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Padmanabhapuram Palace Tamil Nadu

Give a historical touch to your holiday by planning a tour to Padmanabhapuram Palace, one of the must visit historical places in Tamilnadu. This palace which was built in 1601 AD by Iravi Varma Kulasekhara Perumal is renowned as one of the marvels of the travancore era. Forming a part of the Western Ghats, the town this palace is named after was once the capital of Travancore, a Hindu Kingdom ruled by the Travancore Royal Family. And even though this heritage site is seated at the foothills of Velli in the state of Tamil Nadu, it is sustained by the Government of Kerala. The heritage site that we see now was a gift of King Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma, prime mover of the modern Travancore (1729-1758) to the state in 1750. With almost the end of 18th Century, the capital of Travancore was transferred to Thiruvananthapuram, but it still won the hearts of travellers with its exquisite traditional Kerala architecture.  For the archaeologists, this heritage attraction houses murals that take them back to 17th and 18th century. And the words of praise of this architectural beauty doesn't end here as it also houses the intricately designed Queen Mother’s palace adorned with royal chairs and hued ceilings. Besides, the Durbar Hall, secret passages, artwork symbolising Lord Krishna, Goddess Saraswati’s Shrine, Council chamber, Performance hall, Southern palace are some other tourist attractions of this palace.

Best Time to Visit

Choose the months of October to March to plan a vacation in Tamilnadu and explore the Padmanabhapuram Palace as that’s the best time to visit here.

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