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Hogenakkal Falls Tamil Nadu

When in Tamilnadu, it gets mandatory to visit the Hogenakkal Falls, one of the most popular tourist spots in Tamilnadu. These falls are set up at an elevation of 700 m cuddled up on the river Kaveri in the Dharmapuri District of the state and lies on the border of Tamilnadu and Karnataka. The surrounding environs ooze out tranquillity and make it up for a delightful experience for the travellers coming here to enjoy some time alone. The Kaveri river shapes up at Talakaveri in Brahmagiri and gains its flow as the land dips to a certain elevation. On its way to Hogenakkal, a number of rivers intermingle with Kaveri River, turning it into a large one. The water is then diverted by rocky terrain which reminds its visitors of Niagara Falls and hence is popularly known as the “Niagara Falls of India”. After making its mark at the falls, the river then takes a southern route and pass into the Mettur Stanley Reservoir also known as Mettur Dam. The dam was constructed in the year 1939 for better irrigation and for hydropower generation.

The best time to plan a vacation to these falls is during the early monsoon season and also the dry season. Moreover, if you are in for an even splendid time here at these famous falls of Tamil Nadu, you can take a coracle ride and feel the bliss. The coracle that rows over here is basically a small round boat which has the capacity of holding around 5 people between the age of 10 to 70 years, including the oarsman and may vary. The ride floats its way and takes you as close as possible to the falls and then rows to the other beautiful parts where you also get a chance to take a dip in the holy river Kaveri.

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