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Chayavaneashwara Temple Trichy Tamil Nadu

Nestled close to the conflux of Kaveri river which has its devotees mind and soul dipped in the worship of Lord Shiva is none other than Chayavaneashwara Temple. This famous temple of Tamil Nadu finds its place in Chayavanam in the city of Trichy and talks about the tale of the revered Shaivite saint Iyarpagai Nayanar. Furthermore, as per the Hindu religious rites, if worshippers take a bath where the river meets the sea, it is considered to be very auspicious. And hence, pilgrims swarm in numbers to this temple for a holy dip.

Stories Associated with the Temple

Legend has it that one of the sixty-three Nayanmars (Shaivite Saints), Iyarpagai Nayanar who was known for his humble and generous ways of contributing to the temple and helping the other saints has his name attached to this tale. It is believed that an old man in the form of a saint came and asked Iyarpagai Nayanar to gift his wife to him to which the generous saint agreed. The whole society was devastated by the act of the saint and still, Iyarpagai Nayanar asked his wife to go with the saint and the wife agreed to her husband as a matter of respect. Later Iyarpagai Nayanar got to know that it was Lord Shiva in the form of the saint and as the Supreme Being was impressed by this act, he endowed the saint with salvation.


Chayavanam,Trichy, Tamilnadu.

Best Time to Visit

Winter months of December to February are considered the best time visit Chayavaneashwara Temple and other attractions of Trichy.

How to Reach?

The city of Trichy is well connected to all the major cities of Tamil Nadu and hence the best way to reach Chayavaneashwara Temple is via bus service.

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