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Mon Travel Guide

Located near the Indo-Myanmar border, you can enter this far away destination of Nagaland ‘Mon’ through the wormy dust and gravel roads of Nagaland. In the land of the head-hunters, the locals here live proud and a noble life. This divine place offers its best in raw natural beauty and for an adventurer; this place is perhaps an ideal place to visit for exciting activities like visiting the border village between India and Myanmar and encountering the decedent of the legendary head-hunters.

An Insight into Mon Tourism

Mon offers its best in raw natural beauty and to a traveller who constantly enjoys being one with nature, no matter how the journey will be, indeed, you are meant to dwell in some offbeat destinations of Nagaland like Mon. Its serpentine roads are an ideal 'highway to hell' for a thrilling expedition. And being one of the most backward destinations in India, in fact in Nagaland as well, Mon witness many tourists that visit to study its geography and culture of the region. Mon district is a home to the Konyak Nagas tribe and it is very interesting and intriguing to see tattooed faced locals. Of course, those were the times when everybody would be scarred with tattoos when they enter adulthood, nowadays that trend is not followed and people can appreciate their natural self.

For travellers and nature lovers, Mon is one of the best places to visit in Nagaland if you are looking for a unique experience to spend a different genre of vacation away from the chaos; it is simple and charming town. If you are looking for a thing of beauty then while ascending towards the journey to the mountains, you will come across huts and shops where village ladies sell organic fruits – it will be hard to not see something exciting along the roads of Nagaland. However, when we study about the topography of Mon district, it can be divided into two regions topographically, the Upper Region of the district comprises of Longching, Chen, Mopong and Tobu areas and the Lower Region comprise of Mon, Tizit and Naginimora area.

Places to See in and around Mon

Mon is a solitary place away from the major tourist destinations like Kohima, Dimapur, Mokokchung etc but it has its uniqueness of its own. You can visit the Longwa village in Mon located between the borders of Indo-Myanmar and observe the unusual flora and fauna of the district as well as check out its many unique attractions.

Best Hotels to Stay in and Around Mon

Mon is simply a mysterious and euphoric place that resonates the rich tribal culture of the state and thus this travel destination has some hotels to reside. The destination may not have ultra-modern or luxurious hotels but it owns some cosy cottages in Mon and noble hotels around. Besides, above all, you can taste and rejoice by the spellbinding views from every nook and corner of your hotel.

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