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Kanchi Kudil Kanchipuram Tamil Nadu

Step into the history itself while strolling down the beautiful historical museum of Kanchipuram, popularly referred as Kanchi Kudil. This place is a traditional house turned museum and is perfect to capture a glimpse of ancient Kanchipuram and its culture. A heritage tour to this enticing museum helps you to know about the traditional lifestyle of the town through its incredible exhibits. Not just this, the museum also welcomes you with the traditional style of architecture wherein replicas of locals are put up on display to give a better insight of the town’s culture that prevailed some 100 years ago. For the display, this must-see museum in Kanchipuram has an exclusive collection of ancient relics which include, wooden swings, rocking chairs, utensils, and furniture that altogether takes you back in the history itself. Moreover, the house also has several old paintings, and photographs of women with traditional jewelry on the wall along with over a century old lamp. Even the native’s replicas are also kept on display dressing up with traditional outfits. Along with that, this beautiful museum also has a pooja room which elaborates how people during old time used to pay homage to their God. Here, you can relate the ancient time through the sculptures, photos of deities, and items that were used for pooja in the ancient time that all are now kept on display. This one-of-a-kind museum in Tamilnadu also has a rock-floor kitchen which exhibits traditional crockeries and utensils. As you further explore the house, you’ll get to see more yet equally enticing relics in the form of decorative items and toys. Therefore, don’t dare to exclude this treasure trove from your list of places to visit in Tamilnadu while touring South India for some warm and surreal experience.


All Days: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Major Highlights

  • Paintings
  • Photos
  • Utensils
  • Furniture
  • Pooja Items
  • Traditional Architecture
  • Local’s Replicas

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