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Doyang River Wokha

Doyang River is one of the largest rivers of Nagaland. This long river is also called as Dzu or Dzulu by locals in Wokha District. The main tributaries of this river are Tsui, Tullo and Tishi. The Doyang River initiates from the north and goes on in an eastward direction to meet the Saju River, an eastward parallel tributary. Doyang River then enters Zunheboto district in a north-western direction and proceeds to form a prominent boundary line between the areas of Sema and Lotha. On the western side of Litami, the river takes a westward turn to finally enter the Wokha District. Numerous small hill streams from other districts merge into the river of Doyang. This river is important to the entire state of Nagaland as it provides ample water for irrigation and other purposes.

Popular Things to do & See

Doyang River is one of the major places to visit with its surrounding forests and water sports options. You can also do river fishing and enjoy a wonderful picnic by the banks of Doyang River.

Getting There 

You can visit Doyang River by local buses and rental cars from Wokha town.

Best Time to Visit

Tourism is best during the months of October to February when the weather is cool, comfortable without any rainfall.

Doyang River in Wokha

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