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Pilgrimage Tourism in Nagaland

Pilgrimage tour is a sacred journey to find our true inner self, a journey of utter importance to a person's beliefs and faith and Nagaland has a number of beautiful memorials to seek God. Before Christianity entered Nagaland, they worshiped inanimate objects and natural phenomenon. However, after the introduction of Christianity by the missionary E.W Clark, you will find 90.02% of the total population to be Christians. Hence, you will find many Churches around the state, with every district surrounded by three to even four churches. On your onward pilgrimage tour in Nagaland, you will find an endless number of sightseeing places around different destinations. In fact, it is not just the Churches that are found immensely but you will also find few temples in Nagaland like Kalibari temple in Dimapur, this is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Goddess Kali was built in 1956. There is also a Jain Temple in Dimapur which was built in 1947. The temple has an impressive structure and intricate glass work; besides, there are other temples around Nagaland too. Apart from that, one of the famous churches to visit in Nagaland is the Cathedral of Kohima, Mary Help of Christians Cathedral. This Church is one of the most famous Churches in Nagaland. However, by pilgrimage, it doesn't always have to be some holy temples. Nagaland has a pilgrimage village where you can take up a pilgrimage tour to Molungyimsen Christian heritage village and Molungkimong Baptist church and feel the presence of God.

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