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Top Things to Do in Wokha

A heady combination of landscapes, cultures and untouched tourists corners, Nagaland alias the land of festivals is unarguably the best part of NorthEast that seeks exploration. The city is predominantly known for its tribes and their festival celebrations especially the Hornbill. Along with the festivals, Nagaland is highlighted on the tourism map for its varied landscapes like Dzukou Valley, Japfu Peak, Veda Peak, Mount Tiyi, and Satoi Range that makes just the perfect playground for trekkers. Not to be missed are lush landscapes, which are home to the unique species that are hard to find anywhere else in India. There's a lot that can be experienced, and explored over a holiday in Nagaland.

Over a vacation in Wokha, make a point to meet the extremely warm, and welcoming people of Lotha tribesmen, and if possible do attend their local festivals - Tokhu, Pikhuchak, and Emong. Wokha is the traditional home to Lotha Tribe that are renowned for their dance, and songs. The male members of the tribe can be identified by their shawls called Longpensu, while the women wear Opvuram. Don't forget to visit the shops to pick some shawls that are unique to the region. There are a couple of attractions that you must explore like Mount Tiyi, Totsu Cliff, and the Doyang River.

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