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Top Things to Do in Tuensang

Nagaland is a far off destination and it is regarded to be one of the best places to visit in India. This unique destination has a collection of many fascinating attractions and lovely destinations to visit around Nagaland. Besides, this North-eastern destination is bounded with unique flora and fauna and it is a perfect place to enjoy nature. Nagaland undoubtedly is truly a kingdom for nature lovers and endurance travellers.

Being one of the tourist destinations in Nagaland, Tuensang has some amazing places and attractions to visit.

Tuensang has five villages to visit, and you can explore places like Chilise village which is situated in the Thonoknyn area of Tuensang District. This village is popularly known for its historic past as it was the last headhunting ground back in August 1978. Noklak is a village situated on the borders of Tuensang District and this place is popular for its cane work handicrafts and artefacts. You can visit and buy souvenirs during the tribal festivals, and see the local art forms as well. Other popular attractions around Tuensang are Longtrok village and Tsadang Village which is famous for its two ancient stones.

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