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Top Tourist Attractions in Nagaland

Nagaland, a unique state of India, is enriched with fascinating tribal village life and varied colorful cultures. The combination of its lush green mountains, unrestricted valleys, maiden forests and crisp weather has the calibre to attract tourists from all of the world to this land of colours and exquisite scenic beauty. The state is endowed with informal, curious and warm people who never leave their visitors feeling unhome.

Starting with the tourist attractions, the capital city of Kohima serves as the spot for the trekkers and bikers providing enormous scope for camping, trekking and biking . The Japfu peak, is the second highest peak of Nagaland the trekking enthusiasts just can’t ignore. Also, because of the treat of the majestic view of Dzuko valley it comes up with at its finish line. The panoramic view of the valley making its way through the hills carpeted with grass and the rare species of lilies is mesmerising enough to lose yourself into. But not that lost to forget to pay your homage to the World War II Martyrs at the War Cemetery serving as the resting ground for both the British and the Japanese soldiers. Kohima Museum brings the traditions and cultures of different tribes of the state at one place, one can not afford to miss. And to actually live with it, the local community partnering with the Tourism department has built Touphema Village, Naga designed huts adorned with Naga household tradition, for the tourists to get the real feel of it.

The triple way fall of Triple fall is yet another enchanting spot near Kohima. And Ntangki Wildlife Sanctuary is an attractive option for the wildlife lovers. Last but not the least, leaving not the shopping and authentic food lovers unnoticed, Kohima Naga Bazaar offers them to shop splendid tribal handicrafts and in between to relish the favorite Naga dish, the black dog.

But that’s not yet the end, the other districts of Nagaland still have lots to offer. Like the Kachari Ruins located in Dimapur, is famous for its monoliths, the scattered stones and bricks that are believed to be the remains of the temples and embankments. Diezephe Craft Village in Dimapur itself, is another option for the handicraft lookers. Mokokchung, which was once considered to be the Capital of the Nagas, is the home of the ‘Ao’ Naga tribe. Khonoma Village, a step taken towards the conservation of the natural habitat by the tribal groups of Nagaland is safe heaven for the varied species of birds and animals. A visit to this is a must, to see the alternative form of living that is still being practiced by the naga tribes. Other than these are Shilloi Lake, beautiful foot shaped lake and the Mount Tiyi, the abode of the departed souls, that completes the list of the must visit places in Nagaland.

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