracts thousands of enthusiastic travellers who end up having an amazing time at this natural wonder. The Agaya Gangai Waterfalls and its surroundings also make for an amazing subject for enthusiastic photographers.

  • Arapaleeswarar Temple

    Arapaleeshwar Temple is yet another prominent religious in Namakkal that attracts thousands of devotees and tourists alike. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple is believed to be 1400 years' old and was constructed by King Kulothunga Cholan of the Chola Dynasty. It is said that there's a hidden path below the temple that ends at the Shiva Temple at Rasipuram. The simple architecture of the temple adds charm to the sanctity of the temple.

  • Selur View Point

    One of the most interesting places to visit in Namakkal happens to be the Selur View Point. Yet another major locale in Kolli Hills, the view point offers panoramic views of the mountains and the surrounding valleys. Since the point is located right at the top of the Koli Hills, the other smaller hills of the region can be seen from atop the point. If you have a passion for photography, the Selur View Point is a must visit!

Where to Stay in Namakkal?

Namakkal has lots of options while it comes to accommodation for travellers. The town boasts of a wide range of hotels and guest houses catering to all kinds of travellers - right from backpackers to luxury travellers and even family vacationers. Whether you want to opt for a budget hotel for your family or a high-end hotel to stay - Namakkal has all kinds of options available for you.

How to Reach Namakkal?

The lesser-known gem of Namakkal in Tamil Nadu can be easily accessed from a lot of major cities in south India and the rest of the country as well. It is connected by trains and buses from cities like Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirapalli and even Bengaluru. Different means transport is easily available that can take travellers to Namakkal.

  • By Air

    Tiruchirapalli happens to be the nearest airport to Namakkal, which is roughly 55 kilometres away. The airport is well-connected with the rest of South India and the rest of the country with a host of domestic airlines. On the other hand, travellers can also fly to Bengaluru, which has even better connectivity with the rest of the country. Once at the airport, cabs and buses to Namakkal can be easily availed which is 238 kilometres away. Other airports from where Namakkal can be easily accessed include Madurai (184 kilometres) and Kochi (299 kilometres). Cabs for Namakkal are available from the Chennai airport as well.

  • By Rail

    Namakkal can be easily accessed by the railways. Namakkal has its own railway station that was open to public only in 2013. An intermediate station in the Salem-Karur line, the station is well-connected to major cities in South India including Chennai, Erode, Kochi, Tuticorin and Bengaluru.

  • By Road

    Travelling to Namakkal by road is also a good idea as it is very well-connected by an extensive network of roadways from all major cities in South India including Bengaluru and Chennai. National Highway (NH) 44 connects Bengaluru to Namakkal which is roughly 234 kilometres away. On the other hand, Namakkal is connected to Chennai via the Tiruchi Road which is all set to become a National Highway in coming times. Namakkal can also be travelled by road from Pondicherry, Kochi and Madurai.

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