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Changsangmoko and Chilise Tuensang

Two of the most legendary places to visit in Nagaland are Changsangmoko and Chilise in Tuensang district. Endowed with ancient, traditional culture of the Nagaland, Changsangmoko is believed to be the place where their ancestors “Changsang” had lived and originated from. Furthermore, it is also believed that Changsang emerged from this place since the creation of man himself and human existence began when men materialized from a big hole in the Earth. The inhabitants of this place prominently believe that all living creatures, who came in a pair of male and female counterparts, emerged from the hole which opened for a brief period of time. Changsangmoko stands in between the Tuensang and Hakchung Village. Along with this historically important village, there is also another tourist attraction called Chilise and is situated in the Thonoknyn area; it is known for the headhunting scene which lasted till August 1978. Despite varied suspicions, the allegations against around 30 heads of the village couldn’t be however proved to be true.

Popular Things to do & See

While you’re visiting Changsangmoko and Chilise, you must visit their “Mulang” (platform built in the heart of the village) and experience the rich amalgamation of different tribes and their culture.

Getting There 

To reach Changsangmoko and Chilise, you can avail rental cars and buses from neighbouring villages. However, from Tuensang, it takes couple of hours to reach the place availing a rental car.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Changsangmoko and Chilise is the summer months, i.e., between the months of March and June.

Changsangmoko and Chilise, Nagaland

Tuensang experiences a temperate type of climate with a hot yet comfortable summer and colder winters. The monsoon season is difficult to travel as the villages experiences heavy rain making travelling very difficult.

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