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Visiting Nagaland in Monsoon Season

Nagaland has a largely monsoon climate with high humidity levels. It gets torrential rain between June and September ranging between 180 cm and 250 cm. During this time the temperature is 70°F (21°C) to 104°F (40°C). Overall, it should be fine mostly, though you might experience the odd landslide or two when the floods knock the place around. So be prepared to spend an unexpected night en route if there is a bad one, communications can be severely disrupted. Getting-in and getting-out becomes difficult because of flooded tracks and muddy roads. The cars have to wait for several hours to pass a certain strip, that takes time as traffic remains heavy until both directions are free again. Even flying becomes impossible because of too much fog.

But then again, unequal distribution comes into picture because of sharp division between high and lesser Himalayan ranges. The region looks the best in Monsoon when everything is so green and drenched. If one doesn’t mind a little rain, can visit Kohima which looks splendid during monsoon, when the place is completely covered with lush grasses and lilies, and the spellbinding streams and valleys running in between. Then, there are few waterfalls like Triple Fall and Wawade Waterfall that look exquisite in monsoon. Apart from this, one can always visit the covered places like the Kohima Museum, if the roads are not crumbled.

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