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The gateway to Nagaland, Dimapur is an irresistible part of Northeast, and a must-visit travel places. Dimapur in Naga means the ‘the city near a great river.’ With Dhansiri River on one side, and wooden meadows flanking the other, Dimapur was the former capital of the Kachari tribe, traces of which can be seen even today. And that the reason why here one can find many temples, and monuments. Apart from archeologist tracing its intriguing past, the place remains thronged with business travelers due to its commercial centers. There are many starlit attractions in the Dimapur like Zoological Park, Ao Baptist Church, Diezephe Craft Village, Nagaland Science Centre, Green Park yet its main highlights remains handicrafts and handlooms.

An Insight to Dimapur Tourism Nagaland

The gateway to Nagaland - Dimapur is a prominent tourist destination where the major incoming, and outgoing of tourists takes place because it features the only airport and railway station in Nagaland. Despite being modern in all sense, in the heart of city one can find many ruins that speak about the traces of Dimasa Kachari Kingdom. It is said that Dimapur was the capital of the Dimasa Kachari rulers in the medieval era. Also, Kacharis were the one gave the region its name - Dimapur. Another unique fact associated with the history of Dimapur is that the place was the battles ground during the World War II were British India and Imperial Japan fought. Dimapur was the center of action between British India and Imperial Japan. The battle for Kohima about 77 km from Dimapur is considered the turning point for the Japanese retreat from South East Asia.

Like its history, the travel places Nagaland are mind blowing too. When it comes to tourists attractions, the city is predominantly known for its 13th-century Kachari Ruins, which is a must visit in Dimapur. Besides, Dimapur is a sight to behold for nature lovers as well.

With attractions like Nichuguard Village, Kuki Dalong Village, Chumukedima, Sethekima Village and Medziphema, the city gives an ample number of opportunities for nature aficionados. Rangapahar Reserve forest present in this city is also the main attraction of this Dimapur here can find unique flora rich in medicinal properties and endangered animals as well. For the shopaholics too, there are a lot of things to do in Dimapur, they can visit Diphupar to pick up products made by tribes like Angami, Lotha, Chakhesang, Sumi, Sangtam, Ao, Rengma Pochury, and Zeliang.

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Top Things to Do & Places to See in Dimapur

One of the largest cities in Nagaland, Dimapur is a bustling town in the plains functions as a gateway to Nagaland. It is the only place in Nagaland that has been touched by modernization. On one hand, here one can see shopping malls and commercial hubs, and on the other, there are ruins of their old capital. When on a holiday to Dimapur; tourists should visit Kachari ruins; go on a day tour to Chumukedima; purchase Naga shawls; bite into the world's hottest chili and even attend the Naga wrestling match.

Best Hotels to Stay in and around Dimapur

On a holiday in Dimapur, book a stay in of the three-star hotels, and guest house, easily available in the center of the city. For more rustic experience, it would be good to book your accommodation in a homestay.

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