Cultural Heritage Tour of Nagaland
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  • START CITY Dimapur
  • END CITY Dimapur

Cultural Heritage Tour of Nagaland

The culturally unique Nagaland welcomes explorers and wanderers to understand and learn about the factors that make it stand out. Dotted with villages that are home to 16 different tribes and more than 100 sub-tribes, Nagaland offers opportunity to go beyond the conventional tours and by living with locals witness their unusual lives closely. In our 6N/7D Nagaland tour package, we pack your trip with varied experiences in the state that truly make it memorable. Beginning from exploring Kachari Ruins in Dimapur, the most developed city in Nagaland to visiting salt making village of Pelekie, from learning a skill or two of traditional fishing to spinning of cotton, this tour package will allow you to taste the different flavours of the Naga world. Our itinerary for this tour is also designed in such a way that each day is exciting and has an essence of culture and tradition, and not to forget nature. Prepare to be stunned with the gorgeousness of Nagaland and to have the best trip of your lifetime.


  • Dimapur

    On arrival, you will be met by our representative at Dimapur airport or railway station who will assist you with check in at the hotel. Post refreshment, we shall visit the Kachari Ruin site and further proceed to Diezephe Village or the Handicraft Village. Later come back to the hotel for overnight stay.

  • Dimapur- Benreu - 110 km

    Post breakfast, we shall drive to Benreu Village en route which we shall visit Peren Village where we will enjoy lunch. After having lunch, we will head out to Pelekie Village, which is famous for making indigenous salt. After stopping here for sometime, we will continue driving to Benreu Village. On arrival, check in at the community lodge and explore the village where we shall see Morung - a traditional yet informal institution where oral histories and traditions are passed from generation to generations. You will also come across few hunting trophies of wild animals hanging in front of their doors and shall have the opportunity to witness the Zeliang Naga dance performance here. Overnight stay at Benreu Village.

  • Benreu – Khonoma - 40 kms

    Today, after the breakfast, we will drive to Dzülekie, which is a small village of around 40 households. On reaching Dzülekie, (depending upon the season) we will participate in the traditional way of fishing and have picnic lunch. After the lunch, we shall drive towards Khonoma, which is reckoned to be the first Green Village of the country. On the way to Khonoma from Dzulekie, we will take a halt for a while to see the State animal, Mithun, which is often seen grazing on the wayside. Further proceed to Khonoma Village. Overnight Khonoma Homestay.

  • Khonoma

    Post breakfast today, we will head out to explore Khonoma Village, which houses a 27 sq kms territory of Khonoma Nature Conservation and Tragopan Sanctuary (KNCTS). At Khonoma you shall be able to explore the culture, history and nature in one place. We shall be witnessing ceremonial gates, morung, cairn circles, forts, historical sites and age group house. Also, we will get the opportunity to meet the local craftsmen that are skilled in weaving shawls and making cane baskets. Post lunch, we will visit the terrace fields and learn a thing or two about terrace cultivation. In the evening, we shall witness some local games demonstrated by the local youth and thereafter we will get to try the locally prepared brew. Homestay in Khonoma.

  • Khonoma - Kohima 20 km/1 hrs.

    In the morning today, after the breakfast, we will leave for Kohima. Today our visit will be to the State Museum, World War II Cemetery, local bazar, Sale Emporium, Kohima Village where we shall see few remains of the war during 1940s. Post lunch, we will visit Kisama Village, where the famed Hornbill festival takes place every year. At this heritage site, we shall witness traditional houses of all the major tribes built in unique designs. Next, we will visit Kigwema village where General Sato of the Japanese army stayed during the WWII. Overnight stay in Kohima.

  • Kohima- Tuophema 45 km

    Today, we will leave for Tuophema village after the breakfast. On arrival, we will enjoy lunch served on a huge table made out of a log. Post lunch, we will explore the village and meet the local people. In the evening, we will witness women folk performance about how the Nagas spin cotton. Overnight stay in Tuophema Community Cottages.

  • Tuophema - Dimapur 97 km

    Post breakfast, we shall drive to Dimapur to board our flight/train.

    Tour and Services ends

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